Favorite thing/place that is NOT in/at Korea?
Posted 2/14/10 , edited 2/15/10
This forum is about something you do/like more than Korea. So for me....
These days, Ive been listening to more Japanese songs. More than Korean songs. So I thought, "Huh, I wonder if other people do this too." So I decided to do this forum. ^^

So far, Ive been listening to Kanon Wakeshima's music almost the whole day.
Her musics I like are:
♪ Skip Turn Step
♫ Kuroi Torikago
♪ Shiroi Kokoro
♫ Monochrome Frame
♪ L'espoir~ Mahou no Akai Iti~
♫ Kagami
♪ Suna no Oshiro
♫ Still Doll

And then ive also been watching an anime called K-On! and Fairy Tail.
More Japanese songs Im addicted to are:
♪ S.O.W. (Sense of Wonder) <---- Beginning song from Fairy Tail by: Idoling!!!
♫ Dont Say "Lazy" <---- Ending song from the anime K-On! by: K-On! members.
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