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As a writer..what is mostly your inspiration in writing?and have you ever writed one?can you share it....
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Chapter 8: The Atlantis Revolution

The ruins of a fallen empire, an ancient race known for its advanced academics and art long sought by man was rumored to be no more, that is until 008 and the others arrived.. They were on a special mission to investigate why Atlantis has strangely revived itself and what exactly happened to cause Atlantis' sudden fall to begin with. As they ventured in deeper, they made a startling discovery: there were survivors!

"001, are you getting this? Let the doc know there's still life here! We're going in deep.."

Just as they were reporting the situation, they were cut off by a strange interference, it was uncertain if it was the place itself or some jamming device as the cause. Communication to the outside world was prohibited from this point on. Coming out of nowhere, a pair of stone golems captured 004, 005, and 008. Their hands were bound to chains as they were brought to the royal chamber of Atlantis' new leader. She was tough, bold, and passionate about the welfare of her people. She was there as Atlantis fell before her as a child, she lost everything that ever mattered to her..her parents, her friends.. her entire world gone in an instant by that dark day. She was a victim of the Atlantia Evaporous; a cancer-like disease that eats away at the victims' lungs rapidly depleting away the air supply thereby killing the blood flow in their bodies.
How she survived all this time is by a special lung guard that was developed by the doctors to prevent them from drying out if the people ever wanted to live among the land. It was made of an invisible coating couldn't be seen in the light itself. It prolonged the health and life of the inhabitants as far as they wore them. When she saw the trio, she glared at them at which had spears pointed at their throats.

"UPLANDERS!!!! You are in the presence of Lady Allarin! You WILL show your respect to her!"

With the butt of their spears, they forcefully made them bow before her as their uniforms were stripped from them. She nonchalantly waved her hand allowing them to speak while taking her seat listening to what they have to say.

"Your Majesty, we're no spies. We're the Cyborg Senshi."
"008 is right, we've only come here on an investigation mission. We merely want to know what happened to Atlantis, that's all."

At her side was a strange hooded figure, whom she trusted as her advisor. While she listened to them explaining themselves, her adviser whispered something to her about them. Apparently it was in their native tongue and without the aid of their comrades, there was nothing they could do. 004 did try to make out what was being said and in defiance, he elbowed both guards who bound him.

"We have done NOTHING to you! You may have taken our uniforms and weapons, but we're people too!"

The hooded adviser sneered and hissed at 004's defiance and ordered for them to work at the underground mineral mines. After being knocked unconscious, 004, 005, & 008 were sent underground as slaves. As they got familiar with their new surroundings, they saw the horrid, dank and dim corridors that were linked to the lost ruins of Atlantis. Rumors often spoke of the vengeful spirits that used to live here before Allarin's generation came about. They wanted revenge for the one who ended their lives so short: Black Ghost. The people whom also worked here were made of elderly men, women and children; they were separated by the guards who often 'disciplined' them. 004 and 008 were former victims of this oppression, and seeing this scene relive in their minds is enough to make them sick. Seeing that enslavement is made by Black Ghost was all they needed to know in order to free them. Something had to be done, but the question lied in how to do it. As they were brought to their position, they heard a weak groan and a loud crack of the whip in the next corridor.
As Albert and Pyunma lowered their pickaxes, Geromino urged them to keep going as to not cause any more attention to themselves. He spied in on the next room and saw an old woman being whipped mercilessly by three guards. Taking a pebble, 005 tossed it knocking out of one of the guards. The ploy had worked and having the other two go after him was easy. When the gone after him, all they found instead of him, they found a decoy and with that…trouble. With a dive attack, 005 nailed both guards with a submission hold motioning to 004 and 008 to take up these clothes as they imitated the guards themselves. With the guards tied up, they carried on as the security while infiltrating the ranks and gaining trust of the court. 005 turned his attention to the people as he freed them from their shackles and nursed everyone back to health. The old woman whom he had saved earlier happened to be the village elder, Sa Rah. She foretold that three warriors from the world above would hold the power to free this once cherished kingdom from its mysterious oppressors.

"Allarin herself is a prisoner of this 'shadow'. You see, she is an oracle and in her current stare, her powers are dormant making her a target to the darkness. Please, we beg of you to save her."

005 held her tiny hand in his and nodded solemnly with a smile.

"Rest assured that we don't plan on leaving until all of Atlantis is saved."

By breaking off all the shackles that held her people, 005 along with Sa Rah, started their own revolution by raising the spirits of the people. They refused to continue on with this madness and live in fear of those that oppress them. After all, this is their home as well. Elsewhere 004 and 008 made their way back to the throne room, neither Allarin nor her adviser could be found but they did hear some voices nearby.

"Man, that Allarin chick is so EASY! Too bad she'll die soon.."
"Yeah but the Spectre says we'll be able to become a free nation again. We'll finally get the respect that we SO deserved!"

By pressing a button on his wrist, 004 drew out his trusty laser knife and caught one of the guards while 008 went on the look out while recording the conversation. He drew his knife to the guard's throat and began extracting the information needed.

"If you want to live, you'll tell us where we can find Lady Allarin.."

The terrified guard pointed to a special door with an Atlantian insignia on it. 004 went on ahead while 008 provided backup. Allarin was surprised to see that 004 entered her private domain and was tempted to scream until he put his finger on her lips explaining his motives for being here.

"Why should I trust you?"
"Because we're here to help you. You're all in grave danger. The adviser is really..."

Before that vital information could be shared, 004 was clubbed from behind by none other than the Spectre himself! Once Allarin knew the truth, she now regrets what she done to her people. She tried thrusting her dagger at him but got caught instead.

"Take these two to the Black Citadel! They WILL know fear soon enough!"

And just that instant, he vanished right along with his henchmen. With the information needed, it was up to Pyunma to reach Geronimo in time for help. Can he do it?
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Chapter 9: Cyborg Showdown! An Old Rival Returns!

Hours passed since the repair synopsis of Joe’s comatose status and now came the time for the upgrade operation. Joining Dr. Gillmore were 002 and 003 while 001 continued lookout duty. From what the report said, 009's basic accel program core was extremely damaged as well as his muscle accelerators in the arms and legs that were ultimately weakened by the overload of power that was expended over the past years. The operation started at 6am as the good doctor and his assistants began the upgrade. Starting with the Time Acceleration program, the data began uploading at the doctor's immediate behest and proceeded with replacing all basic muscle accelerators with a new model type. 002 replaced all faulty and worn wiring with a fresh new set of wiring and changed 009's normal shelled body with a fresh body shell made of titanium alloy.
The only side effect that it had was the weight was ¼ as heavy than his normal body shell. With that met, it only reinforced the shield damage that 009 could take but could dish out more damage. Around 5pm, Tuesday evening the operation was complete. It was quiet at HQ as everyone waited for 009 to come back online. Dr. Gillmore (whom always put his heart and soul in his work) sat in his chair sleeping, exhausted by the operation that worked everyone. This break gave him some downtime to reevaluate his life leaving him to think if this will be the last time he will actually see world peace this time around. 001 and 002 passed the time away by playing Battle Checkers (and so far, 001 won 5 consecutive times in a row). As for 003, she too was exhausted, not only physically but emotionally as well. She laid her head on Joe's chest feeling the comfort of hearing his heartbeat soft yet faint. She enjoyed the moment for what its worth even if was the worst time known. Sadly this time was cut short as a new danger approached them. 001 rolled his seat over to on-screen scanner and called 002 and Kikaider over to see this. Since 009 wasn't active just yet, for the interest of safety, this information must be kept among them. What they saw on screen was an all too familiar character, he seemed the same but from what 001 picked up was totally different, power-wise.

"Cyborg 0010.. Great timing for him to show up like this."

For Kikaider, this is the first time he ever heard of this individual so 001 gave a short briefing of who he was. 0010 was made as a rogue cyborg with sole purpose of killing the Double Zero team, especially the one whom bested him last time: 009.

"There's one reason why he came back."

001 felt that 009 wasn't fully active yet as well as for 003 and Dr. Gillmore's condition. With the rest of the team gone, they found themselves backed in a corner as it seemed. 001 took it upon himself to go out there and confront him alone. Kikaider stopped him before he stood up placing his hand on his shoulder.

"You can't fight...besides what would happen if you lost? We'd be without a lookout and Dr. Gillmore would be dead. So instead, I'll go in the place of you and try to hold him off as best I can."
"Kikaider..Jiro, thank you very much."

As soon as he left HQ for the field, there was already someone entering the field of battle before him taking on the maniacal 0010 and to everyone's surprise, it was the one person they wouldn't expect: Cyborg 009 himself!
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Chapter 10: Inazuman Joins the Fight! The End of Cyborg 0010

In an astonishing twist of events, 009 showed up on the field alongside Kikaida as they faced off against 0010 while the others look on. 003 grew concerned for 009's well-being as well as their long-time ally, Kikaida.
Within a blink of an eye, their speed was so unimaginably fast that they vanished before everyone's eyes. Fortunately 003 caught sight of where they were headed. The trio fought their way towards a rundown area of Shinjuku as 009 and Kikaida charged towards 0010 unaware of the surrounding area they arrived on where a new competitor was waiting for them. Pausing for a moment, the sky suddenly grew black as thunder rolled and as soon as they moved, lightning flashed before them as they dashed at 0010 as a sudden blast knocked them back while a sinister smirk rolled on 0010's face. The fight had suddenly turned to his favor once the image of his 'partner' revealed himself.

"I'm sure you remember this old friend of yours? Well, he's working for ME now!"

Shocked, they stepped back in surprise as they couldn't believe who they were fighting against: INAZUMAN! Yet, something about him was definitely off…his power was split apart since the possession, leaving the other half of him happens to be his lesser form, Sanagiman!
Before they were about to fight again, Sanagiman made the plan to divert attention away from 0010 long enough to get himself fused with Inazuman to fully regain his lost powers. With that, 009 and Kikaida took off after 0010 as they battled him regardless of the handicap. Phasing back and forth through the air and ground, they drew 0010 away from the battle between Sanagiman and Inazuman as they began their battle.

"Time to take it a notch, you ready Kikaida?"
"Ready 009! LET'S GO!"

Within an instant, 009 ignited his Super Distortion slowing down 0010 long enough to dish out some damage. By indivertibly tripping him, he caught him a grab and spun around insanely fast while everything around him slowed down four times as slow and threw him high in the air as Kikaida bolted in the sky crossing his arms while rocketing towards 0010, as soon as he was close enough, his gloves charged up with electricity as he spiraled his way against him with a massive load of punches with a hard sideway hook sending him crashing towards the ground. Following up the attack, he dove with a powerful kick thrusting him down to the ground.
Elsewhere, Sanagiman's power increased as he had enough strength to transform to his ascended form. He backed off as he suddenly gone into defense while Inazuman was on the offensive while Sanagiman was in his cocoon status. "CHOURIKI SHORAI!!!" With that said, the blast was so powerful that it blew Inazuman so far back that it took awhile for him to recover. Emerging from the cocoon was his ascended form...INAZUMAN FLASH! As he posed, he called upon his flying car, Raijingo to finish off his evil side with fire missiles as it faded away once destroyed.
With a shocked and bittersweet defeat, 0010 shuddered as he struggled to get up. 009 slowly walked towards him as 0010 scurried himself away from his nemesis. His power was no longer feared by 009 since all the torment of times past began to have its repercussions on 0010.

", why..did you.."

009 narrowed his eyes as he continued his advance towards him, this time with his gun in hand.

"If I let you go again, you'll only attack us again...and I won't let you destroy Dr. Gillmore or 001 as long as I'm alive!"

0010 nervously grinned as he begged for mercy while 009 kept getting closer. When he was close enough, he paused listening to his plea one last time.. The trigger was pulled and.. BOOM!!!! The threat that was Cyborg 0010 was no more. For a moment, Kikaida questioned Joe's motive for destroying him.

"I may have just saved him from himself...”

With that said, Inazuman, Kikaida and 009 rode back to Gillmore Labs together returning and plotting their final attack for bringing down the Earth's sworn enemy: the Black Ghost...
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Chapter 11:Third Operation- United! The Earth Will Stand and Fight!

Somewhere over the Arctic Ocean, there were rumors of a dark citadel hovering over the corner of Iceland. It is here that the Spectre begins his next live broadcast, but this time…the stakes have become higher.

"Greetings people of Earth, it is I whom purges order from chaos! Also a special greeting to the Cyborg Senshi to whom I cannot forget. I happen to have one of your people along with a few special guests here with me…such as the Queen of Atlantis to name a few. Since you dared to refuse the order of the Black Ghost, all of Earth will be sentenced to.. COMPLETE AND TOTAL ANNIHILATION! But you can surrender to me by handing over Dr. Gillmore! You have 48 hours to comply Cyborg Senshi Tai.. the choice is yours!"

Unaware of the activity going on outside, 007 managed to capture a few shots of the citadel and the super weapon that Spectre intends on using to destroy Earth before flying back to HQ. Elsewhere in the lab, the away team finally reunites with the rest of the group trading information with their encounter with Atlantis to the current situation as it stands. Dr. Gillmore and 001 jumped on the chance to catch the Spectre's coordinates right after the broadcast aired. Just as soon as they got to work, 007 bolted in so fast, he accidentally hit the wall just before morphing back to his human form.

"I see our crash-test dummy came back.."

"Yuk it up flyboy, I MEANT to do that."

Britain returned with some incriminating evidence that'll turn the tide to this war immensely. Ivan magnified the photos that were taken by the time the broadcast was on.

"As you can see, this is Spectre's main base of operation, he dubs it "Black Satanic Ghost" but..that's not all, he has quite a few captives to say the least INCLUDING 004 and Allarin in his possession and to make matters worse..he made that heinous superweapon of his."

"Well, why need Dr. Gillmore if he has THAT?"

"I used to work for Black Ghost remember? I know certain things that THEY don't know."

Outside, Kikaida and Inazuman listen in on the plan to take down "Black Satan" while on guard duty. Somewhere in the forest, Joe and Francoise try to enjoy their last moment of peace before their last battle.

"Joe, why did you leave like that...”

"At the time while the data was uploading into me, I could hear you call my name, you even cried for me.."

For a moment, 009 watched the clouds go by while 003 wrapped her arm around his waist watching right along with him. They spent most of the day talking about what they did over the 15 years since they battled with Black Ghost. Francoise spoke about the reoccurring nightmares of him and Jet exploding upon impact after the battle. She sobbed at the thought of losing Joe again if it were to happen this time around. The fact that this will be different frightened her to no end…until Joe caressed her back looking to the sky then to her.

"Things'll be different this time, but there's one favor I have to ask."
"Yes Joe?"
"Will you marry me?"

She gasped hearing his statement and hugged him tight as her reply. For that moment, the only concern Francoise had was how it would be possible for two artificial humans to be married and if possible, start a family.

"Is it even possible for us to have a family?"

"Hm..we can always try."

Back at the lab, Inazuman and Kikaida contemplated their differences about the world while continuing their guard duty.

"I couldn't help but watch you tune your eyes and antenna this entire time, why is that?"
"Oh that? Yes, I've just been relaying some information to someone I know.."
Inazuman turned to him with a questioned look.

Kikaida folded his arms slightly with a slight smirk. "If I told you, I'd have to kill you.."

"Heh, I'm dying to know already."

Kikaida glanced over to Inazuman while tuning his antenna more for better reception while receiving the last of his transmissions.
"Fine…if you must know, it's 01.."
"Who's he?"
"My older brother, Ichiro.."

Inazuman smirked for a second continuing this stimulating conversation with Kikaida. He glanced over to Inazuman still wondering why is that so funny to him.

"I never would've expected to hear androids having family members.."

"That is so like a human to say such things... Dr. Gillmore happens to have one child living with him, a pacifist, a cook and six other people that I hardly know. As for me, Komyoji was like a father to us and I'm the youngest of the three."

"That's where I differ…I'm not a human, I'm a mutant." Inazuman glanced down at his hand for a moment.

"You're a mutant, yet why do look like a moth? Even more so, if you're called Inazuman, why did you add 'Flash' to it? You think you're Flashman or something?"

"I could ask you the same question about you. You're an android yet you call yourself ‘Mechanical Man Kikaida’? Why don't you call yourself Machineman instead of Kikaida?"

They discussed many things over this short time they've known each other even going as far as reverting to their secret identities and shared their individual reasons for fighting. For Kikaida, he along with 01 are in to save those they were sworn to protect. For Inazuman, it was for the sake of humanity, even if some are still prejudiced and fearful of the changes that life goes through.

"Well Jiro, this is our time now.. The time has come for us to put aside our differences and bring an end to this madness that Black Ghost is starting again."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Goro."

Just as they were about to join the others inside, a young man whom resembles Jiro arrived and brought along with him five colorful, yet masked fighters. With the odds of success resting in their favor, the fate of Earth now rests squarely in their hands.
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Chapter 12: Assault on the Dark Citadel! The Rise of the Great Invincible Team Up!

01 waved from below once he saw his brother, as for the company he brought, they got off their bikes waiting for the others. Kikaida informed the rest of the team that reinforcements had arrived and waiting outside. Dr. Gillmore encouraged the team to go ahead while he finishes his own preparations while proceeding with the broadcast.

"Um…you're not a new brand of Kamen Riders are you?"

"No, we aren't. But we picked up this signal and decided to investigate."

"We're from Eagle."

"Hehe..Jet, got any relatives?"

Jet popped Chang for that comment as something dawned on that bit of information.

"Not funny Chang. I have heard of Eagle, it's an international military organization that's been around since 1975."

" heard of us.."

"Actually I never heard of you.."

"Ooh, are you guys in for a treat."

They stood before them in arrow formation presenting themselves one by one in a fighting pose. A pose that left everyone in silence or in dumbfounded confusion.

"Akarenjå! Aorenjå! Kirenjå! Midorenjå! Momorenja! TOGETHER WE ARE....HIMITSU SENTAI GORANGER!"

Ivan remembered clearly whom they were by the news clippings from over the years about a secret force taking down the criminal up rise known as KuroJuu Jigun (translated as the Black Cross Army) and the team that destroyed this evil went by one name: Five Ranger. They were considered a long forgotten team that was simply known as 'sentai'. While the teams formulated their last preparations, a silent and solemn Dr. Gilmore gave one last long look at his life's work sighing quietly while clasping his hands together.

"This is not only our last battle but this is MY last battle with that organization so whatever happens, I'll leave this world a free man.”

With that said, he turned the switch on presenting a special message for the Earth alone. He felt a shortness of breath as he stood up before the screen lit up, but his fear welled up into courage as he began.

"People of Earth, for over many decades we have fought many invaders, foreign and domestic, and now we face a greater threat than Hitler. I speak of the Black Ghost, this entity has struck fear in the hearts of us and we've allowed this hatred to go as far as causing a rift of the duty we were given. As a victim of this madness, I was forced to bring doomsday to the world but instead of that, these young individuals have decided to take a stand to this chaos. We must follow this example for this world…is OUR HOME!"

The combined teamwork of the Cyborg Senshi, the Kikaidas, and Goranger were about to be put to the ultimate test as they flew off to the final showdown with the Spectre and ultimately, Black Ghost himself. The fight was going to be on their terms and bring the fight to them. As they reached Black Satan, 007 morphed himself into Dr. Gillmore while Inazuman and the others waited on the sidelines for the signal. The plan was simple: 007 would infiltrate the hideout and rescue 004 and the rest of the captives, disassemble the super weapon and take down the Spectre in one fell swoop.

"We're near Black Satan…ready back there Britain?"

"Hey Ivan, that's Dr. Gillmore to you! And this shall be my greatest performance! Let's DO THIS!"

As 001 lowered the jet upon the landing pad, 'Dr. Gillmore' finally stepped out meeting the skull-faced Spectre as he was escorted inside the citadel catching a quick glimpse of the prisoners before showing off his super weapon, "Absolute".

"Dr. Gillmore, it is an honor to have you here. As the creator of those toy soldiers you prize yourself on, you used to work for us, I called for your services to help me with a…dilemma, if you will.."

"{toy soldier huh..} Well, give me a piece of paper and a marker and I might be able to help you."

Spectre respected his wishes and vanished for a moment...which was all 007 needed for him to work his magic. He found the code to unlock the holding cell that had 004 and Allarin captive. As the door opened, 004 was shocked to see who came to rescue.

"DOC?! What're you doing here?"

"Oh really now Al, I'm not THAT old! Take this code and get everyone out of here before we're found out!"

As 004 and Allarin escaped, 007 gave a good look and grinned as he did his own 'modifications' on the superweapon. Once they escaped, as they made their way out the exit with the rest of the captives, the alarm sounded as soon as they reached the outside. 004 found himself facing a squadron of black hooded grunts that went by one name: Zolders, and behind them was a giant battleship that gone by the name "Battra".


All eyes were on 009 as felt now was the most opportune time to strike. They swooped in swiftly as they took down the aircraft with their Vulcan cannons as they initiated the attack. Behind them were Inazuman and Raijingo taking out the smaller troops. Joining 004 on the ground were the Kikaidas and Goranger and the fight seemed to be on their side and once that happened, all hell broke loose. Once the Spectre returned with the materials needed, there was an envelope in his name that had a short message written on it.

`Look behind you..`

Doing so, he found his beloved weapon of mass destruction defiled with graffiti, wires being pulled out and torn and a word spray painted across it with a cartoony version of 007 on it, which it said "SUCKER!"
Enraged by this action, he called upon the remnants of Shin Jin Rui, Despå Gundan, (New Human Order and Despar Army) Ambassador Hell and Gel-Shokka giving the order to eliminate all those who defy the will of Black Ghost. As 007 came out to join the action, the newly created armies came out and turned the fight against them.

"What the HELL is this coming out?? No I mean, WHAT THE HELL MAN?!"

01 and Kikaida found themselves surrounded on all sides by KuroJuu's henchmen as they continued to fight on. Things seemed to go from bad to worst as the numbers grew exponentially. 009 kept fighting as hard as he possibly could alongside his comrades. Even in Super Distortion mode, it seems it wasn't enough. Out of nowhere, the roar of engines was heard as four motorcycles leapt onto the field clearing out rows of enemy grunts with a familiar echo trailing behind.


Once the smoke cleared, four insect-like individuals stood with their motorcycles still humming for combat. They were the lone wolves fighting alongside the cause of justice: the Kamen Riders. They were comprised of the original Kamen Rider, Stronger, v3 and Skyrider. They banded together around the Riders as they stood tall, slightly torn and worn, nearly exhausted by the fight.
Dr. Gillmore, whom been watching the battle all this time, patched a signal to all the satellites around Earth's orbit sending this image around the world for all to see.

"If anyone out there still believe in heroes…now is the time, give everything you have for them, after all the time they risked their lives for Mother Earth, now is the time to give back the light they so diligently protected.."

Dr. Gillmore extended his hand toward the monitor lending whatever is left of his own strength they have given him over the years as he offered it back to them. From this selfless example, every man, woman, child and race raised their hands and voices including Earth herself lending its own powers to them. One by one, the heroes felt an overwhelming power surge through them as they held hands.

"We, whom fought alongside of Good.."

"..will stand against fear, hatred and destruction.."

"Our powers united as one..



As the dark armies charged towards them, they spun around into the form of a mighty hurricane and swept them up as the force vacuumed each and every one of the revitalized remnants of the past.


As they were thrown up higher in the hurricane, they exploded on impact reaching outside the boundaries of the planet. The Spectre made his escape to the far reaches of the moon where Black Ghost resided. The final battle waits, but who will win and live?
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Chapter 13: The Race Against Time! A Farewell to an Old Friend

As the Spectre escaped to the moon, it didn't take them to get a lock on his signal. Apparently catching up to him wasn't going to be a problem, if it means leading to the Black Ghost, that's what was important. 003 caught a glimpse of his ship before leaving Earth's graviton field. Meanwhile, 001 tried to establish a mind link with Dr. Gillmore, but there was no connection going on. Since they share a bond close to a father and son, the link couldn't go faint unless something happened to him..

"Everyone! I can't contact Dr. Gillmore!"
"Strange.. Wait! What of that power we just had?"

"Mm…Earth's energy...the strength of her people.."

001 decided that flying back on vehicles would be too lengthy so instead, he gathered everyone around him and teleported back to Gillmore Lab. The Cyborg Senshi ran inside finding the good doctor in his seat, resting. His breath, short above a whisper once he saw them before his vision went out.

"You..done it.. you...saved us.."

"Father, I'm sorry..he got away.."

"Then, you know…what must be done.."

003 wept as she begged for him not to say anymore, yet he continued to smile weakly to them.

"I've prayed...for the'd settle down... too bad I'll...not be see your...children...”

In his last moment of life, he felt comforted seeing the face of his children one last time. The Cyborg Senshi wasn't just a special team of paranormal investigators, or a fighting force for the side of good and just, they were, to him, his family, he was never more proud for what they did for him on his last day..

"My dear…children, Jet, Francoise… Albert…Geronimo…Chang, Pyunma…Joe and Ivan.
I am grateful…that God...gave me a loving..heart and…the live this long.. Now finish this war…for the future... Make Earth proud.."

With those last words, Dr. Gillmore's life had finally been expired, and as promised he left the world as a free man. They placed his body in one of the capsules that the cyborgs themselves were placed in right after they were moved in the lab. 009 along with 004 and 005 lead the group outside. 001 teleported everyone to a private cemetery where they held his funeral. Geronimo shared in his memorial as they stood around him, listening to what he did.

"Today we pay tribute to a man who is as much a hero as we, but in his own right. He has lived through many decades seeing the horrors and greed of men, as well as the Black Ghost. He decided to take a stand against evil and fight for a better world for human, cyborg, mutant and hybrid alike without fear and hatred. Farewell our heroic Dr. Gillmore, we shall make Earth proud.”

They watched as the capsule descended into the ground as the heroes shared a moment of silence while giving their blessings to him. En route to leaving, 004 noticed a seemingly unmarked yet small headstone. He cleared the leaves that covered the name up and read it to himself. On the grave read the name"Ishinomori" and for someone whom seemed important enough to be here in a private spot like this…deserves to be honored.

"Heroes come in all shapes and colors, whether human or not, masked or unmasked. People are always in need of those who can make the world a better place. God would want it that way as well. Your legacy shall live on.."

009 and 002 joined in by placing a few flowers around the headstone just as 004 was leaving, they bowed in respect and vowed to keep this world as peaceful as possible. While the sun drew to the west, the heroes shared their last sunset together before entering the final confrontation with the darkest and longest-running organization the Earth has ever experienced…
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Chapter 14: The Death of the Spectre

Somewhere on the dark side of the moon, Armageddon; Black Ghost's main base of operations jettisons its final weapon, Sinful Omen into operation. The Black Ghost paced while preparations were being finalized. Once the Spectre arrived, he hurriedly fell to his knees bowing to his master reporting in with an overwhelming shiver of fear overtaking him.

"You have returned...unsuccessful.."

"Master..their power is... unimaginable.."

An idea sparked in Black Ghost's heinous mind, something he never expected to happen, the thought of dominating the world without lifting a finger. He sensed the balance shifting as the force of good leaning towards the force of evil.. He glimpsed for a moment at his warped, twisted vision of the future. Bloodshed, anarchy, a world made of fear in his own design..he would rule over Earth as a being whose power would be so great that even God and Satan would bow before him.. He smirked while sending an order for his troops to be on standby for his most diabolical plot ever: Judgment Day...

Back on Earth, the combined forces of the Cyborg Senshi, the Kikaidas, Inazuman, the Riders and the Gorangers finalized their own battle plan to bring an end to the Black Ghost once and for all. Akarenja received a video transmission that was shared with the entire team.

"Greetings heroes, we just received word that Spectre has rejoined Black Ghost on the moon. This image was taken by one of our recon satellites and we have reason to believe that Black Ghost's plans has changed."

"Talk about looks like the cry of a desperate man.."

"Yes Rider One..and that's all the more reason why we must stop him. Whatever the case, this mission is not about saving the Earth, the universe is at stake. Your aircraft and ground support have been upgraded for this mission. Earth League Guard has also functioned a pact with another organization, and ISSIS has agreed to join in the operation."

" we're getting the help of JAKQ..that seems evenly matched.."

"What exactly is JAKQ? We never heard of them before.."

"To answer your question 009, JAKQ are a lot like you except they volunteered to be converted into cyborgs. Clover King, Dia Jack, Heart Queen and Spade Ace..together they are JAKQ Dengeki Tai."

"So that's.."

"Hmm..26, I believe.."

"Make that 28 Commander Edogawa.."

Two familiar men came into headquarters joining in the fight to save the universe. 01 looked up actually surprised to see their second younger brother Ray, along with a man dressed in white resembling a pimp.

"Well now, I see we made it before the ass kicking!"

"Soukichi Banba and Kikaida 00, you grace us with your presence. Apparently you've heard our situation already."

"Just tell us when we get going, I brought Jack Tank with us."

"You leave immediately.. Godspeed everyone, the fate of the universe rests on your shoulders."

As they left in separate parts, Banba along with Inazuman and the Kikaidas flew off in the modified Jack Tank making their rendezvous with Sky Ace, JAKQ and their pilot, Joker. Following behind them were the Cyborg Senshi, the Kamen Riders and the Gorangers as they traveled by air and ground. The combined forces of the Kamen Riders, Himitsu Sentai Goranger, Dengekitai JAKQ, Jinzo Ningen Kikaida, Inazuman Flash and Cyborg 009 are about to be put to the ultimate test as they were launched into outer space en route to the destination: the Moon. EAGLE codename the team: The Tokusatsu 28 as they carried the flame of Earth along with them. Meanwhile back on the Moon, four blips showed up on the radar while Black Ghost cast its sinister glare at the planet Earth as he received word of a small fleet of ships approaching.

"Inform Spectre and Gill, they can handle the sentai that weak little planet enlisted.."

~First Gateway~

As they descended onto the surface, laser fire lit up the space way as Sky Ace and Jack Tank charged through the first wave of drone soldiers while making their advance towards Armageddon. 001 placed the jet on auto-pilot as the hatch opened, the team made a freefall on the surface as they entered combat, 009 lead in the fray by using his speed to confuse the drones while the others helped in finishing off the job and very soon, they reached the end of the first area by meeting a huge gateway, they faced a giant tank with the Black Ghost insignia on it. Trapped within the gateway, they were back in a corner as 003 stood by 009 as she scanned for any known weaknesses while 001 and 002 awaited further orders.

"Joe, there's a weak point in between the turrets, there's a two minute break in between the blasts."

"Alright you heard the lady! Geronimo, Jet, Albert and Ivan: divert all attention away from us for a minute.."

"What about us Joe?"

009 made it clear that as soon as they break through the gateway that everyone separate while helping the other teams join up at Armageddon. Although they amassed a great deal of numbers, taking down Black Ghost this time wouldn't be easy. With the combined teamwork of Cyborgs 001 through 005, and the leadership of 009, the path became clearer as they broke free of the gateway yet the path was still perilous. Sky Ace swooped in over them as the hatch opened.

"Cyborg Senshi! Your fight is elsewhere; we got you covered from here on."

~Second Gateway~

Dropping down from Sky Ace were Dia Jack, Spade Ace, Clover King, and Heart Queen: the Lightning Strike Team JAKQ. As they took over from where the Cyborg Senshi left off, Banba handed control over to Inazuman as he opened the door and leapt out Jack Tank being surrounded by troops, tipping his hat with a smirk he patted his cane on his shoulder as lifted his eyes to them.

"Hey..nice to meet ya."

With that said, he spun his cane around the drones as he darted towards his comrades taking out whatever stood in his way while zigzagging his way with his acrobatics. With rose in hand, he sprung into the air while tossing into the ground as it glimmers the colors of JAKQ. Within an instant, Banba transformed into Big One. As JAKQ reached the second gateway they found that it was moving towards them and they also found themselves trapped in the gateway.

"So what now? We can't seem to get past this!"
"We got nothing left.."
"Oh yes we do…the JAKQ Covack!"

"ACE?! ARE YOU MAD?? We only did that to those drones, THAT'S A LIVING COMPUTER!"

As they joined together, they readied themselves to charge at the organism as it advanced closer to them, an echoing voice paused their movement.


Before their very eyes, Big One stood in front of them with a larger cannon as they struggled to stand with whatever strength they had left.


With the usage of their shells, the cannon charged up twice as fast as normal once the shells were combined as one. Big One along with JAKQ raised the cannon as Big One initiated the attack.


The blast that came from the Super Big Bomber destroyed the second gateway but also exhausted JAKQ. The last ounce of strength they gave changed them down to normal except for Big One. Inazuman drove Jack Tank towards him as the Kikaidas helped in carrying the members of JAKQ into their strengthening capsules as Big One received word from Joker from Sky Ace.

"Big One, Inazuman and the KIkaidas will take over from here. I'll fly you over towards Armageddon, 009 should be there by now."

~Third Gateway~

The chance on the field brought forth gun-toting, missile-spewing robots that attacked the Kikaidas where they stood. As they scrambled, 01 and 00 covered their brother on the way towards the third gateway. Inazuman fought alongside them clearing some space to pass through safely.

"Jiro, you and Goro get going..Ichi and I got this.."

"Yeah, Gill's waiting for you. Best not to keep your lady waiting either."

When Kikaida escaped, 01 and 00 stayed behind to fight the remnants of the Hakaidas as they joined fists using the Double Brother Attack. Although he wanted to stay and fight with them, he was concerned for his brothers' safety but in this case, he had to fight on without them.

~Final Gateway~

En route to the last gateway, the Riders and the Gorangers fought an almost endless wave of enemy drones as they reached the checkpoint. Rider Ichigo, Stronger, v3 and Skyrider stood at the front lines as the silence of space took over.

"Hm..this is strange.."
"Hongo, what is it?"
"It's quiet..too quiet.."

"Guys, my hunch says Spectre is here.."

Something rumbled from the base as a large hideous shadow towards over them once it rolled closer to them. It had the body of a mobile base but seen inside the cockpit was none other than the Spectre cackling while tearing at the landscape.
"Rider One?"
He answered with the roar of the engine nodding to the other Riders and they passed the word onto the rest as the Cyborg Senshi arrived. They stood together side by side taking a united stand against the Spectre. 001 took over the role of leadership in 009's absence since he went on ahead while taking their place next to the Gorangers.

"Today..shall be our finest..HOUR!!"
"Let the wind ride onto VICTORY!!"

As the Kamen Riders revved up, their combined strength flared up as they rode into the fray, they lead the charge as the rest of the Tokusatsu 28 as the Spectre fired blindly at his moving targets.
"DO IT! NOW!!"
Joining hands, the Riders popped a giant wheelie resulting in a giant leap as they formed into a giant buzz saw searing part of the cannons as the Gorangers followed up with their ultimate attack.

Momorenja provided a football on the stand as the rest of Goranger were in tackle formation.

With a mighty kick, Akarenja sent the ball into the range of the main cannon as Spectre fired a huge bolt of energy retaliating while the ball struggled to push towards the cannon. It seemed as if the attack would fail when out of nowhere, a sudden blur, a flash of lightning and a sudden explosion was heard. Everyone was in a state of shock when they saw who reappeared before them: Kikaida (with his unconscious brothers on his back), Inazuman Flash, Big One and Cyborg 009 (in his new blue and black suit). Joe carried the unconscious Spectre from the smoldering ash of scrap and steel as the mask peels off showing part of his face as he's being set in a safe place. Stitches and cuts covered most of his face as he slowly regained consciousness once seeing the faces of his 'captors'.

" me. You it.."
"Just who are you exactly?"
"And why terrorize Earth the way you did?!"

The Spectre revealed himself as Tatsuo Kagura, formerly known as the masked vigilante, The Skullman. He pledged his allegiance to Black Ghost only to seek revenge against Rasputin for taking everything dear to him but his sense of humanity was long gone and vengeance is the only thing that remains in him since. His eyes glazed over at Inazuman as he shuddered at him.

"You..fight with them..?"

"Yes, I know've killed many people in your sick and twisted revenge but…may God forgive your soul.."

"We're going to finish this... for everyone's sake."

Tatsuo nodded weakly as his life finally expired. Big One waved his hand over his eyes closing them. Now the only obstacle that stands before them is Armageddon; Black Ghost's main base of operations as the final battle drew near...
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Final Chapter: The End of Black Ghost

With the threat of the Spectre finally silenced, the only threats remaining are Armageddon, Sinful Omen and the partnership of the Black Ghost and his new-found power. The Tokusatsu 28 faced a tough decision for allowing their leaders inside the compound. Up close, Armageddon was shaped like a five staged pagoda in all its dark glory as they looked upwards at the ominous beam cannon targeting Earth.

“How is it that Black Ghost knows so much about us in such little time?” Red Ranger questioned while observing the tower. Kikaida shook his head in response answering that with a question of his own.
“Even better is how does he know about Gill?” 009, Big One and Rider One had the answer. They fought these organizations countless times and once they were defeated, they waited until their time for revenge was right. Black Ghost probably offered them a sweet deal in the process and thus explaining this culmination of heroes. As they approached, the front gate opened up to them as the gauntlet was being thrown awaiting the team. They stood for a moment glancing at the open citadel then Joe turned to Ivan. The rest of the team wished that they could take their leaders’ places or just not see them go, but for the sake of peace, it must be done. As heroes, they know when to be on the sidelines as support.
“Ivan, lead everyone back to Earth safely.”
Ivan tilted his head slightly to Joe then back to his teammates for a bit. He slumped his head a bit disappointed to seeing his longtime friend go.
“Joe, are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”
He nodded slowly while taking one last look at the team before shaking Ivan’s hand and bringing him into a tight hug sharing a whisper coded message for the team. 009 stepped back and with a salute, he went on inside with the others just as the gate closed behind them. 001 gave the order to withdraw as everyone disembarked for Earth. While drifting in space, 003 approached 001 with the question of what exactly were Joe’s last words before he entered Armageddon.
“He said that he apologizes for your nightmares and plans to make it up to you sooner than later.”
003 nodded with a hand resting near her heart with a hopeful smile just as she patched the following transmission over to Sky Ace while the monitor focused on the moon. Joker turned up the volume for the rest of JAKQ to hear 001’s broadcast.

“Today we honor the finest heroes that ever graced our lives. They chose to stay and finish the fight that never ended all those years ago. We shall not forget this loss but instead we shall cheer them on towards victory so that every life may breathe for freedom.”

They honored them by hovering in space not moving an inch towards Earth while all eyes were on the monitor. With 009 leading the way, the opening hallway was dark as the door shut behind them. The five heroes were dropped into five different levels of the dark domain, all in which Black Ghost monitored from the control room. Once the lights lifted, the only one remaining was Akarenja who escaped the trap door. Ever cautious, he rest his hand over his whip; New Red Rope while checking the upper perimeters of the base. Going on a hunch that there might be a way to stop Sinful Omen from the inside without directly reaching it. Not far from his location, he heard the rattling of chains and a soft, muffled voice. It was incoherent but familiar to him. Inching closer, he heard some footsteps closing in on his current position and quickly went into hiding in the shadows.

“Zolders, should’ve known but who is that they kidnapped?”
To Akarenja’s eyes, he saw the most grotesquely being the Gorangers ever faced: Black Cross Fuhrer!
By disguising himself into a zolder, he fell in line with the rest and found out the captive chained up to be Zero Zero Seven. Her face was hardly seen but her voice was no mistake.
“You thought you’d sneak in and throw a wrench into Black Ghost’s plans? Once Earth is dominated, we shall rule beside him! But first, we’ll need a sacrifice…”
With a diabolic grin, he left with his fellow Zolders preparing the altar for their dark ritual. All but one was left to guard and that happened to be the disguised Akarenja. Once the coast was clear, he slipped in approaching the captured heroine. She struggled once more thinking she was going to molested or worst until he revealed his disguise showing his real identity.
“Hold still Youko, I’ll get you down…”
With a few cracks of his whip, the slashes broke the chains and shackles holding Zero Zero Seven as the two quickly made their escape, they continued on their mission to find the power source of Black Ghost’s secret weapon. They went through a wide corridor that leads to the power room but as they proceeded, an energy cell trapped them as the Fuhrer held them high above with the deactivation device in hand.
“We meet again Red Ranger! How unfortunate that we must say goodbye so soon…”
The floor under them opened and a pit of spikes were awaiting them just as the Fuhrer left them dangling slowly down to their doom. Could this spell the end for Red Ranger and Zero Zero Seven?
Somewhere below the base, 009 found himself amidst a narrow corridor. Walking closer towards the end of the line, the dark road lit up once he reached the door. He saw a strange lock that he never seen before and on it he saw super deformed markings of Kikaida, Inazuman, Kamen Rider, Big One, and himself made in the shape of a star. It was there that the voice of Black Ghost echoed through the invisible loudspeakers.
“Welcome to the Point Six Trial, 009. You and your insipid allies shall meet your end here! I know Red Ranger will get my ‘point’ the hard way…”
He was shown an image of Red Ranger and his companion slowly descending down the pit, enraged by the scene he was helpless to do anything.
“Patience Cyborg 009, I shall decide if your worthiness is worth basking in my glow…”
And so began the battle stages…

~Kikaida Stage: Existence~

Jiro found himself in a nightmare-like realm where the world was in a state of ruin. There was no sign of life anywhere to be found, artificial or biological. As the mist cleared, he saw the broken bodies of JAKQ, the Kamen Riders, the Gorangers, the Cyborg Senshi along with his brothers. As he saw this twisted and psychotic nightmare continue, the body count increased as he found two smaller bodies within the rest of the corpses. Jiro gasped and backed up in horror as to who he found…
“No...Not you too?! MITSUKO! MASARU!”
While standing within the pool of blood and oil, he fell to his knees in despair and screaming in agony after hearing the whispers of Gill and Saburo call for him while his consciousness was forced into a corner. His eyes turned blood red as he let out an ungodly scream. Waking from his nightmare, Kikaida shuddered a bit while identifying his surroundings; he knew two things for certain: Gill was definitely around and so are Mitsuko and Masaru. He wasted no time in reaching the inner sanctum and found Chokaida waiting for him while the door leading to Mitsuko and Masaru remained locked.
“You’ve come for these humans, have you? How can you protect that which you are not?”
Kikaida raised a hand to his chest and shot his finger out.
“It’s because of them that I have a reason to fight…to keep a threat like you away from laying a finger on humanity.”
They streaked around the arena clashing with fast and furious hand-to-hand combat taking the fight to both ground and air. Both sides struggled for supremacy as the fight raged on. At the climax of the duel, it seemed positive that Chokaida held the upper hand but Kikaida became exponentially stronger. The battle came to a stalemate as the both of them had a stare-off from a distance.
“It’s time to say goodbye…BROTHER!”
“Indeed it is…”
Chokaida revealed a long sword as he charged head-on at his brother while he held his ground. He held no stance of defense that could possibly halt the attack until a split-second later phasing straight through him without a hint of movement.
“You…have already lost.”
As Chokaida turned around, his arms were split into bits and pieces while his body jerked into spasms and short circuited while Kikaida kept his back turned on him.

“I shall be the protector of my world…Denji End…”

Reverting back down to Gill Hakaida, the essence of Gill swore revenge for this insult while the voice of Saburo thanked him for freeing him of his prison before self-destruction. Kikaida ran from the explosion as he reached the holding cell using the last of his strength to break the bars in record time. Exhausted, Kikaida reverted back to Jiro as Mitsuko opened her eyes seeing Jiro with a weak smile along with Masaru, sleeping exhaustedly. As long as they were safe, that was all that truly mattered.

~Inazuman Stage: Acceptance~

In a flash of lightning, Inazuman found himself split apart with his human counterpart, Goro Watari. They heard the voices of Fuhrer Geisel and Emperor Bamba in the distance. Sensing their presence, they were attacked by a wave of thunder. Wasting no time, they raced towards it passing the attack and leapt out the way. As they landed, to their surprise they found themselves surrounded by those who and feared them due to their amazing power, regardless of this sudden act they refused to fight against what they swore to protect: Mankind. Slowly backing up, they noticed that the influence of Geisel and Bamba were seething in their aura.
Goro glanced over to Inazuman with a nod as he reared back his fists knowing what needed to be done.
“Illusion or no, we have to put a stop to this!”
“Indeed, time is of the essence!”
Inazuman charged in while Goro went into his pose transforming into Sanagiman while catching up with Inazuman. As they entered the fray of battle, they covered each other’s back while knocking down wave after wave of zombified humans as Sanagiman’s energy built up to max.

With a combined yell, they cleared the terrain and Inazuman and Sanagiman combined into a full powered Inazuman Flash. As the mist cleared, he saw the true threat that they have fought for years.

“Your evil is an eyesore… It is because of my gift that I am the one that you truly fear. Now this fight ends once and for all!”

The evil beings merged themselves into one giant entity having a misshapen body in which no words could describe it. Surging with this newfound power, Inazuman Flash cast its gaze upward and thrust his palm with a streak of lightning at the beast and in retaliation; it returned the same attack four times as strong. His arm twitched and crackled with more energy as it turned into a long sword of pure electricity. While the struggle continued, Inazuman gathered every bit of energy into one gigantic slash that impaled the Emperor Beast in half and threw him back as he exploded. Moments later, Inazuman noticed the scenery changed from the nightmare into the very corridor he just fought in. Slowly reverting back into Goro again, he slashed away the rest of his electric power with a smirk knowing his job is done.

~JAKQ Stage: Rivalry~

Big One found himself in what was left of the evil syndicate CRIME. As he stepped into the inner sanctum, Spade Ace stood before him with his Space Bow strapped on his back and an outstretched finger.

“You stole my role as leader and I want it back!”

Big One stepped back a bit tapping his cane on his shoulder questioning why Spade Ace is here. Let alone HOW he got here.

“Time to die SOUKICHI BANBA!”

Big One darted towards Spade Ace while sweeping his cape at him from behind. Big One made the assumption that this was not Spade Ace, but there was only one nemesis also knew the true identity of Big One: Iron Claw.

“So you saw through my disguise…”

“Naturally…so shall we end this, it’s time to put an end to the madness!”

Iron Claw tipped his hat converting himself into the menacing Warrior Iron Claw as the two of them began their fight to the death by charging head on to each other with hand-to-hand combat as they streaked all over the room. The battle intensified as sparks flew as their punches and kicks clash as they landed back to their positions. Exhausted from the fight, Big One force reverted back to Banba. Just as Iron Claw closed in to the nearly fallen hero, he heard the voices of his comrades, urging him to finish the fight they started…

“Any last words Big One...or should I call you Soukichi Banba?”

He shuddered raising his head up at him, with a trickle of blood escaping the corner of his lip growling in defiance. His body surged with atomic, electric, gravity and magnetic energies standing to his feet with a smirk.

“Oh I do, but if you think it’s surrender…FORGET IT!”

As Warrior Iron Claw ran towards Banba delivering the final blow to him, out of nowhere, he phased around him with a mighty thrust through his heart dying instantly.
As Banba let go of his cane, he slumped to a knee with his hat tipped over an eye and a tired smirk.

“I did my part…rest is up to you guys…”

~Kamen Rider Stage: Redemption~

Rider One found himself in the remnants of his arch nemesis Shokka and without the aid of Cyclone; the task would seem more difficult than expected. Once he reached the inner sanctum, it became quiet, strangely quiet then the room went dark. Rider One’s visor lit up as he searched the entire room and once he stopped, a pair of lights gleamed in the darkness and from that pair, more lights began to surround him as he slowly backed up. He saw his worst nightmare come true: all of the Riders under Shokka’s influence. The ominous voice echoed as the Dark Riders began their advance.
“Welcome to hell Rider…or is it Hongo Takeshi? I trust you know the Dark Riders already. If you want me, you’ll have to get past them, if you can…”

“Damn you!” Rider growled lowly while tightly clenching his fist to his former allies. “I don’t wish to fight you but I will NOT back down from a fight!”

Rider One charged into the roar of the engines of the Dark Riders once they blazed head on at him. He quickly leapt onto RX’s dark copy, tossed him off his bike and took control of his Hell Rideron and popped a wheelie riding straight through the rest of the Riders. Fighting off his comrades left to right, he combined his moves to keep them off him. As the race melee continued, he nearly got his head knocked off by Super 1‘s clothesline but fought him off with a side high kick. Moments later, after fighting off RX and the others, he shook his head in regret for doing what he did. There was one target left and filled with anger in his fist, he sat on Hell Rideron charging it with his own fighting spirit and rode hard and fast upwards launching himself towards the level where the Great Leader was.
“RIDER JUMP!” Utilizing his powerful leap, he combined his moves again to break the glass that protected his longtime nemesis. The Great Leader tried using his own powers to block his attacks until Rider’s visor flashed and unleashed his signature attack at full power. “RIDER KICK!!” Rider cried while bringing the fight to the Great Leader with a flurry of punches and kicks retaliating with force behind him.
“Foolish cyborg, I made you and this is how you thank your MASTER?!”
With each punch that Rider One delivered, the Great Leader doubled back and became dizzy and dealt him the final blow.
“You’ve taken what was most precious to me, and now I’m TAKING IT BACK! RIDER PUNCH!!”
The force of the deathblow had the Great Leader staggering to his feet unable to die although he was near Death’s door as Rider One leapt from the level and launched him above his head with two hands and empowered by the wind energy his belt charged up at full power blasting the Great Leader upwards to where an unknowingly Fuhrer Cross was caught in the attack and exploded upon impact. Seeing this unexpected twist of events gave Red Ranger the opportunity to escape the trap and along with Zero Zero Seven and hurried back to the power station. Meanwhile, the energy that was released from Typhoon reverted Kamen Rider to his civilian identity: Hongo Takeshi again. This day he redeemed himself and the honor of the Kamen Riders.

~009- the Final Stage: Judgment~

With the six gates opening before 009, the final path revealed to him in the form of a chute as Black Ghost was awaiting his ‘guest of honor’. 009 spiraled in the chute as the path sent him flying throughout the base, and he managed to see the bodies of his comrades upon passing the different chambers of the subbasement. He had no time to think if they were unconscious or otherwise as the end of the line was nearing. Once the chute stopped, 009 stepped out and walked through the six corridors that lead to Black Ghost.

“So glad of you to accept my invitation Cyborg 009.”

“MONSTER! What have you done to my friends?!”

Black Ghost danced around his panel lightly as he lead his arch nemesis a bit waving his finger at him.

“Silly boy, I’ve assigned my generals to put a stop to your combined task force, but this is better than I expected!”

009 glared at him clenching his fist in anger, remembering the pain and agony of what made him and the others who they are. Not only that but the damage that he has caused throughout the decades, is all the more reason why the world is still enslaved in fear.

“You have caused innocent people that would rather die for their homes, their countries, their families than to serve you and suffer! I shall not allow you to threaten Earth any longer!”

“Sacrifices must be made for the dream of MY new world order!”
009 stepped forward aiming his gun at Black Ghost firing a shot and a yell…


The blast tore up Black Ghost’s cape just as he thrown it off and used it like a shield just as he fired up Sinful Omen. He set a course on a certain landmark that he felt was needed to be the perfect example of his power: the Statue of Liberty! He gave 009 an offer to join him at his side with the rest of his followers. As he approached 009 with his hand outstretched, 009 slapped it away in refusal to the offer.
“I prefer to die fighting than have us serve your dark dream!”

Black Ghost drew out a customized blade from his hand just as 009 readied his gun again as the two of them faced each other for the final time.

“Fine! A battle to decide whom is more worthy to rule the universe!”

They initiated combat as shots were fired from 009’s gun to sparks as Black Ghost’s sword deflecting his shots. They darted around the control room with sparks clashing and flying around just like the previous battles but with more intensity as they grappled tightly clashing each other with their knees as through a storm was brewing. Breaking away, Black Ghost dashed towards Sinful Omen and instead of aiming it at the Liberty Statue and in its place was 009!
Out of sheer desperation, he phased and streaked past the super weapon and the Black Ghost exploding both on contact. He sighed exhaustively after seeing no trace of Black Ghost after the battle. With the self-destruction sequence running, Joe wasted no time in rescuing his comrades that laid in the Six Point Trial. As he left, he was unaware that the Black Ghost wasn’t completely dead. His body mutated after receiving his fallen generals’ spirits. Using the energies of Newmanity Empire,
Despar Army, Shocker, DARK, Black Cross Army and Iron Claw gave their remaining energies to the Black Ghost and grown into a formless giant that tore open the base, he was reborn as the Darkest Hell; the evil of all evil. Red Ranger arrived in the Goranger Ship offering Joe a hand in the rescue, as time winded down to its last ten minutes, 009 activated his speed distortion down to a microsecond picking up Jiro, the Komyoji family and Banba while Red gathered Hongo and Goro as the base was collapsing around them in their escape. Elsewhere in space, the remaining forces of the Toku 28 watched intently as the base exploded. Everyone remained quiet fearing that they were dead…
003 kept her eyes on the screen watching for any sign of 009’s party but for the time, there was no sign of any of them. Either there was no signal or their lifeforce just were very faint. As Armageddon crumbled, a red blur flew out of nowhere with 009 and Red Ranger carrying their allies inside the ship. As Sky Ace and the 00 Jet rendezvous with their allied carrier, an ominous being reincarnated itself ripping part of the moon in four quarters as a familiar face began sucking in the very fabric of space as 009 knew who it was and took the hatch upward. Red Ranger urged him not to fight but 009 shook his head and went up where the ultimate evil awaited him.

“GO! Fly back to Earth without me! I’m gonna settle this once and for all…”

With a glance at the formless shadow, 009 ran off at high speed and launched himself into the vacuum away from his teammates just as they begrudgingly accepted his order. He found himself inside a rift that separated him from reality, time and space. He found the core of the Darkest Hell in the form of the Black Ghost and flew after him. 009 was unaware that he was chasing an illusion and used his speed at his fullest finding the body of Black Ghost being the core of the entity. He used every kind of attack that he had to break through the barrier but continued to bounce off like a ricocheting bullet until he felt his energy dwindle down to almost 0.

“You can’t fight what can’t be killed, boy…”

The entity lunged its claw at him dodging but failed in blocking the follow-up afterward. Joe phased all over the place desperately looking for an opening unaware that his energy was still dropping after being in this rift for a period of time. Once his stamina dropped, he became a sitting duck for the Darkest Hell as it unleashed a barrage of laser fire on 009 sending him down on a lone plateau, weary and damaged through the battle.
Meanwhile on Earth, Red Ranger explained what to Black Ghost and Cyborg 009 in space. Jet was furious for what 009’s actions.

“So…let’s get this straight, Joe is out there taking on Hell alone? If he is thinking of doing a kamikaze up there, he must be out his damn mind!”

Geronimo sat calmly listening in to everyone’s concern about 009’s situation and slowly raising his hand and opening his eyes.
“Protecting Earth at the cost of his life…he may or not die. Quickly, everyone form a circle around me.”
They formed a circle clasping their hands together around Geronimo as their energies combined and using 005 as the vessel, they sent their energies to the fallen 009. Just as Darkest Hell charged up his ultimate attack for the deathblow, a beam broke through the rift and engulfed 009 in a protective shield as he felt an overwhelming power revitalizing and reinforcing him as he grew to the size of his enemy.

009 unleashed a giant sword from the galaxy and gleamed at he brought it close to deliver the final blow.

“No matter what form you may take, evil must be…DESTROYED!”

With a master-less slash, the Darkest Hell into pieces turning his back from the blast once the rift opened and everyone’s energy returned. It wasn’t too long as 009 spiraled fast into Earth’s atmosphere as a glimmer of light appeared into the sky and fell faster.

“LOOK! It’s…!”
Jet ran off breaking through the window pushing his afterburners at max catching 009 upon impact. Joe became unconscious while Jet was nearly out of control as his jets couldn’t stop at will. Joe suddenly awakened up at Jet being unconsciousness nodding to him respectfully.

“Well if you go again, we go in a blaze of glory…”

Ivan quickly dispatched Pyunma to take to the sea and rescue them upon their impact. Using whatever was left of his power, Joe narrowed his eyes weakly slowing time down as they splashed down upon impact. As they descended, Pyunma caught them as they were brought back to land.

“Heh…Just be glad I’m here this time guys…”

Sometime later, everyone was pleased seeing 009 back alive and well. With his uniform in tatters and torn, he smiled through the overwhelming pain he was feeling in his joints but relieved to know that the long war is over. The world is once again free and at last at peace thanks to the combined efforts of the Tokusatsu 28.

“Everyone, thank you for your help. We can all rest easy now.”

Jiro along with his brothers smiled to Joe just before their departure.

“Hey, we’re all friends here. You can always count on us.” Ichiro added with a nod. “Damn straight, Joe. If you need us, we’ll be there.” Ray grinned with a wink, “Just give us a call AHEAD of time okay?”
Kamen Rider shook Inazuman’s, JAKQ and the Gorangers’ hands thanking them for their efforts as well. Finally he approached 009 with a handshake in friendship and saluted him just before leaping onto Cyclone.
“And now my friends, we must depart back in the shadows of society. Until the next time we lift our masks for justice again.” Rider slowly changed back into his civilian identity of Hongo Takeshi with a smile.

“May the wind always guide you Cyborg Senshi…”

Their bikes roared as they vanished into the sunset without a trace.

Today the world has witnessed a new legend. These heroes, almost forgotten by time united once again for one solitary purpose: Freedom for all life and for the future that is to come. If any threat dares to threaten the freedom of life, they will be there and leading them into the field of battle will be one man:

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nice story
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Griffinia wrote:

nice story

Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/25/10
i get my inspiration from the lives of individual people. Each person, whether a small struggle or a big struggle, has a struggle in their lives. So i compare these lives to other lives that i know or my own life, and i write a character that represents each person's attitude. The history is of the character is of course created by what i feel best suits him/her. Well, most of my stories are extremely emotional, but i have a few incomplete ones that are a little milder in emotion. I try to make the stories as close to reality as possible even if it is fantasy. To have fantasy, you have to root in reality so i root in the emotions and experiences of real people, and add a bit more onto that.
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Acaeus wrote:

i get my inspiration from the lives of individual people. Each person, whether a small struggle or a big struggle, has a struggle in their lives. So i compare these lives to other lives that i know or my own life, and i write a character that represents each person's attitude. The history is of the character is of course created by what i feel best suits him/her. Well, most of my stories are extremely emotional, but i have a few incomplete ones that are a little milder in emotion. I try to make the stories as close to reality as possible even if it is fantasy. To have fantasy, you have to root in reality so i root in the emotions and experiences of real people, and add a bit more onto that.

Wow! your right, i do understand a bit of what you said but it made me nosebleed(of course im kidding) the way thanks again for joining our group

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Toughgirl09 wrote:

Acaeus wrote:

i get my inspiration from the lives of individual people. Each person, whether a small struggle or a big struggle, has a struggle in their lives. So i compare these lives to other lives that i know or my own life, and i write a character that represents each person's attitude. The history is of the character is of course created by what i feel best suits him/her. Well, most of my stories are extremely emotional, but i have a few incomplete ones that are a little milder in emotion. I try to make the stories as close to reality as possible even if it is fantasy. To have fantasy, you have to root in reality so i root in the emotions and experiences of real people, and add a bit more onto that.

Wow! your right, i do understand a bit of what you said but it made me nosebleed(of course im kidding) the way thanks again for joining our group

haha, np
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I tend to get inspiration for my writing by listening to stories of suffering, since I believe that a core aspect character development is suffering and the breaking down of a spirit. When someone receives an emotional shock that is strong enough to rattle them to their core, a lot of different traits that had been worked into their personality will be dropped or changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, but it allows for a lot more character development as you can show the process of them breaking down, and being rebuilt as something new, with different thoughts on life and everything else. Besides, tragedy is a very real part of life, and i think stories that have everything going for the main character seem like fake life stories. Even for a fantasy world, if everything goes well for the main character, it seems like the fantasy world is fake within it's own context.
But that's just my thoughts
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unLUCKeCHARMS wrote:

I tend to get inspiration for my writing by listening to stories of suffering, since I believe that a core aspect character development is suffering and the breaking down of a spirit. When someone receives an emotional shock that is strong enough to rattle them to their core, a lot of different traits that had been worked into their personality will be dropped or changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, but it allows for a lot more character development as you can show the process of them breaking down, and being rebuilt as something new, with different thoughts on life and everything else. Besides, tragedy is a very real part of life, and i think stories that have everything going for the main character seem like fake life stories. Even for a fantasy world, if everything goes well for the main character, it seems like the fantasy world is fake within it's own context.
But that's just my thoughts

Most of the 'worst' anime are made from good stories
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