My thoughts about religion, badly written and some of it is not very well connected.
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Just some thoughts that occrued to me can't say they are true :blink:. My English is a bit bad but plz have mercy.

"My personal opinion" read it on your own terms, but I demand no hate mails, if you keep reading you agree.
I would love to receive some serious comments, nothing like wow you suck, this is bull or…

Spinoza’s God
The definition of Science is plainly answer’s with the highest percentage of being true.
Nothing is certain, anything can happen and don't forget even 0,...1% can happen. Imagine everything in this world based on chance/actions, Einstein once said “god doesn’t play dice”.
Any facts we humans have is based on percentage or “chance”
I can understand why people need a god. I'm not saying there is no god, but I'm not saying he exists in the way people see him, either way religion’s ethnical not scientific. If you ask me to believe in god I would ask you to define god. Just like a word can have different meanings I believe the same thing applies to god. I can believe elf’s exists, if I want to and they might just be in my mind, but that's an existence to. If I were to point with everything I am! In front of me claiming an elf stood there, there’s no way you can prove to “me” he’s not there. You could ask someone other than me if an elf stood there and he might agree, but in my own existence he would be there, no matter how many Billions of other people who didn’t see him. Then someone would make a statement he isn’t real, assuming 99% of our population claimed he wasn’t there then there’s 99% chance he wasn’t there. I would like to apply the same to god, if I were to tell you a person I assume believe in god, plainly that God doesn’t exists how would you feel? You would most likely feel insulted because god is a part of you, small or big doesn’t matter he’s a part of you! Religions can countless times be connected to a god, but in the end Religions are just plain old ethnics as well, any actions you do has a consequences! The word “end” should literally be banished from this world, and maybe be replaced with changes. If you where to ask why, I would say because I can’t think of anything in this world with an ending. I am bold enough to make the statement “most of the facts in the bible got a low percentage of actually having occurred”. A preacher could describe the god he believes in as great and wise and everything they claim he has done. I once asked one such man who is god, from here on it could have gone two ways. What is written about what the god did or how you personally imagine him. If a preacher told a believer that god is mighty and good. It wouldn’t feel like an assumption from the preacher and most people would agree based on your belief not facts. So what is religion it’s not facts, some of it’s written as facts but that isn’t religion, religion, god and elf’s your own reality.
How I can boldly make the statement fantasy is real, because you can’t decide for me that it’s not real.
Ignorance is the worst sin, trust yourself more than anything else and become someone trust worthy.
Everything in this world is based on human observation or other senses, so we create reality and are our own world creator. There is no way a human can prove the opposite.
"Some Quotes from Einstein :3"
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain; they do not refer to reality.
Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/17/10
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