Bi rain in American movie
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Posted 2/18/10 , edited 2/20/10
Well i was wondering what most people thought of Rain's[Korean musician and actor] role in The new hit action movie 'Ninja Assassin'


In my point of view i think he did absolutely amazing,very good acting,and amazing stunts.


So we've heard you've been up early already starting with TV interviews.
Yes, 9 AM. Fox TV.

Are you a little accustomed to this, because as a singer I'm sure you get a lot of this already?
[Laughs] Different style.

Is the press different; the journalists who do music as opposed versus movie journalists?
No, they're very similar.

What degree or belt do you hold in martial arts? Or were you just training in general for the film?
There is no wire, no camera tricks. I had to make my body fit like Bruce Lee. I trained for eight months, five days a week, eight hours a day, and I ate just chicken breasts and vegetables, no sugar, no salt. It was horrible. And I learned a lot of martial arts: tae kwon do, tai chi, ninja techniques, karate... a lot.

Is there a belt that you hold?
I don't have any.

Was this your first time actually training?
Yeah, it's my first time but before this I learned tae kwon do when I was young – 10 years old.

How did you feel coming to this role? Did you feel a lot of pressure?
No, there's no pressure, no stress, because I enjoyed it, you know, because I had the lead role. [Laughs]

How much did you know about the ninja culture before taking on this film?
From when I was young I loved martial arts films so I love ninja, ninja techniques. I have a Japanese friend and sometimes he explains ninja characters and ninja techniques. You know, in Asia, there's so many ninja films so I saw a lot of ninja films.

What favorite actors do you have that were in martial arts films?
I love Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. They are my heroes but I'm so much faster, I'm so handsome – you know, it's my turn. [Laughs]

You mentioned the ninja films but you are working with Kosugi Sho [who plays ninja master, Ozunu] -- can you tell us anything he might have passed on to you, because he's a veteran of ninja films?
Yeah, he's a real master. I learned martial arts from him. He was always focused on filming so I learned a lot. He's a a great person.

You worked with Park Chan-wook on I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK. How different was that experience working with him and working on this movie?
Between the Wachowskis and working with Mr. Park? It's very similar, I think. They have the amazing ability to make dreams true. I love them – Mr. Park and the Wachowskis.

How was it working with Naomie?
Naomie? She's hot! I love her. She's always helpful to everybody; she's always happy. Yeah, I love her – I love her acting style. She's a good actress.

Were there any accidents on the set?
Yes, even though everybody took care of me I still got hurt. I had lots of cuts on my body. Sometimes I'd pretend that I broke my legs. I'd say, “Holy cow! My legs are broken!” People would say, “Hey, what's wrong? What's wrong? Are you OK?” And I'd say, “Ha! I'm just kidding.” It was so fun.

Is there a particular film you'd rather do? Like a crime drama or a heavy dramatic part?
Yes, I would definitely like to continue my career in Hollywood. I'd like to do everything – comedy, romance, horror – everything. Keep watching me.

Now when you started out with music, did you always intend to become an actor as well or did that just happen?
Yes, I wanted to be a singer and an actor from when I was young. I made it, finally.

You do R&B?
Yeah, my music is based on rap music, R&B, and hip-hop – everything.

Have you kept up with your work-out routine that you did for this film?
When I finished Ninja Assassin I said, “No more chicken breasts! No more work-outs! No more vegetables! I'm going to eat junkfood – hamburgers, pizza, french fries.” You know, I got three hamburgers last night? I hate work-outs.

How long was it to work out to get that physique?
Eight months, eight hours a day.

How do you balance your music and movies?
Half and half. Sometimes people ask, “Which one do you like more: singing or acting?” This question is like asking, “Do you prefer your mother or your father?” I will concentrate on both. I love both singing and acting.

Do you hope to do a sequel for this movie?
Yes, why not?

You'd have to go back to training.
Oh, OK, I'm thinking. [Laughs] You know, why not? If people like the movie, I will – we will.

Are you doing a tour right now? Can you talk a little about that?
Yes, I had a concert in Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, and I have concerts in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Taipei, Taiwan, and Las Vegas – next month, the 25th. Christmas Day.

Did they come after you for this role?
When we were working on Speed Racer, the Wachowskis offered it to me. I said, “Yes.” How can I say, “No”?

Have you seen the poster for Ninja Assassin? Why is your face missing? Is it to keep you hidden like a ninja?
I love that poster. It's a new style of poster that's never been done before. It's quite unique because normally you'd see the whole face. And it brings out curiosity about who it is.
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
OMG I'm going too see this the trailer looked amazing!!!
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F / In Kyumin's room...
Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/4/10
I've watched the movie :-) and there was blood in almost each scene.
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Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/11/10
omg i didn't realize that was him o_o
i wanted to see that movie when it came out but didn't get the chance... now i regret it more ;o;

must rent it! O_O
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Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10
omg i saw it it is the best
he is so good
i mean there is no one can be on screws just llike that
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Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/2/10
It looks soo good but it's an 18 and I can't get into the cinema to watch it ... XP
Hehe I'll get my friend to get it for me... ><
Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/15/10
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Rain
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Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/24/10
Watched it twice ^^ It's pretty good for a bloody movie

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Posted 5/12/10 , edited 5/12/10
I loved it and my kids we got the dvd even saw it twice in the movies Bi is hot in the US
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Posted 5/19/10 , edited 5/19/10
Also watched it twice... The only thing missing in this movie is a kissing scene between Rain and Naomie

It looks like Romeo must die because of that...
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Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/21/10
süper bi filimdi....tebrikler Rain Bi...
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Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/23/10
can you spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! :D
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Posted 11/8/10 , edited 11/8/10
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Posted 11/30/10 , edited 11/30/10
well,ninja assassin is great film,but they put to much blood for my taste..
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Posted 2/7/11 , edited 2/7/11
i want to watch it
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