The MelanCholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
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Posted 2/19/10 , edited 2/19/10

Yuki Nagato Is Now a Human, Living the Normal Life Of Any Other. But Amongst The Tirades Of New Found Emotions, One Stands Out, With A Particular Boy She Knows, Kyon. Yuki x Kyon Rated T For Language and Mature Scenes

If you clicked this, you must know the basics of TMoHS.
Apparently, people loved my Fic

My Favourite Reviews.

"Wow this is some story. I can defiantly feel the drama, "

"looks nice i'm expecxting more ;)"

"it's AWESOME! i ♥ Yukyon X3 lalala hah i lyk it"

"This story contains massive amounts of win."

"I read this so i could read the other story and found this to be amusing. Happy 40th comment for it."

check it out.
And its FAR FAR FAR Superior sequel.
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