Post Reply Why do you Like Miki??(or Amulet Spade)
Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/20/10
I've been wonderin why do we like Miki???? so i put this Desscusion on Forum Just don't anwser this if u don't want to.anywhome tell me why U like Miki(or Amulet Spade)

Why do i like Miki??(Or Amulet Spade)??Because I luv Art,And the Color Blue I luv Music(Just not School music)Art is my passion. Im addicted To Drawing And Sketching.Im also Knowing that We both have the Same personality.Because were Both kinda Lazy,We have a Smart cool side. I secertly Draw When theTeacher isnt looking.But though Im not interested in Men(only 10!!!!!!!!)I've Been Drawing and Sketching Before i knew Miki And Amulet Spade And before I knew Shugchara! I start doing tht When I start makin storys and PoetryMusic and stuff.
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