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hello and welcome to the diary of Jane, don't expect too much because i will surely let you down. if you read you will find out my darkest secrets and the many different ways i betrayed people.
it all started with a promise my past life made to her tween sister...... for some reason i have to honor the promise as well.... my or her sister , now my best friend, and i look like well twins but from different parents any way the promise was that i would not have the man i loved since my love and her love died in a battle with each other...... so she will not have her lover either, if you ask me they? we? were really stupid for making a pact in blood. anyway the point is that we hold each other to the promise with out thinking and we do all we need to, to keep each other to the promise with out thinking.......
so how did i betray my sister? you'll have to keep reading.................muahahahaha (that's me being evil for not letting you know)
in reality all was well untill the day that we fell in didn't start as love though it was more of jelousy.........

i am writing this down in my book of truth that father has given to me. i will try to be faithful to you. father said that i should name you so i have decided to call you by my original name so in a way all that i write will be like a letter to my self. i am not allowed to use my real name for school because of some reason or other. so..........................
Dear Belladona
the gypsies had asked if they could stay in our land....... my father agreed since he used to be a gypsy before i was born, he said that my job was to make sure our guests were ok and to help them out with what ever i could.... he said that i should take it as part of my training.......... so in the end i had to do it whether i wanted or not............... i changed into shorts and an old t-shirt.
i went down to help them take their horses to the stables and i brought them water and food........ i went to see if i was needed or if i could go back inside now...... when i first saw Lucian i wasn't atracted to him......... he was no different than any other good looking guy....... he looked at me and this odd grin came across his face but from the look in his eyes showed me that he had never felt warmth, mom used to say that peoples eyes were doorways to the soul and reflected what one is capable of. this guy had eyes that couldn't see. father said eyes that can't see heart that can't love. my parents were wise if they weren't we wouldn't have what we have now. ok the point is that this guy was cold and i mean cold like ice age cold if you catch what i mean.
anyway i went to talk to him and believe it or not he was actualy verry kind but his smile never reached his eyes..... how i long to see his eyes light up..... is that weird???
good bye for now

Dear Belladona
my "twin" came today and she was thrilled to talk to gypsies i told her that dad and i were ones too and she was so surpriced that she started shooting randome questions at me...when Jenny left Lucian came to talk to me he wanted to know who my parents were before they settled down and why my mother wasn't around.
my mom was the story teller and dad was the leader, i said
then where is your mom?
she died when i was 4.....its a long and complicated story.. and one day i will have to go through the same test she did .
how old are your parents?
dad's 36 and mom was 34, she was 19 when she gave birth to me.. dad says that i have her golden borwn hair and hazel eyes. what about your parents?
they died in a fire, he said
neither of us spoke a word after that i took his hand because that was the only way that i found to comfort him with out being to forward
love always ,
- Jane
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LOL suspenseeeeeeeeeeeeee XD
you really ARE evil owo
lol jk i think theres good in EVERYBODY 8D

but imma not start RANTING about it, : 3
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Could I get a genre for this one so I can add it to the DB?
I'll read it soon, but I can't right now DX
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27 / F / In my own little...
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*checks sign upz*
Got it ^^
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