Gross/outrageous thing happens to/done by person in?
Posted 2/24/10 , edited 2/25/10
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Note: This thread can be used from now on as a dump for all those copy and paste breaking news stories that clutter up the General forum. Virtually none of them deserve a thread and the responses are usually limited to "lol < country >" anyway.

Rules of this thread:

1. You may not post anything but a link, a copy-and-pasted paragraph from the source you are linking to, and at most one additional line.

2. The story does not necessarily have to be about something outrageous a person does in a country. Something gross a pet does in another country is just as good.

3. You may comment on news stories posted here. You may NOT use this thread to mindlessly spam unrelated to posted links though.

4. Comments on topic have to follow standard CR forum rules.

5. Not really a rule but: If you want your own thread in General, write a decent OP. Do not copy and paste it, actually put some effort in there.

Here are a couple of examples of how to post in this thread:
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