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Character Creation
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24 / M / California
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/6/10

Name- Haru kurosaki


Gender- male

Age- 16

Nationality- Italian and Japanese

Position- vongola decimo



Flame- sky

Box Animal(s)- sky hawk,dog and vongola version lion

Weapon of Choice- x-gloves , katana,sky ring

Personality- brave,a lil shy , trusting and able to find the good in pepole hearts

History-Was raised to be the next boss of the vongola many pepole thought he was unworthy of the titile of decimo because he simmed so weak also for his young age so he as decided to show what he is made of there is no one as noble or as open as him.He was gaven many chances to give up the the title decimo but kept the name saying there not just my gurdians there my friends and i'll never leave my friends.
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/13/10
Username- darknessofthemoonlight

Name- Momo Yakushi


Gender- Female

Age- 23

Nationality- French-Japanese

Position- Varia Family, Storm

Flame- Storm, lightning

Box Animal(s)- Lightning Golden Lion Tamarin

Weapon of Choice- Silver Scythe and pair of revolvers

Personality- sort of bipolar when it comes to the mood swings

History- all she remembers is waking up in the hosapital with a monkey, a card with a set of numbers and the name "Varia", and nothing else. her memory is gone, but she is relearning her powers and life slowly
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26 / F / Mind currently va...
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/29/10
Username- Munchiek

Name- Jun Kagekaze

Picture- Normal Red In for it

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Nationality- 1/3 Japanese 1/3 Korean 1/3 Italian

Position- Varia's Cloud

Flame- Storm, Cloud

Box Animal(s)- Tempesta di Drago >> (Picture as he's cute and not the typical image of a Dragon), Tempesta Taglio, Nuvolo di Vulpo

Weapon of Choice- Blades: Swords, Bladed Tonfa, Knives

Personality- He's normaly serious and cunning but as soon as he sees Hikari he becomes an affectionet little cry baby who likes to cling to her. He also can be crafty and teasing, Flirty and sly, as well as varied other types as he has multiple personalitys that change depending on the situation. One thing for sure... If ANYONE causes him to get serious enough for his eyes to turn red... they better run, because despite him possibly acting cheerful and harmless, that means his Cold, calculating, distaint or his Cold, pissed, and merciless or his Cold, Distaint, and Serious personalitys are in command and then... then your in for it....

History- Badly abused by his father from when he was barely old enough to walk, Subjected to ALL forms of Abuse, Mother died from being over beaten by his father, Left home at 12 unable to stand all the abuse. Joined the Mafia at 13 and met Hikari a few years after. Now under the Varia's Boss Buki as the Cloud Guardian.
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28 / M
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 4/10/10

Name- Buki A.K.A. Bu Bu Kitty



Age- 19

Nationality- Italian/American

Position- Varia Leader

Flame- Sky

Box Animal(s)- 3 Sky Cougers with other Big Cat attributes. known as the Three Sugars Leopard Print: Leo, Black Panther: Pan, Tiger Striped: Tigger

Weapon of Choice- Cat claws, ears, and tail

Personality- Very Homosexual and flirtatious with men, when fighting his homosexuality seems to disappear almost seeming like an entirely different person

History- Growing up in Southern California, Bu Bu lived a normal life until the age of 15 where he discovered his interest in men after running into his first boyfriend Jerry, who in which was the first person to not make fun of his last name of Kitty, in fact he added to the name by adding Bu Bu, years later when he was on his own, Buki had discovered a hidden talent of his, with a special control over feline characteristics and being able to change into any Big-cat/ Human form, and being able to mix them for unimaginable abilities.
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/25/10
Username- Time_Space_Witch-PRIESTESS

Name-Raitingu (Raiti) aka 'Lighting of Death'




Nationality- 1/2 European, 1-2 japanese

Position- Varia Lighting Guardian

Flame-Lightning, Sun, Rain

Box Animal(s)-none

Weapon of Choice-fists & kicking

Personality-a very quiet person & really hates to explain to pple he doesn't like or even bother himself with, however is very Loyal to those he makes promises to -

History-since he was little his parents died leaving him only the sole survivor left, but however...when he heard that he had a cousin, a relative he was on a journey to find her and protect her & things then added up, it was after that Kasumi found the orphans that she also came upon Raiti and after seeing his face, she also knew right away that was her relative...she then also took in Raiti. However things weren't happy for them that was planned, the Varia soon came into play and took Raiti away, or rather, he decided to join them & easily followed them leaving the Jigoku Family behind, even after Kasumi tried to stop him from joining...however he had his share of reason for joining the Varia when the offer was given, since then as 4 years pass, he's still remembering his family, but he still hopes that they have forgotten them, for its not worth it for them to suffer, but they still remember and is also still fighting to get him for Raitingu it seems that he's slowly losing his memories of his family, the Jigoku Family....bit by bit
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24 / M / California
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/2/10
Username- Nightkon

Name- kotaro




Nationality- 1/2 Italian, 1-2 japanese

Position- Varia mist gurdian


Box Animal(s)- Mist fox and owl

box weapon- sword, can also project real illusions with a special box


History- He is a childhood friend the decimo reason why he joined the varia is to be closer to momo
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/2/10
awww.. how sweet... maybe you can help her get her memory back!!!
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26 / F / rollosroomofweapo...
Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/15/10
Username- SensuallyYours

Name- Tsukiyomi Arianne


Being provoked or fighting her eye colour:

Gender- Female

Age- 19

Nationality- Half Japanese. Half English

Position- Varia Rain Guardian

Flame- Rain, mist and lightning

Box Animal(s)-Lupo del fulmine, Gatto di nebbia, Thunder ghepardo

Weapon of Choice- Katana

Personality- Calm, composed, kind, caring, friendly, understanding, fun-loving, determined, head strong, fair

History- Arianne was trained as a kid to use a sword. She was trained to use many different swords, but likes using the katana. Her mother was Japanese and her father English. Her father was the previous Rain guardian for the Varia. Though Arianne is very kind and caring, she is often mischievous and loves to play pranks on others. Though she is often fooling around, she knows where her duty lies. She likes finishing her job clean and quick. She is very dangerous when provoked. She also loves to sleep.
Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/17/10

Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/18/10
User Name: Time_Space_Witch-PRIESTESS

Name: Nube Ombrosità


Gender: Female

Pacifier: Cloud

Power: unknown

Animal Partner: none

History: A full fledge of Italian blood running through her, Nube is the type that is half tiger and Arcobaleno. Her body was due to an experiment that went wrong causing her body to be half animal of a tiger. She's mostly not known by other the Arcobaleno, because of her not so much appearances. However she does tend to be a threat at times when she's anger and not in the mood. She's also living with someone at the time being, but was allowed to stay in the end. Her attitude is also close to that of Kasumi Jigoku as well despite her being a chibi person and all.
Posted 5/16/10 , edited 5/16/10
Username- PersonaVampireInsanity

Name- Szec


Gender- Male

Age- ??



Box Animal(s)- Black wolf that can blend into dark places

Weapon of Choice- knuckle hand claws (the ones in my pic)

Personality- Insane, Childish, Generally, it varies. Sometimes he'll speak coherently, in complete sentences (although it's usually smart-assed remarks or insults), other times he speaks childishly, almost as if he had a mental disorder of some sort... which he probably does.

He’s insane—completely, utterly insane. There really isn’t much to his personality besides that, aside from the fact he completely lacks any morals at all (he isn’t opposed to raping, maiming, killing indiscriminately, etc)

Rarely is he ever not smiling, a wide, twitchy smile that shows his teeth. He also has a penchant for giggling devilishly, constantly, for seemingly no reason at all, which intimidates and frightens many people, not to mention his random yelling and mumbling to himself, as well as letting his tongue hang out all the time.

When he speaks, his voice is sinister and nasally—and his words don’t always make sense, sometimes making him seem a bit more dull than he actually is—he’ll speak in riddles or made up, cutesy words, mostly just to tease, confuse, and frustrate whoever he’s currently interacting with. He also has a habit of speaking lazily, undulating between loud and soft, making it hard to tell when he's being serious, fooling around, or trying to seduce. Most don't get him. Really, though, he is as dumb as a fox. He is capable of civil conversation, but typically, he isn’t really interested, unless the situation is really serious… or it’s with a very close partner

History- Szec doesn't seem to have any living family or relatives/parents, so he just did everything himself. As he grew up he started growing more insane as the years passed by, he started using his claws and learned to use them in combat very well and can beat any opponent in combat. He started wearing a black blindfold to try and give his opponents an advantage, but he still was able to hear everything and feel even the smallest of changes, like wind or whatever. He started a habit of bringing 1 of the people he killed one day to wherever he lived for no reason and drags the bleeding body around that place.
Posted 5/21/10 , edited 5/21/10
OMGosh! >.< Thank you so much for joining and I hope that you enjoy your stay with us! ^^ Plz feel free to start roleplaying your part anytime! Also is there a certain position that you would like? :3
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 5/22/10
I don't really care, is there some evilish position open?
Posted 6/10/10 , edited 6/11/10
ummm, evilish position sadly already taken but as for teh ARCOBALENO Lightning position it relates close to what your looking for, because the character for it was always full of mischievous and mayhem, would that position be ok? =3

Posted 7/2/10 , edited 7/3/10
User: Kawaii_ Fox Girl
Name: Arcie
Pacifier: Sky
Power: Sky Flames, Uses Dragon, Crane, Koi and Beast based attacks
Animal Partner: Mini Nine Tailed Fox
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