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27 / M / iYoshirou
Posted 2/25/10 , edited 2/28/10
Welcome to Xavier's Restaurant!

Welcome to Xavier's Restaurant! Enjoy our Appetizers, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meals, and don't forget out Dessert and Take-Out!
(Read the rules in the next post please.)

Breakfast (Aviis)

#45738 (Fuko Star)

#91122 (Kyou Twin)

#91133 (Ryou Twin)

#091111 (Nagisa & Ryou Twin)

#091112 (Kyou & Kotomi Twin)

Lunch (Banners)

#091113 (Welcome Clannad)

#091114 (Goodbye Clannad)

Dinner (Renders)

#091115 (Clannad Girls)

Dessert (Freebies!)

#67824 (Hetalia Brothers)

#89302 (Fran Wallpaper)

Take-Out (Other)

No sales at the moment!

Pasta Addict (Sets)

#091110 (Clannad Girl Set - 4 pictures OR 4 buddies)

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27 / M / iYoshirou
Posted 2/25/10 , edited 3/5/10

Where you order your food!
NOTE: I can do wallpapers! But, I will only let you request for text, color scheme, etc. No background requesting, sorry!


Three orders per day! Must be in separate posts!
No ripping graphics, I worked hard! ><
Tell me specifically where you want your text, please.
If you're free-hand ordering, make it clear so I can understand!
If you don't fill out some parts of the forms, I'm going to have to make you re-write it again!
If you read this, you're going to put "For Here" or "To Go" somewhere on your post!
(Optional to fill out a form for Dessert, use to request for text on it, no payments.)


Breakfast - 2 pictures OR Invite 2 buddies.
Lunch - 2 pictures OR Invite 2 buddies.
Dinner - Free! Take as you please. xD
Dessert - Free!
Take-Out - Listed by the graphic.
(Has different due to being random other graphics.)
Pasta Addict - Listed by the Graphic(s).
Build Your Own Pizza! (Custom Made) - 3 OR Invite 3 buddies.


Meal;; (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.)
Meal Name;; (Name of the purchase.)
Text;; (Optional, say "You Choose" if you want me to put my own text on.)
Payment;; (Links to pictures//Screenshot - Screenshot buddy invites.)
Comments?;; (Just if you wanna say anything. Not necessary.)

Build Your Own Pizza!

Meal;; (Just say what you want: Avii, Banner, etc.)
Text;; (Same rules as before.)
Text Color;; (Red, Blue, Green, etc.)
Color Scheme;; (Dark, Light, Blue, Red, etc.)
Design;; (Simple, Fancy, You Choose, I don't care, etc.)
Extras;; (NO GIFs. If I can't get what you want, I'll put something that fits.)
Picture;; (Spoiler Please.)
Payment;; (Same as before.)
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Posted 3/2/10 , edited 3/2/10
Woah! Im gonna re-read everything cause i didn't get a thing xD
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