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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10
The Angeloid in this show: Icarus, yes it is spelt: Icarus also has her name spelt Ikaros. If you are wondering why. When Tomoki's teacher put her specks into his laptop, he spelt her name Ikaros. Now alot of people saw it spelt that way and thought that was the proper spelling. If you watch the videos and turn on subtitles, you will see that the producers of the show spell her name: Icarus.

It is also noted that they tell the story of Icarus flying to close to the sun. Also spelt Icarus, in the close caption. The only place you see her name spelt Ikaros is on the teachers laptop.

It mast be noted that others have subtitled this show other than the actual publisher, so you dont know how they will spell the name properly.

While I am writing about the captioning, yes if you read the captions, in the song "Fallin Down" Sung by Icarus. the wording "Tarnished Wings" should be translated to English as "Tainted Wings" Her wings cannot be "Tarnished" because they are made out of feathers, they become tainted.
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Posted 10/1/12 , edited 10/1/12
True it is spelt Icarus like the old myth of the person with the wings of wax
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