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Entitlement VS Altruism
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Posted 3/1/10 , edited 3/1/10

DomFortress wrote:

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

Some times being single is better... Gives you the chance to explore your self, aka ME TIME.
Back on topic, now that my hometown finished hosting the 6+ billion dollars Olympic 2010, guess who's gonna pick up the tab?

This is what entitlement will do to people; it makes them narrow-minded and bias. When the fact is that while we are humans living on this Earth, it only takes 14 Gold medals, a hockey victory, and a fiscally overpriced Olympic, to make Canadians to be proud of only their nationality for two weeks.

Go Canada.

'I am A fond believer in using the Olympics instead of fighting battles and wars.' All we have to do is a little modifying. (Robot Jox: ) I do await the day of giant robots fighting like gladiators to settle territorial disputes, and for just good old fashion sporting fun. (It could be done for a lot less than what most nations invest in their military funds.)

So Instead of just removing the power from the few and creating a level playing field for all with no small groups in power.. (then cutting out the need for currency all together.).. I also would create a safer, more humane, and fun to watch replacement for the tribal barbarism known as war.

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