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///.:Chapter 1|I'm Toru Tsukiyomi...and I'm Finally Back Home.:.\\\

Atashi anata ni suru tame ni umareta no kashi ra---

I groaned tiredly and grabbed my phone to stop the noisy distorted R O B O L O I D song and yawned, looking around the plane that I'm in and saw people staring at me. "Haaaa, whhhaaaat..?!" I said yawning and glaring at the people -who sweat dropped and looked away- tiredly with my yellow eyes then sat the seat up and stretched, then poked my twin who had earplugs in to try and block out he sound of my alarm.

I sighed and took out the plugs, put a pillow over her mouth and turned on Kinzokune Piko's 'Love is War ' on and as soon as it reached the scream part my twin woke up with wide eyes and screamed in the pillow, nearly jumping out of her her skin, and started shivering like nuts. "T-Toru-ne-san, w-why d-d-did you d-d-do that?!" She asked me, oh so not freaked out. --I'M BEING SARCASTIC PEOPLE!-- I rolled my eyes at her and said, " 'Cause ya slept through the alarm, on purpose, ya idiot." She did the fake anime tear thing and I sighed, embarrassed by my idiot sister who acts like Urahara.

--Oh wait, you don't know me do you? My name is Toru Tsukiyomi, I'm fifteen and I'm a Vaizard -Its a long story, don't ask- I have an annoying hollow named Hotoru, two Zanpakuto that have nine Shikai forms in all and three Bankai forms in all, named Kuroyami no Kiseki -Miracle of the Darkness- and Hikari no Kiseki -Miracle of the Light-. I have yellow cat eyes and short spiky blue hair the go's a little beyond my chin, I'm 5'2'', and I weigh 124.5lbs- Yes I just said my WEIGHT, I ain't no girly-girl who don' like to talk about my weight.- And this is my story, you'll learn about my past as we go along.

"Toru-nee-chan get up! The plane landed! Marionette, Futago, and Kurone are getting off!"Tori said and grabbing her bags and rushing out, I sighed and got up, grabbed my bags and got off the plane. After getting off the plane and having Futago take care of some stuff I don't care about other than the money exchange, we got on a taxi and headed to the place we used to live in Kurakara. -luckily some of our old friends helped us with moving in.- I walked upstairs to my room and smiled, they had put a few extra things in there and my old friend Roku not only go me a CD/DVD holder and Stereo she also got me -knowing how obsessed with roboloid I am- a disc of ROBOLOID songs she made using her voice! I put away my stuff as fast as i could, popped the disc in my new stereo and sat down in my bean bag, looked out the window smiling and thought, "I'm home everyone..."

[Toru's alarm:
[[ R o b o l o i d ]] - Kinzokune Piko - Love is War:

///.:Chapter 2|Who,No,WHAT,are You?!:.\\\

~.://Toru's POV\\:.~

mack akari hanayaka e-teru mazui no tsumetasa nemurenai gozen ni---[Kinzokune Piko-Meltdown]

I stared at my phone for a few seconds and then got up from my comfy twin-sized bed,stretched,yawned,and looked outside at the rainy summer weather,Then sighed because Hotoru was most likely going to be in a bad vary sarcastic mood. Then I went in to the bath-room,brushed my teeth and hair,washed my face and washed my hair in the sink,dried my hair,brushed it again, and exited my bath-room. Next I got dressed in my uniform and started running downstairs to eat and head out the door,Futago is cooking,I can hear Tori getting ready,Hebi-Tori's Hollow- is sitting at the table reading her research notes,Hotoru is up already too.
--oh wait your probably thinking,'WTH?! HOW CAN THEY BE OUT?!'uhhh well Tori invented two gloves that can remove hollows from the shinigami that hold them. One gives the hollows restrained powers,the other doesn't,Hebi,Hotoru,Shirone, and Marionette are the only ones not to have restraints on them.-
Hotoru looked up at me,looking really really crappy, and said sarcastically, "Oh,ohiyo Queenie how are you this very sunny morning?" See? She HATES rain,and that's because I'd always start getting depressed when kids made fun of my hair and cat eyes,calling me a monster.-she says she only cared 'cause it'd always start raining, I think she was really worried though hehe.~- I rolled my eyes at her and said, "Ohiyo,Futago,Hebi,Emo-Soundin'-Hotoru" THAT pissed her off,I only ignored her twitching cheek and sat down next to her. " 'Hiyo Toru.~ I'm making rice omelets for you guys,and your bentos' are ready too.~"Futago said happily.-oh yea,almost forgot,Futago looks 26 years old,she has light blue hair that she keeps tied in bow-shaped braids on both sides on her hair & She is a arrancar.
Tori came downstairs,happy as ever and sat down next to Hebi,who's ignoring her completely and smiling at Futago,who just brought out the food. "Lets eat!" Everyone said and started eating,it was a rather uneventful breakfast as Tori and Hebi where the only ones talking,and all of there scientific babbling wasn't of any interest to anyone at the table other than them self's--I honestly couldn't under stand a thing they where saying,like they where talking in Koren or some other language I don't know....--

"Toru! Get up! We gotta goooo~~!" Tori tugged my sleeve as she said this, taking me out of my trance. "Oh,it's time to go already?"

I got up and grabbed my school-bag and a umbrella then ran out the door,5 minuets later me and Tori where standing outside the door to the 13-2[ichigo's class?] class room. "Please come in and introduce your self's." me and Tori walked in,hiding our reishi,and Tori introduced herself as I scanned the classroom and spotted a Quincy,two Shini-no Shinigami,Vaizard,and five humans with strong reishi-two with stronger reishi than the others.

Tori jabbed me in the ribcage when it was my turn to introduce myself and I was staring off into space,which made people whisper things like 'wow what an air-head!'. THAT pissed me off. I picked up a piece of chalk and threw it at the kid-I think someone called him Asano or something...-I who DARED to say that loudly. "ONE MORE WORD AND I POUND YER' FACE IN!" The person then proceeded to shrink into a puddle. 'All bark and no bite,eh?' I sighed and said, "Name's Toru Tsukiyomi."I said,and all but a few stared at me.".......What? Surprised at I didn' threaten ya? I only beat up people that get on my nerves,try not to" More stares. "........Starin's one thing at' gets on my nerves people." Every student quickly turned away and the teacher proceeded to tell us where to sit.

"Well,now that that's done,Toru you sit by Kurosaki and Tori you sit by Inoe. Will you two please raise your hands so Toru and Tori know where to sit?" I was pleased to see that I would be sitting beside the only Visard other than me and Tori in the class,and also that he was on of the people who weren't staring at me. I hid a grin and walked to my seat as Tori skipped to Inoe and started chattering.

I sat then turned my grin to a smirk and said,"Oi,Kurosaki,got a first name r' what?" He glanced at me and replied, "Ichigo." I frowned,As a kid,heck,even now he must be teased REALLY badly! Bad memories of bullies flashed through my head. My smirk reappeared and my eyes grew dark as I remembered the day I learned to "defend my self",but that dark look went away quicker than it had came,though the smirk stayed and I said back gleefully, "Really? Dang! Not only does yer' hair look bleached,but a name at's got worst mixed meanin' ever!" He turned with a look that said 'should I be stunned or ticked off?',apparently,he chose ticked after seeing my smirk. "What the he--,"I cut him off before he said something unintelligible.

"Oi~! Just tryin' ta' state t' truth! Coulda called ya Strawberry r' Carrot-Top!," My smirk turned to sad smile and I continued, "I used to be called 'Demon' and 'Monster' and had kids throw stones at me and such,I only tease people who think that they have it bad,when they have no clue how lucky they are." He looked surprised at my statement,and was about to reply when the teacher cleared her throat, I sat up strait,fearing Tori's wrath.

About 15 minutes after that,my phone started vibrating,I Iooked over at Tori who shrugged as if saying to let it go,and let Hotoru and Hebi take care of it,but then,she and I were startled when our phones started vibrating uncontrollably,and I heard some sound coming from Ichigo,He shot up and said something about the bathroom,and ran off. At this I smirked,Tori rolled her eyes,and nodded towards the door dismissively. I grabbed my 'pen' from my pocket and twisted the cap,a black pill popped out and I swallowed it,Hiding my reishi the whole time,and snuck out the window into the damp,gray city of Kurakara,glad that Ichigo's friends were distracted. I was out before Ichigo was even 2/3 of his way out! I ran to the location,and hid in a tree, watching my class mate.
'I wonder if he's the visard Bucket-hat was talking about...' Hotoru's gargling voice rang out in my head,making me aware that she had just come.

'I think he is,I mean,come on! He told us that he has a naturally strange hair color like us!' I replied.
'pfft You mean you and Tori right?'I heard her snicker.
A mental glare from me was all it took to get her to shut it.

I pulled out my zampakuto and whispered ,"Pierce Their Flesh,Kurayami no Kiseki!"
The small amount of my reishi that escaped startled Ichigo. I held as still as possible,and counted down...
"Rapid vibrating in..."
I dropped one end of the two chain-linked scythes.
I started lightly swinging the scythe.
The sound of claws ripping at fabric reverberated in my brain,I shifted my gaze to see a rip forming in the sky.
The sky ripped open wide,hollows came swarming out,as my class mate turns,he is shocked by the huge I'm in gleeful surprise.

~.://Ichigo's Pov\\:~

I stared at the hollows,petrified.
I my be strong,but the amount of hollows is so huge...!


I dodged,being narrowly missed by a large claw.

"Psh,Kisuke didn' tell me ya' could be paralyzed by shock like that!"The same voice,It cant be!

"T-Toru!?"I called,in disbelief.

She smirks. "Yo,airhead!~" Her yellow eyes flashed in glee,in her right hand she lightly swung a black scythe.

A pair of hands pushed me out of the way of yet another hollow
When I turned to face who had pushed me,I froze,again.
A sheet white girl with black eye whites and yellow pupils was smirking at the hollow who she had just pushed me out of the way of.

That appearance,the same as Toru's,but different in many ways.......

...was that of a hollow self....

"WHAT THE HE-?!" I shouted-cut short due to dodging a hollow-,shocked to see a hollow self out of their vaisard's body.

"Heeheehahahahahaha,BAKA!~ Sit back an' watch ta' pros!~"She shouted at me,demented grin plastered on her face.
I did as she said none the less,too shocked to fight.

Within 12 min,they had finished off the hollows,and now as I stare at them,I ask,

"Who,No,WHAT,are You?!"

Toru smirks.

"Who? I'm Toru Tsukiyomi! What? I'm a monster!~"



///.:Chapter 3|GO--SH DA..NG STUPID INNER HOLLOW:.\\\

~.://Ichigo's Pov\\:~

Did she just call
I don't even....what?

"Shocked ta hear me say 'at bout' my self? Hah! Ever heard o' self humility? I practice it."She laughed.
"Oi,Queenie,I needa get back t' Bucket-hat's shop before Marionette destroys somethin'." Her hollow said nonchalantly,walking off.
Toru nodded,calling back her zampakuto grinning.
"Oi,Ichi,snap outta it an come on,we're gonna miss lunch!"She said running toward the school.

"uhhh...R-right" I said getting up,in a daze,and running after her.


"YA FIGURED THAT OUT YERSELF DIDJA? PFFT.AHAHAHA." She laughed running even faster,laughing her a-..butt.. off.

~.://Toru's Pov\\:~

After using that useful mind game to snap him out of his trance,me and Ichigo headed back to class,but on the way....

"Oi Ichigo."
"Do ya mind distractin' yer friends when we get back?"
He rose a brow at me.
"Why should I? Your working with a hollow! How can I trust you?"
"Would ya rather explain to yer 'pals' what t' new girl is?"
"But you just have the reishi of a visard! There's nothing to explain!"
I stopped running,and Ichigo stopped,staring at me in question.
"I'll let em' feel some of my true energy,en' yer gonna have somethin' t' explain." I said,smirking and placing my hands on my hips out of habit.
"I'm guessing your not gonna help me if you do,are you?"
"Hell no."
I laughed and ran ahead,knowing he'd have to help.

God I love manipulating people~.

When we got back it was easy for Ichigo to distract his friends.

At lunch I climbed up to the roof,unsurprised that Ichigo and his posse were up there also.
"Oi Ichigo!"I wave at him,pretending nothing happened.
"What the hel-"Tori cut off his profanity speaking by jabbing a foot in his ribcage.
I face palmed,Tori hates it when people cuss in front her,she says she'd prefer being able to tell if she's surrounded by morons by people's language rather than the way they act.
Ichigo glared at her and repeated his question without the profanity.
"What do you want?"
I rolled my eyes.
"T' harass ya,o' course!"
He glared at me.
"I'm friggin' ki~ddin'."I said,rolling my eyes and slumping down on to the ground next to Ichigo.
"UWA! ITS THE NEW GIRL FREAK!"Asano shouts,annoying everyone around him,including me.
"Is yer name 'Asano'?" I ask,cracking my knuckles.


That's the sound his face made when he hit the pavement,from being kicked in the face by both me and Tori.

"For one,I said,NO CUSSING."Said Tori,glaring.
"For two,DON' CALL ME A FREAK,FREAK!"I said,stomping on his face.
"GET THE HELL OFF ME,FREAK! I'LL ALSO CUSS AS MUCH AS I WANT TO!"Asano-the-idiot shouted,and on that note,I wonder if his vocal chords ever give out on him......
"Prolly not."I laughed.

"Nee~. Toru-chan~. I would like to take care of this myself,if you please~."Tori asked,a sweet look on her face.
I kicked him one more time,then nodded at Tori,who dragged him away,probably to beat the no cussing thing into his head.
"Hello Tsukiyomi-san."
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-reads later-
im in an antireading modee now :/
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Kooooolio toru :DDD
"my idiot sister who acts like Urahara."

HEEEEY, also i noticed NOT that many typo-s!
BUTTT you know wat might prove helpful & beneficial?
write your stories on Microsoft Word. It corrects your mistakes, & even gives you definitions for words 83
I use it ALL the time ♥.

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my first is when Toru scares the crap outta Tori =w=

lol,i think this crap laptop still needs it to be put on it =w=;

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oh look i read it
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whatdoyathinks? owo
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ish good so far >w<
Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/27/10
I edited :D
Also, VERYYYYYY proud!
There was but only ONE typo!
"thru" just shoulda been "through"
>w< GB ^0^
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OwO....really? THATS AWSOME!
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how are you to day/?
guess wat.

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soon i think XD i'v been drawing Futago,Marionette,Kurone,and Shirone. but i'v got lyk....half-ish of the chap done =w=
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
awesomely done bannnerr!
BUT..wth is Ruki doin wiff her hand in the air like that?
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MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAAA!!!!! >8D lol I am working on it XD I'm just drawing Hotoru in her gigai and making a avvi wiff gimp at the same time!.....XD

and IDK? OwO my friend inyashafan777 @ made the back-ground and I added the Text XD
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
oooooooooooooooooooohh~ owo
Your still a toe to me.
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