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This shall be the place where I put drabbles :D
Because. I'm still new to the word 'drabbles' and want to try it out ;D
Teehee =w=

*10 Days has been moved to my profile pages...thing C:

**I'll make this place colorful one day >.>
*Started 2/26/10

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Memory Sketchbook Contest DONE~!

-Sketchbook of Our Memories
-Old Memories
-Clips Of Things
-Send Everyday With A Smile
-A Special Drawing
24Hours A Day Challenge

-One AM
-Two AM
-Three AM
-Four AM
-Five AM
-Six AM
-Seven AM
-Eight AM
30 Themes Challenges

-Cherry Blossoms
-Shooting Star

OneShot Drabbles

-Always There
-I'm A Girl

Themes Used: Set One


Set Two {Will be ending soon; I just thought of the awesomest drabbles ever XD}

Factoring problems

| ►Memory Sketchbook Contest Entry◂ | ☁ Yamamoto Takeshi ☁ | 1 | Sketchbook of Our Memories |

Sorry ifff it's over the -enter some random number- limit owo;; Im just guessing ficlet drabble is a bit over a drabbles usually length D| I'll try to cut it if its wrong.. xD;;

- ✐ Sketchbook of Our memories ✎ -

"Kaa-chan, what are you drawing?"

Takeshi's eyes slowly opened as his brown orbs looked over to the little boy's voice. It trailed up to the rather slim woman. Her petite figure leaning against the frame board of the bed, a pencil and notebook of paper in her small, thin, fragile hand.

"Memories," Her soft voice replied quietly as she leaned the pad over for the little brown haired boy to see. His eyes were wide with amazement.

"Sugoii, Kaa-chan!" The excitement in the boy's voice caused his father's own lips to be brought up into a smile. "It's really pretty! Look, Tou-chan!"

At that point, the woman looked over at him, her fragile glance and her bright smile almost caused his heart to melt, "Ohayou, Take-chan."

"Ohayou," He returned the same smile back towards them, getting up and leaning over to the woman. "Drawing out memories again?"

"Mm," She nod her head gently, half paying attention as it was turned back towards the sketchpad. "Would you like to see our sketchbook of memories, Kyo?"

"Mmhmm!" The little boy, Kyo, who resembled the exact same figure as Takeshi, nod. His expression clearly resembled his mother's. Bright, round, brown eyes that could melt anyone at first look. An innocent figure that could trick even the roughest adults. He surely was a strange combination between his parents.

His mother looked at Takeshi, waiting for the signal to start about the stories of sadness, happiness, excitement and even anger.

"It started with meeting your mother..."

Words: 251 : D It ended up as a

| ►Memory Sketchbook Contest Entry◂ | ☁ Yamamoto Takeshi ☁ | 2 | Old Memories |

- ♫ Old Memories ♫ -

"Oh? That's pretty cool!" Takeshi peered over the girl's shoulder, watching her draw something into her sketchpad. Her hand moved across the pad too quickly for his eyes to capture where it went, only to see blurs of the hand at where it once was.


"What are they suppose to represent?"
He really was interested in what she drew this time. A small notebook being held up by a little girl. Her bangs were covering up her teary eyes.

"...My little sister telling me to keep her notebook," She remembered this event so clearly, even though it was just a few weeks ago.

"Oh..." He didn't press onto it.

"So that's what this drawing ment!" Kyo nod in complete interest, watching his father talked on the memories and then his mother taking over and finishing it up, starting the next one soon after.

All the drawings he saw completely amazed him of just how wonderful his mother was.

"And this was when your father...had to go for a bit," His mother raised up the pad, showing just a single carnation, it's petals had began flying away.

"What does that picture mean?" The young woman was a bit suprised her son noticed there was a message behind it. She looked over at Takeshi to notice he held the same look his song did; a look of concern and curiousity.

"As time went on...I was getting lonely."

They didn't bother her to continue on, "Kaa-chan, what does this one mean?" He pointed at a pair of slippers.

They were probably going to be doing this all day, or rather, all year. There were just too many drawings to comprehend. It didn't matter though. Their son was deeply interested into each picture, each story, each message.

"The day you're father..."

Words: 298 xD I'm just writing and ending when I think it's long enough : D;;

| ►Memory Sketchbook Contest Entry◂ | ☁ Yamamoto Takeshi ☁ | 3 | Clips Of Things |

- ✂ Clips Of Things ✂ -

"Ah, Kaa-chan, what's with all these scraps of things?"

Kyo came running towards his mother's room, slipping just as his foot pressed against the hard wood floor.


"You okay, Kyo?"
His mother peered over the end of the bed, her hands grasping the frame to help keep her balance. She watched how her son casually got back up and walked towards her, placing the sketchbook on the bed.

On the page were rather strange pieces of things. A pink ripped up piece of paper (Atleast it like paper...), a piece of napkin with something scribbled on it, and even something purple that looked rather blob-ly...(It's rather suspicious, especially since it was laminated...). It was just a page full of nonsense, unknown materials.

" should ask your father about them..." She let out a soft chuckle when she remembered how this page was created. "I can tell you how it got together to be this though."

"Tell me, Kaa-chan!" He eagerly climbed onto the bed and sat right across his mother.

"Come on, Ame-chan~!"

Ame let out a soft laughter at how the young man had called her by a nickname he had come up himself. Ame, because she reminded him of the soft raindrops that fell from the gray skies. How silent they can be when it was just a simple, light downfall.

"Can't I draw some of our memories?" He gave her such an adorable pout that it brought a light blush across her cheeks.

"The last time you drew something..." Ame just let out another soft laughter. His drawings were quite interesting, though she, herself could never tell what the drawing ment. But it surely did show he could hold a pencil, especially compared to Sasagawa Ryohei's, it just showed he could hold a pencil just a tiny bit better.

"Can I have a page where I stick random things?" He held up a pink piece of paper, written on it was...she didn't even want to read it.

"T-That is..."

"Okay, a corner?" He teared off a corner of it and grabbed a piece of tape, taping it on a random page on the sketchbook. "Hahah, it works! I'll use this page!"

"Tou-chan is..."


"Do you know the stories behind each piece?"
Kyo looked at the scraps interested in the shape, the color and specially thought about what it ment.

"Wari*, ask Take-chan."

"Haii~!" Kyo ran out the door, nearly tripping over his feet again. His footsteps were head as he ran down the stairs, constantly yelling, "TOU-CHANN!!"



Words: 422 (Oh crap I totally went over xD;;)

| ►Memory Sketchbook Contest Entry◂ | ☁ Yamamoto Takeshi ☁ | 4 | Send Everyday With A Smile |

⋆ Send Everyday With A Smile ⋆

"Kaa-chan! Tou-chan's not home..."

She could clearly ear the disappointment in her son's voice. The way he slowly walked into his parent's room, shoulders slumped and his glance on the floor. He didn't feel flinch or cry as he hit against the hard front board of the bed. Ame couldn't stand seeing her son like this, "Kyo...would you like to help your Kaa-chan draw something then?"

He barely looked up at his mother and gave a slow, barely noticeable nod, "Yes, Kaa-chan."

"Oh, my poor boy," Ame reached down and carried her young boy into her lap. He buried his head onto her shoulder. "It's okay...Tou-chan will come back, we go through it everyday, what's to worry?" She gently rubbed the back of his head, whispering soft comforting words.

"D-Demo...w-what if...he doesn't come home this time?"

"Why lose hope now when he always came home the years before," She felt his hands clutch onto her shirt as the tears finally stopped. "Your Tou-chan isn't much of an idiot to go out there and die with a family behind," She heard him give out a small laughter.

"There's my little boy's smile," She grinned and pulled him away from her shoulder. "Now shall we draw something for Tou-chan?"

Words: 207 ^^ Last one is the next one~! : D These are so easy to come up with xD.

| ►Memory Sketchbook Contest Entry◂ | ☁ Yamamoto Takeshi ☁ | 5 | A Special Drawing |

❦ A Special Drawing ❦

"Kaa-chan, look!"

Ame looked up to see the adorable drawing of their little family. Small little arms holding up a smaller figure. It was like any other seven year old's drawings.

"That's adorable, Kyo!" She gave him a grin and then went back to her own drawing.

"Kaa-chan, what are you drawing?" Kyo sat on his knees as he looked over at the sketchpad. His eyes followed Ame's quick pacing hand across the piece of paper. He watched how it started to look like a boy being cradled by an older woman (Probably his mother). When he heard no answer, (That and her hand stopped moving) he saw his mother peacefully sleeping. Her head leaning against her propped up knee, her hair against her face (It almost looked like it tickles!) and every single part of her body relaxed.

The seven year old boy smiled, taking the sketchpad and pencil out of her grip, placing it on the night stand. "Kaa-chan, Tou-chan said to stop sleeping like that," He gently woke her up and brought her down onto the bed. Her head snuggling close to the pillow as the bed sheets were pulled over her.


Takeshi came home, exhausted and hungry. He walked up the stairs, loosing his tie so he could actually breathe for once and walked into Ame and his room.

"Ah, your back, Take-chan~"

"You're awake pretty late, Ame,"
He stated walking over to the side of the bed and taking a seat right beside her. He watched her gently run her petite fingers through their young son's hair, softly whispering a sweet lullably.

"Kyo couldn't sleep," She replied softly, giving a small smile towards her son, his soft snore was rather comforting. "He really missed you today."

"Doesn't he always?" Takeshi let out a soft chuckle and leaned his head on Ame's shoulder.

"I got to say, this time was the worst," She reached over and handed him the sketchpad and piece of paper.


The pieces of paper were glaring at him when he saw what it held.

Tou-chan really loves Kaa-chan.
Kaa-chan really loves Tou-chan.
And they both really love me.
So what happens if Tou-chan's gone?
Will I still be loved just much as before?

The words sunk into him deeply as he looked down to the family drawing of them.


Words; 394 *Ehehe....*

**Extended Ending**

"I'll be sure to be spending more time with him~!"



He looked over to see her fallen asleep, her head against his shoulder. He couldn't help but smile and then look at his little boy.

"Tou-chan, didn't you say Kaa-chan shouldn't sleep like that?"

"....Take-chan...there is nothing wrong with sleeping like this."

" see..."



He had an explaination to doo~ (That or get beaten up by his child and wife :3)

{Twenty-Four Hours A Day Challenge} {One o' clock AM} -Dino-

Naomi gave a quiet yawn as she looked down at the little browned haired girl. Her little hand clutched tightly on Naomi's sleeve as she rubbed her eyes, "Mama..."

Naomi gave a sleepy smile at her daughter, "Are you thirsty, Miyui?"

The little girl nod. Naomi gave a long yawn and got up, picking the little girl up and began carrying her to her room.


“Yes?” Naomi crouched down and laid Miyui back on the bed, a cup of water was held to Miyui’s lips.

“Where’s Papa?” Miyui placed the cup on the ground and snuggled into her pillow.

“He’ll be home soon.” Naomi gave a reassuring smile. Hopefully…

Words: 110 owo

{Twenty-Four Hours A Day Challenge} {Two o' clock AM} -Dino-

It took quite awhile to get Miyui back to sleep. She stayed up for the following hour asking questions after her Papa.

Whom she hasn't seen for two years...

Naomi took a deep sigh and closed the door; Miyui was peacefully sleeping in the room with nothing to worry about.

So as Naomi was back in bed, hugging the stuffed duck tightly towards her chest, she couldn't help but let the tears slowly slide down her face.

She was lying to her own daughter about when her Papa would be coming back. The thought pained her.

She laid there for what seemed like hours. And was re-awoken by the door.

Words: 111 owo;;

{Twenty-Four Hours A Day Challenge} {Three o' clock AM} -Dino-

Naomi's opened eyes trailed across the darkened room to where the door quietly creaked opened. "D-Dino?" A quiet yawn quickly escaped her lips.

"A-Ah, N-Naomi...Shouldn't you be asleep...?" He's voice was like a warm caramel; right out of the oven. It melted into her ears, just almost luring her back to sleep.

He placed his warm hand against her cheek, her eye lids grew heavier. "D-Dino..."

"Get some sleep Naomi, we'll talk in the morning," She felt reassured he'd still be there the next morning. The bed getting heavier on one side and she felt herself being brought closer to someone. “Oyasumi, Naomi.”

“O-Oyasumi…” Her eye lids drifted closed.

Words: 109 : D

{Twenty-Four Hours A Day Challenge} {Four o' clock AM} -Yamamoto-

It became a habit; routine if you must say. To wake up at exactly Four o' clock AM, to see if he was still there.

Especially times when she felt sick, her hand would raise up and clutch the shirt in front. She'd smile to see he was still there, arms still protectively around her. But during times, those rare, rare times he wasn't there was when she felt the most afraid.

She stretched our her hand forward, just a little bit before she felt fabric against her finger tips.


She felt safe today.

"Something wrong?"

She shook her head and laid it against his shoulder, "Nothing, Takeshi~."

Words: 109 :3

Following is a Spoiler to that story kokochan made me make xD

{Twenty-Four Hours A Day Challenge} {Seven o' clock AM} -Giotto-

"Good morning, mia bella."

"G-Giotto..." Misa felt her face fluster as she slowly opened her eyes.

"I will be taking my leave, Mika."

She felt his palm against her cheek. It was comforting to feel such a warmth. To know he was there that morning, that day.

Her eyes slowly closed, she was tired and sleep was starting to take over.

It was a routine alright. Giotto would wake up a little before six and would quietly tell her he was leaving at exactly seven.

It let her know he was fine and that was all she needed.

"Good night, Giotto..."

A soft chuckle escaped his lips.

Words; 109

{Twenty-Four Hours A Day Challenge} {Eight o' clock AM} -Kida-

She glanced out the rather large window, seeing the familiar blond haired boy and a girl beside him.

Her eyes looked away quickly, she didn't deserve to feel such a thing. She didn't deserve to like such a guy.

She got amazing grades, she was the quiet one in class but always knew the right answer to a question, she wasn't much of a socialist and didn't have many friends. So why would they let her love such a guy? Why would anyone let her love such a guy?

She wished to be that girl, because...

because atleast that girl got what she never got.


Words: 106


Title format xD: (# here) {Theme here} {Anime/Manga/Group here} {Person/Animal here}

① {Time} {Pokemon Special Arc 1} {Red/Pika}

"Is Red and Pika here?" She asked quietly to the yellow haired girl.

"Ah, Red left already to Mt. Silver, sorry," She replied quietly.

"Ah, I see, it's okay! I'll catch him another time," The browned hair girl apologized and walked away.

"Pikaaa...?" Her little Pikachu snuggled against her leg.

"Yeah, their not home, maybe you can play with Pika another time," She sighed. “It sure has been awhile since we last came here…”

“Pika, pi!”
Pikachu agreed and ran up a nearby tree. “PIKAAA, PIII!”

His trainer chuckled, “I’m sure Pi-”


She laughed, “Time doesn't separate them atleast."

② {Cherry Blossoms} {Pokemon Special Arc 2} {Silver}

"Wow~! I never knew there were cherry blossom trees in Jhoto!" She looked around the park, she smiled in excitement. Watching the pink petals gently cascade from the trees as a breeze flew by.

Silver rolled his eyes and continued walking, occasionally looking at her.

"Their really pretty, don't you think, Silver?"

He looked at her and shrugged. Her hands were folded behind her back, looking up onto trees, unconsciously following him. “Their just trees,” He muttered. “You see them everywhere.”

“But…” Her footsteps stopped.

“Trees don’t have pink petals,” She smiled, holding out a small petal to him.


③ {Story} {Pokemon Special Arc 2} {Gold}

She held the book close as her head hit the pillow, softly. A quiet snore escaped her lips as the door quietly creaked open. A young boy came in. He chuckled quietly as he walked towards the sleeping figure.

"She sure does love that book," He smiled looking at the title, skillfully taking the book from her arms. And pulled the covers over her.


Everything was like a fairytale to her. A storybook where her life fit in perfectly. With her prince charming, her caring mother, and her lovable friends.

But, all stories had to end.

Why did hers end tragically?

**Extended Ending**

The black haired boy stared sadly at the picture frame, containing the girl he had tucked into bed just a few days ago. She was gone now.

"You okay?"

He looked over at the yellow haired girl, "I'm fine."

He just wished he could of been her prince charming; saving her from this fate. But he knew, fate couldn't be stopped.

④ {Rain} {Pokemon Special Arc 1} {Green}

Staring up as the gray clouds rolling across the sky. The light disappearing from the sky as a distance thunder was heard.

“You should go back home, it’s getting late,” Green said, looking up at the sky.

“It’s really pretty though~,” She smiled and looked up, as thunder lit the sky once again.

“You’re going to-” He looked her, laying on the grassy field, half asleep. He chuckled quietly and gently carried her on his back. Back to Virdian City, or rather, back to her home.

“Can I….visit tomorrow?”

He looked down sadly, “Maybe, if you’re feeling better.”

“….It’s rainning, Green~”

⑤ {Sword} {Pokemon Arc 2//Pokemon Jhoto} {Falkner}

She stood in fighting stand, breathing heavily as she lunged forward again. The moment the sword dug deep into the straw doll, her hands felt numb. Sweat rolled down her cheeks and deep breaths escaped her lips. And then she looked at her reflection against the sword.

How long ago was she given this sword?

How long ago did she practice with this very sword?

Long enough for her to never forget him.

He left to reach his dreams, while she stayed here to reach her own dreams. And wait.

This sword was their only connection.

This sword held them together.

**Extended Ending**

With a small huff, she charged towards the blue haired boy in front of her. She didn't want to hurt him, but she had too.

"Saya?!" He blocked her sword in a quick whip.

"I'm sorry."

⑥ {Iris} {Hey!Say!JUMP [BEST]} {Daiki}

Tucking in a loose strand of charcoal black hair behind her ear, she read the letter in front of her. Twirling the iris between her fingers.

First off,
Happy Birthday~! I hope your birthday ended up well-ly.
Sorry I couldn't be there to spend it with you. With work and all...
Another thing, remember when we were little? And you told me your favorite things?

She stared at the iris, “That was…so long ago…”

This iris will hopefully be your prized procession. Because…

She couldn’t read on and brought the iris to her nose. A sweet flora scent. She loved it.

➆ {Bamboo} {Hey!Say!JUMP [7]} {Yamada}



"Oiii, Yama-chann!"


“Yama-chan! Daijoubu da?”

Yamada shook his head a bit and looked at the girl in front of him, “Hai, I’m fine, Shiroku-chan.”

“No your not!” She stated, as she pressed her hand against his forehead. His face flushed, feeling the warmth of her hand. “You need to take care of yourself more, Yama-chan!” She tugged him towards the couch sitting him down.

“It’s fine, Shiroku-chan, it’s fine.” Yamada stated, feeling a headache form.

“Well, if it was, you wouldn’t be calling me Shiroku!” Shiroku laughed disappearing into the kitchen.

“Bamboo tea will help with the fever!”

➇ {Moon} {Hey!Say!JUMP [BEST]} {Yabu}


She got no response, glancing down, she saw he was sleeping.

"Eh? His sleeping already?" She chuckled quietly, running her fingers gently through his short hair. He groaned a bit, and shifted so he was barely on her lap. Smiling, she reached over to the TV remote and turned off the TV. Just sitting there, watching him sleep.

“Aren’t you tired?”

She jumped a bit at the sound of his voice. She looked down to see him looking at her, still quite tired. Looking at the clock, 11;24. She shook her head, “No.”

The moon being their only light available. ♥

**Extended Ending because that was just fail. XD**

"The moon sure is bright today, Yabu."

"It is."


He looked up to see the girl he loved asleep. With a soft smile, he got up and went to place her into bed. ♥

➈ {Shooting Star} {Shugo Chara!} {Kukai}

She held her hands, clasped together as she stood on her balcony. The quiet ocean waves were heard in front of her, as the wind blew gently. Swaying her hair to the side. She glanced at the dark, starry sky, she closed her eyes. Taking in a deep breath of the ocean sea.

Just as she opened her eyes, a shooting star passed. It was for a mere second, but she saw it. Closing her eyes again, she wished;

“Starlight, star bright, first shooting star…”

She felt faint, “I see tonight-”

The shooting stars sparkled across the sky as she fell.

**Extended ending since this was fail too xD**

She laid there on the balcony, her eye lids begining to drift down. The dullness in her eye never seemed to disappear; never showed any signs of light, as if she was...

Maybe this time; she'd finally leave things as it is.

Because he was out of her reach now.

①⓪ {Rice} {Katekyo Hitman Reborn!} {Basil}

{*I have ruined Basil's awesome thy,thou,thee -ness D: ...}

"Doth Neomi-dono want something to eat?"

Neomi looked up as Basil, tilting her head to the side a bit, "Ano..."

“Neomi-dono, Daijoubu?”

Neomi’s face flushed as she quickly nod, “H-Hai! Basil-kun!”


“I-I’ll have gohan, onegaishimasu!” Neomi, noticing how worried Basil looked at her as she shifted her brown eyes across the room.

“Hontou ni Daijoubu, Neomi-dono?” Basil tilted his head, brushing away a few strands of hair blocking her eyes.

“H-Hai!” She stuttered quickly. “I-I want g-gohan.”

“Wakarimasu, doth Neomi-dono want anything else?” Basil smiled.

Who knew asking for rice from the boy who made her smile was this hard. ♥

Ano - Umm...
Daijoubu - are you okay?
Hai - okay/yes
Gohan - rice
onegaishimasu - please ~
Hontou ni daijoubu - are you really okay?
Wakarimasu - i understand

Dang i used alot of japanese o_o

Side note; am I the only person who pronouces Basil as Bay sul? ;w; Cause i know the anime pronouces it Bah sul. ;_;

{Drabble OneShot} {Always There} {Pokemon} {Silver}
{151 words C: }

"Hey, Silver!"

"What do you want, wimp?" A slight a annoyance in his voice. Turning around to face the annoying, brown haired girl. Silver eyes, running with no help at al- He watched her trip, and fall to the ground.

"Iya...." She slowly sat up and felt a painful sting on her knee.

“Idiot, why didn’t you use your pokemon?” Silver muttered, walking over to her. He crouched down and examined the wound on her knee.

“I just…” She didn’t know what to say. “AH!” She cried as something was sprayed onto her wound. She gripped tightly on Silver’s arm, trying to contain the pain.

“Calm down, will you,” Silver wrapped around bandages on the wound. “There, done.”

“Thank you…” She whispered quietly.

“Can you stand?”

She carefully tried to stand, using Silver to keep balance.

“Yep!” She grinned.

Even though she was blind, Silver treated her normally. She loved that.

{Drabble OneShot} {Liar} {Pokemon Adventures} {Gold}
{151 Words}

"Quilava! How are you?" The Quilava cried in pain as a girl hugged it tightly. "Last I checked, you were a Cyndaquil at Professor Elm's lab!"

"Quil! Quil! Quilavaa!" Quilava cried.

"Orange, your going to kill Bakutarou!" Gold shouted, watching his poor pokemon suffer in pain.


Gold tried to find something to say for the black haired girl to let go of his pokemon.

“I’m just kidding,” She laughed and let go of Bakutarou. “But he sure has grown,” She smiled and gently rubbed his head.


“You trained him well, Gold.”

“Of course!” Gold grinned and crouched down next to Quilava and Orange.

“How have you been, Gold?” Orange yawned, chocolate brown eyes glanced over him.

He looked away, a light blush across his cheeks, “Good, trainings been a pain though.”

“Really?” She laughed. “Didn’t you always love to train?”

He chuckled, “As if.”

She leaned against him, “Liar.”

Desparately training to get personalitys right ;~; I will learn Dx

{Drabble OneShot} {I'm A Girl!} {Katekyo Hitman Reborn} {Lal}
{130 words}

"Hiyo, Rainnie!" Kinnie grinned as she sat next to her best buddy.

"Hey, Kinnie," Rainnie grinned.

"HI LAL!" Kinnie shouted as she noticed the familiar darkish like blue headed baby.

{Please note OOCness XD}

She looked up at Kinnie and muttered a quiet 'Hi.'

"How's my baby boiiiii <3!"


"Kinnie...Lal's a girl." Rainnie pointed out, noticing how Kinnie thought Lal was a boy…again.

"NOOOO! LAL'S A BOII!" Kinnie stated as she hugged Lal.


"Lal's a girl."






"God damnit, Kinnie. I'M. A. GIRL." Lal shouted, having enough of being thought of as a guy.

"...But you look like a guy D: ..." Kinnie held up Lal to make sure she indeed looked like a guy.

"I'm a girl." Lal repeated.

"...You're still my baby boiii, Lal.” Kinnie grinned.

Story behind this Drabble
Well, when I first saw Lal I thought she was a guy xD So I was talking to rainnie, stating how Lal will be my Baby boy ♥...til she ruined my mood and said Lal was a girl . xD

DxC Drabble #1
[Feat. My OC Cecii Kono + Arioka Daiki]
[owo She looks like Yey paint. ]

Thinking she'd be perfectly fine going to school alone,
Without him walking with her,
She got him to believe that,

But I guess that was her first
Letting him believe she’d be fine,

Not telling anyone was her second,
She kept what had been happening a secret,

Lying to him was her third,
It hurt her so much to even lie,
But she couldn’t tell,

Bruises and wounds hidden behind her sweater,
She just kept smiling at her mistakes,
And didn’t let anyone know a single thing,
“It’s nothing really, I’m just a bit clumsy,
Making mistakes after another.”

Word Count: 100 ~

...Can't be stopped~

Ee......that owo...failed. XD Oh well >o< #2 tomorrow? Or later tonight whenever XD

DxC Drabble #2

Can we pleaseeee, Arii-channn?” Cecii begged, again and again. She was straight on determined on getting that cotton candy!

Daiki sighed, “You’ve had enough…” He looked at the trash can that held all of the cotton candy bags, all empty by Cecii.

But it’ll make me really happpyyy!” She brought out again, putting out her best puppy dog face.

Daiki sighed, “One more. And that’s it.” How many times has he said that? Probably five times now. It was pretty amazing how much cotton candy this girl can eat.

Thank you, Dai-chan!” She ate her cotton candy happily.

Daiki smiled.

Word count: 100 xD

…can turn the whole situation around~

This made me all bubbly x3 >o<
I'll make this colorful tomorrow LOL. I'm having color codes problems today =w=
I'm having a drabble spree XD
Last one for tonight

DxC Drabble #3

~The Truth…


Why didn’t you tell me, Cecii?!” He was mad. Mad about how she never told him. How it was his fault that she was getting hurt.

I didn’t want to get you so worried…” She looked down at her feet. The little kittens there seemed more interesting then anything else.

I would’ve been worried either way! You’ve been acting so strange late…-” Daiki stopped and thought about it for a bit. “Why didn’t I notice sooner?

Cecii looked at him.

He pulled her into a tight hug, “Tell me the truth, about everything.

She nod, crying onto his chest.

Word count: 100 ~ XD

…usually makes things better~

I have noticed my weird pattern in only 3 drabbles LOL.

Negative Positive Negative. LOL. I should keep that up. XD


DxC Drabble #4


I’m dizzy….” Cecii wobbled off the roller coaster, trying to use Daiki to balance.

It wasn’t that loopy, Cecii,” He laughed and held her up as she tried to get her balance.

You lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!” She pouted as they stopped and sat on the bench outside. Hand in hand, her head on his shoulder, his on her head. Ah, such a picture perfect moment.

Ne…Ari-chan…why me?” She asked randomly.

Daiki thought about it for a few moments and then brought his face close to hers, “I love being with you.” He smiled at his corny response.

And then, he kissed her.

Word count: 100 ;D [Minus the xD]

…Makes the whole world crazy~

i really thinki should of saved this theme last owo.
I'll color code this later XD

DxC Drabble #5


The look in his eyes…the way he looked at her. The fear she had, for once, she was scared. “A-Ari-

Are you an idiot?!” He gripped tightly on her wrist. The pain and hatred in his eyes glared, deadly at her.

” She looked away from him, “Let me go…please…

He gripped her wrists harder.

Ari-chan!…” The tears cascaded down her cheeks, due to the pain he caused on her wrists, and how much hatred he had in his eyes.

He let go of her wrists and walked away.

” She called out, he stopped and turned.

I hate you!

Word Count: 100

…Is always there~

Yush, if you use love
you gotta use hate. XD

DxC Drabble #6


Cecii stared in disbelief at the crushed necklace pieces on the table. The necklace Daiki had given her! What was he going to say?

Ceciiiii~” He came walking into the kitchen. “Le-

Cecii looked up at him, scared.

He looked from the table to her expression, and then back to the table. “It can’t be helped,” He smiled whole heartily.

She felt butterflies flutter in her stomach.

Let’s go~! I’ll get you a new one on the way,” He grabbed her hand and led her to the door.

He wasn’t mad

Okay~!” She nod eagerly.

He wasn’t mad… thank god.

…It doesn’t last long~

still to lazy to color code XD One more drabble and this collection is done o;

DxC Drabble #7


Cecii opened her eyes, only to see herself in her bedroom. She blinked once, and then again. “A….?” She looked at the time. 4:48.

She sighed and laid back onto her pillow. “Two years…..” She ducked under the blankets.

She was going to go crazy with how long it has been. Two years since they broke up. Two years since they last saw each other. With only the memories to cling on to. “I really got to stop holding on…

She closed her eyes, attempting to go back to sleep.

I really need to stop dreaming about him,” She sighed.

…Deserve to be real~

This ends the {DaikixCecii] drabbles Cx. WOO I finally manage to finish something~! >o<
The next collection will be…I don’t know.

{Ryosuke x Sayaka}
Hashimoto Ryosuke ♥ Teehee
*Finished collection 1 [2/27/10] xD

*Collection Dos [2/28/10]

RxS Drabble #1


POCKY~! POCKY~! POCKY~! POCKYYYYYYYYYY~!” Sayaka hopped around the room, tripping over things and bumping into tables and chairs.

I shouldn’t have brought her pocky…” Ryosuke sighed, watching her have a total meltdown on the floor, rolling around squealing,

He just has to fall for his best friend. He sighed, “No more pocky for you.


He couldn’t help but laugh at her expression. “Your too hyper after ONE. ONE! Box of Pocky,” He sat up, letting her sit next to him.

Pocky…” She pouted, and then smiled.

…Brings the World to their knees~


Word count: 101 ♥

This collection shall be like ‘101’ challenge ^-^

*Furret: A POKEMON ;D

RxS Drabble #2


He held onto her hand while walking to school. Making her heart flutter. Holding hands, walking to school, it was as if they were a couple. Though, they weren’t officially going out.

If you keep day dreaming Sayaka, your going to fail school,” He would sometimes laugh, after she was called on and bombed the question asked.

He came over to help her study, knowing she’d be distracted a bit too easily.

Oh look! A kitty~!” She squealed and almost jumped out the window to see the kitty.

He just shook his head, and sighed.

She wished everyday was like this. ♥

Word count: 101

is heaven to her ~

>w< im so corny xD

RxS Drabble #3


She smiled, looking out the window, “It’s so pretty…” She sighed.

Why did he have to be busy today?” She looked up into the sky, watching a shooting star pass by.

They would be outside, watching the meteor shower. But, she guessed he was just too busy.

She stared off into the sky, leaning on her propped up arm. Slowly falling asleep.


A few rocks were thrown up to her window sill.


She blinked and looked over, to see Hasshi with a few rocks in his hand.

She smiled. Maybe they were going to see the stars. Yey. ♥

Just Brings Them Even Closer ♥~

Word Count: 101 ♥

RxS Drabble #4

~Factoring problems…

X…^ b x…plus c..? I DON’T GET IT, HASSHI~!” She cried, hitting her head on the desk. Damn math. Why did it have to be complicated?

Hasshi sighed, “X^2 + bx + c is a standard form for factoring.” How many times did he say that?

But if you fit it in a normal problem, THERES NO X, B, OR C!” She defended, lifting her head up.

Hasshi sighed, and started writing on the chalk board. “X^2 + bx + c. Also the same as 1x^2+4x+5,” He stated.


You get it?” Hoping he wouldn’t have to explain it again.


Word Count: 101 ♥

Brings them closer as they learn more ♥~

I can’t believe I brought math into here. LOL

RxS Drabble #5


Hasshi…?” She looked around the empty room. No light was sneaking into the room, the doors were closed. She couldn’t see anything.

Hasshi?” She shivered as steps were heard somewhere.

Hasshi, where are you?” She crouched down as the steps came into a run.

” Sayaka’s eyes snapped open to find herself in her bed.

Sweat rolled down her cheek, as she took deep breaths. Still shaking, she grabbed her phone. Her fingers fumbling over the number pad.

The soft ring was pressed against her ear.

Hello? Something wrong, Saya?

His voice calmed her.

I’m scared,” She cried.

…I’m coming over.

Word Count; 101

Scares Everyone~

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after love i was like "HATE!"
2 more drabbles and this collection is done >;D
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