For dual-booters: Do you prefer Windows or Linux

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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
I installed linux (ubuntu) about a year and a half ago. I wanted to do my online banking WITHOUT ANY FEAR. After 6 months of a learning curve (I have a very busy life!), I now prefer ubuntu. I use it 98% of the time at home. Of course, at work, it is windows, but that's the corporate world.

Which OS do you prefer? Why?

p.s. Sorry to those who multi-boot other OS's. I assumed Linux for obvious reason, however, if you have BSD, Solaris, etc. please speak up.

p.p.s I was using Windows for Crunchyroll until Flash 10 came out for AMD-64. Haven't looked back.
Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
hmmm I have always relied on windows for most of computing needs, I have used an off-shot of linux called ubuntu and I fairly liked the os okay but i still had some problems loading some of the problems that I like to use. I am still using windows xp service pack 3 for crying out load.
Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
I am currently using Vista. Such a hog.
Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
well I got windows. mostly use to that.
Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/27/10
I prefer windows~
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