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F / wouldnt YOU like...
Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10
OK we will introduce ourselves this way- by naming our chibi animal, looks, powers and so on!!

i will start (u fill this out w/ ur own stuff k?):
User: Violin_Ikuto_Violin
Name: Kimmy
Animal type: neko (means cat in japanese, for some unknown reason it means cat-person here.....)
Animal name: Tamika
Personality: Quick to get annoyed, sensitive to personal things, is rly cute at times, and happiest around her closest friends, and gets RLY pissed when her friends do something to make her mad
Pic(try to put a chibi one but not required):

Super Power: can call kitties to help her to fight when the odds r impossible (she has good fighting skills)
Enemies: inu (means dog in japanese, but once again somehow turns out to b dog people)
Allies: and cats, or ookami (it means wolf so i assume it means wolf person here...),kitsune (fox..u get the idea, fox person)

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