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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/4/10
*school ended*
Ken: It was boring..I wish to put a strong magnet in the school and create chaos..
Kyou: Magnets do not do anything chaostic..
Ken: I am beginning to doubt your intelligence..
Fenrir: How does magnet cause chaos?
Sef: Don't you know magnets repel water?
Ken: .I used magnet tridents and it caused a strong the skies*(skiess of the seas is the land? )
Sef: It's called uhh..
Seiryuu: Dimagnetism..
Ken: That's it.. Wanna try?
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/4/10
Minako: Okies, when i get home, i will study....
Ayame: Why? You never study! You get average grades all the time, it's not like your gonna fail!
Minako: Well, it's my first day in school, i just like starting with a perfect grade that's all....
Miki: Ohkay lets get going then.
Minako: Right! Let's goooo. * Starts swimming*
Ayame: Aww ohkay then... School was kinda fun, all we have to do is watch Minako
listen to Ms. Seaweed and all that junk.
Miki: Heh heh, i was drawing the whole time.. Wanna see it? * Opens up her sketchbook*
Minako: *turns head* Nice Miki! <3
Miki: Thanks.
----------------------------------------------------------At home--------------------------------------------------------
Ayame & Miki: OOHHHKAY, I'm going to bed.
Minako: Already?
Ayame & Miki: Yah. * swims to couch in living room*
Minako: Okay, see ya later. *swims to room*.......... ohkay, time to do homework.......
Later that day............
Minako: FINISHED!!
Lets skip to the evening..........
Minako,Ayame,& Miki: *Sleepinggg*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/5/10
Flora: Why must I enter this dumb school.....Its SOOOO not my style.
Rin: Then what is your style?
Flora: Sports like duh
Ran: Totally the same!
Flora: Your my chara duh
Arisa: Why are you always saying 'duh' all the time?
Flora: It show that I dont care duh -swims on my back to house carrying a Adidas Waterproof bag on her shoulder which she found during a visit to the Mainland- Lets visit the Mainland again!
Rin: Cool! -swims like Flora-
Ran: Im going!
Arisa: Cant go without me!
Flora: -swims to surface- Shugoi! The sun here is soooo kirei!
Arisa: Naturally!
Flora: Come on Guys!
Arisa: Ridyho! Tisenta Null!
-Flora change into human while chara has legs now-
Flora: Perfect! No skirt as usual Phew.....-goes for a walk on Mainland-
Rin: I love the Mainland!
Flora: -goes to a cafe- I would like a sandwhich and hot tea -im allergic to coffee-
Waiter: Ok it will be ready in 5 min ^^
Flora: Thx! ^^ -done eating- Im going to the mall!
-goes to mall- Wow! So much things to see!
__________________SKIP TO NIGHT__________________________________
Flora: Wow! I bought so many! Time to go back home!
Arisa: Tisenta Null -everyone change into mermaid again-
Rin: Well that was fun!
Ran: Yeah!
Flora: Well of course it was! The Waterland and Mainland are total opposites!
Narrator: unknown boy is spying on her....
Boy: Huh what was that?
Narrator: The narrator of course
Boy: -punches his head- Go away!
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/6/10
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Minako: Ahh, second day of school!
Ayame: Yep...
Miki: More drawings! YAH!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lets skip to school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Minako: Hm hmm hmmmm. * Swimming!! lol*
Ayame: TO CLASS!!
Miki: * Swim swim*
Minako: Let's go see Saki and Flora for a bit first!
Ayame: Ohkay then...
Miki: *Whisper Whisper* remember ayame, she doesnt need to study after the first day of
Ayame: Oh right....
Minako: Hi Saki! Hi Flora! Hey guys, my charas haven't met your charas yet. How about
they talk to each other now? ^-^
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/8/10 , edited 3/8/10
Saki: *head on the table, sleeping. Her laptop in her locker*
Rei: *shrugs* Whatever.
Rien: *bows* Sorry about that, she's not much of a talkative type.
Yin: Anyways, we forgot to introduce ourselves huh?
Yang: HEY~! My name is Yang~!!!
Yin: *twitches and puts something on Yang's mouth to cover it* I'm Yin, I know it's hard to believe but me and Yang are twins.
Rena: I'm Rena...*starts meditating*
Rien: Well, my name is Rien and this is Rei. *points to Rei, who was lying down, yawning and staring at the sleeping Saki as she looks pretty bored* Most of the time, you'll only get to talk to Yin, Rena and me. You can to talk to Yang...if you can stand her voice, though, occasionally, her voice isn't as loud as what you know today.
Yin: *notices the sleeping Saki* Maybe, we should talk a little softer and farther. Saki isn't feeling well today.
Yang: Wah~ Saki-chan's sick~!!!!!!!!!!!
Yin: *glares at Yang* Especially you.
Yang: *makes a fake zipping action*
Rena: *stop the meditation* She probably stayed up late last night with her laptop of hers.
Rien: She really needs to stop that habit of creating stories or something even worse might happen to her.
Yin: What're you're names? *referring to charas*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/10/10 , edited 3/11/10
Rin: Im not interested......
Arisa: Im going to the garden...
Ran: Same.....
Flora: Forgive myself and my chara's but WE must be going now....Alious Amigos.....
Rin: I really hate introducing myself
Flora: Not to talk about me!
Arisa: You guys dont like friends dont you?
Ran: Do you?
Flora , Rin: -looks at each other- Yeah whatever
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/12/10
Minako: This is Miki and this is-----
Ayame: AYAME! I'm very talkative and everything. Miki is like the complete opposite of me.
Miki: True.
Ayame: Now we could be best best best best best friends forever!!!!! Hey guys, wanna go to the playground?
Miki: Not too loud Ayame, not too loud.
Ayame: Oh right, Saki. Heh heh, sorry. *Gets a little softer*
Minako: Wow, Flora probably doesnt like to introduce herself does she?
Ayame: Anyway.. Let's go to the playground shall we? Yin, Yang, Rien, Rena, Rei, after you!
Miki: Hey Rena, do you like drawing? It's relaxing like meditating. You should draw with me while they play. *Gets out a
sheet of paper* Here ya go Rena.
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/12/10
Rena: *stops meditating and raises an eyebrow* Drawing? I haven't drawn anything before...if it concerns about arts, I only know kendo or any sword techniques as martial arts and wood carving. *gets the paper and starts drawing* Indeed, it is a bit relaxing..hmm..
Rien: That is certainly new...Rena trying to draw? At least, she'll be active other than her meditations. Anyways, nice to meet all of you.
Rei: *shrugs and starts sleeping*
Rien: Sorry, Rei doesn't do anything much but laze around.
Yin: Obviously *sweatdrops*
Yang: So what do you want to play~?????!!!!

Saki: *wakes up after awhile* Huh? Wha-? Where are my charas? Hmm...Must be wandering around. *stands up and goes to the locker room to get the laptop*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/12/10
-At the playground-
Minako: Wow, its empty today...
Miki: Hey Rena, let's go to the swing set and draw there! * Swims to the swing sets*
Ayame: Hey guys, lets play tag! IM IT! Heeehhee. * Chases after Yang*
Minako: Hmm, where's Saki?? Rei, do you know where she is? Wait....uh oh. She's still at that place.... Do you think
she's going to get mad at me for taking her charas without asking??
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
Rena: *nods and follows Miki*

Rei: *yawns and wakes up, hears what Minako said* She doesn't mind. She knows that we can find her anyways. *starts cloud-watching*
Rien: Yeah, she's right Minako. Saki is fine with it, don't worry.

Yang: *runs away from Ayame* I AM THE SPEED STAR OF ALL CHARAS! YOU CAN'T CATCH ME~!!!!! WEEEE~~!!!! *runs some more and drags Yin by the collar*
Yin: Let go of me you idiot~! I don't want to get involve in this.
Yang: *not listening*
Yin: *twitches and throws Yang to Ayame*
Yang: *lands on Ayame and becomes dizzy with her* Nngh....Cute little stars....One, Two..
Yin: *sits beside Rien*

Rien: Hey Yin, did you sense it for quite some time now?
Yin: Yeah *nods* A new sister...

Rena: *stares at her drawing of a cherry blossom tree* *whispers to herself: She'll be coming soon.*

Saki: *goes to the fields, where others are playing sports and the like, starts typing on her laptop once again* It's been awhile since I've blend in the noise. Maybe, I shouldn't have. Just as I thought, it's better being alone in the silence.
?????: Won't you even try to relax a little and have some excitement or fun even for awhile? You should try being outdoors in the crowd more often.
Saki: I assume, you are another chara.
?????: You're really smart you know, Saki.
Saki: So I've been told by my parents and teachers but, I doubt and wonder about that. It has been for awhile now that I've been thinking if what they're saying is true. I just study in advance that's all.
?????: That's what I'm talking about, you need to get out more. You're all work, work, work.
Saki: I'm just being myself.
?????: Are you sure, you didn't feel the longing of going out to play that?
Saki: *closes her laptop in a quick way* I'm going inside the classroom.
?????: You can't run away from the past you know? *an egg comes out from Saki, then it lands on her palm when Saki tried to reach to it*
Saki: You aren't hatching till I play huh?
?????: That's right.
Saki: I don't mind then. Just stay being an egg. *puts the egg in her pocket*
?????: You're stubbornness will be your downfall. *the egg's light slowly dims*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
Minako: Oh ohkay then Rei. ( I worried for nothing...)
Ayame: Heh heh, thanks Yin... GOTCHA YANG!! *taps Yang's head and starts swimming away* MUAHAHAHA!!!!
Miki: *Looks at Rena's drawing* Amazing! Where did you learn how to draw like that? Wow! .....Here's what I got so
far.*Shows Rena her drawing* They're called Blue Seaweed plants. They're very rare too. I found one before. I kept it inside my
other sketchbook wanna see it?
Minako: Hey guys, I'm still kinda worried about Saki, do you want to go back and see what she's up to?
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/15/10
Saki: *sits on her seat by the window, sighs and opens her laptop and starts typing away on her clam laptop but pauses for a minute* I can' don't want to fail...anyone again......Those expectations. It's too much. *shakes her head and types some more*
?????: *inside the pocket, turns black with an X.*
Saki: *stops typing* I...don't want to....Never again....*sees the tennis courts outside* Stop!!!! *breaks the window glass with the black energy and swims down to the tennis area*
?????: *releases more black energy* *wails*
Saki: I told you to stop playing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *destroys the tennis nets, goes to the basketball area*
?????: *wails* STOP!
Saki: *levitates the basketballs and volleyballs, hitting the others* No more ball!!!!!!! No more sports!!!!! It's useless!

Rei: An X-egg...
Rien: I hear something coming from the other side of the school.
Yin: *sees releases of mass of black energy from the sky* Rena, Yang, everyone. Let's go...I have a bad feeling about this and somehow, the egg seems so familiar.

Rena: Thanks, but we have to go. Show the other drawings some other time. Hey, Yin. That familiar egg is Saki's.
Yang: *runs to Rena* How can you be so sure it's Saki-chan's huh?!?!?!?!
Yin: Let's just hurry!
Yang: Demo~
Rei: *glares at Yang*
Yang: Hai, Hai.
Rien: *shakes head*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/16/10
Minako: Wait! We'll come too. * Swims after them*
Ayame: YAH, LET'S GO!!!!! *Swims after Minako and the others*
Miki: We don't want Saki in danger! Let's goooooo~ *Follows the charas and Minako*
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/17/10 , edited 3/17/10
*Arrives at the scene*

Rena: I thought so.
Yang: EH?!
Rei: She meant that the odd familiar feeling awhile ago was our unborn sister and Saki's negative feelings.
Yin: *shakes her head* Nevermind the explanations, we need to wake her up.
Rien: But if we get close to her, we'll become X-charas.
Yang: Wah~ *panics and swims around* What should we do? What should we do?!?!?!?!

?????: *hits others with dark energy tennis and basketball balls* Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saki: I don't want to be expected of something. I have my limits too....Please stop....*staring blankly at the air*
?????: *summons black baseball bats and starts chasing the charas*
Yin: Move it Yang. *drags Yang to run away from the bats*
Rena: *lets the souls hide her*
Rien: *runs away with Yin and Yang*
Rei: *camouflages somewhere and hides presence*
?????: Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saki: Expecting too much of me is really too much to ask for...............................
Yang: Mou~ Anybody, Somebody...HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *still being dragged by Yin*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/17/10 , edited 3/18/10
Minako: Saki!!! Yang, Rin, Rien, Yin, Rena, Rei!!! *huff huff*
Miki: Come on, we gotta save them!! Let's do it Minako!
Minako: Right, ( lets skip all the transforming and stuff.. lol) Chara Nari: Artistic Wizard!
Ayame: *Swims to Saki's charas.* I'll help guard them, Minako save Saki!!
Minako: *nods* HEY, STOP!! *attacks ?????* Artistic Slash!
Ayame: * Gathers around Saki's charas* Stay back guys!
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