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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/19/10
(Lolz, Rin is Flora's chara XD)

Saki: Get away....
?????: *summons a storm of dark balls* Don't want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rena: *uses souls to put up a little barrier around all the charas*
Yang: *puts a barrier around Minako*
Yin: I don't think the barriers will last so we must stop this quickly.
Rei: We don't have much of a choice anyways. *shrugs*
Rien: I wonder if Minako will be okay over there.
Rei: She can do it.
Rien: I hope so. After this, I also hope after this incident that Saki would be more open to us so we won't have problems like this.
Yin: Yeah, you're right.
Yang and Rena: *remains on concentration as the balls bounce off*

?????: It's useless!!!
Saki: *sighs* I'm sick of it already................
?????: *charges for a stronger storm*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/19/10
( Oh oops. XD)

Minako: SAKI!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ayame: MINAKO, be careful!!
Minako: Circle of Art! *Makes a circle with her staff around Saki* You can't step out now. Or else..... Please, Saki, Stop!

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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/20/10 , edited 3/21/10
Saki: No more! Stop it!
?????: *hatches from the X egg and becomes an X-chara*
Saki: *faints*
?????: Stop expecting me to do things that I may fail later! *releases more black energy but was stopped by the circle and stayed inside*
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
Minako: Ayame! * signals that she wants to chara nari with her*
Ayame: LET'S GO.
Minako: Chara Nari, Kawaii Bunny!! Ohkay let's get rid of the X-chara... Final Evolution! *Makes the field suuper shiny*
Miki: Careful guys! *Huddles in with Saki's charas*
Minako: Do you think the X-chara is back to regular again Ayame?
Ayame: Dunno. * Pops back out of Minako*
Minako: I think soooo...
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/23/10
?????: *the x was lifted*
Saki: *wakes up* What just happened? *notices the damages around* Did a storm pass or what? *raises an eyebrow*
Yang and Rena: *stops making the barrier*
Rei: You did all of this.
Rien: *glares at Rei* Rei!
Rei: What? She deserves the truth after all.
Saki: I see. *closes her eyes and sighs* Anyways, Yang?
Yang: Hai~?!
Saki: Let's repair all the damages. Oh and Everyone? Thanks. *looks away with a slight blush*
Yin: I wonder what happened to the chara?
?????: *hiding in Saki's pocket inside her own egg*
Saki: *charanaries with Yang* Chara Nari: Light Maiden! Healing Sanctuary~! *releases a mass of light from the ground and repairs everything* *after repair, stops the charanari* Sorry for the trouble.
Rien: So Saki, why did you have an X-chara?
Saki: Well..before...
Yin: What about your laptop? What are you typing in there?
Rei: Oi. Oi. One at a time.
Saki: Before, I was a tennis player. I was favored by my tennis coach, which gave a lot of pressure in me. I ignored it of course but, when I was at the peak of my success, I was beaten in the finals. My coach got disappointed in me because, I wasn't able to meet her expectations. My friends turned their back away from me and I was left alone. They expected too much and I wasn't able to take it so, I stopped playing. I left the tennis team. Eventually, I found myself playing basketball instead in order to forget tennis but, the same thing happened. I had let our team down. I never played any sports and I never went outdoors once again. I just amused myself in my laptop and typed anything that comes in my mind, my own thoughts.
Rena: I see and that chara is the one supposed to be born out of your like for tennis?
Saki: Yeah.
?????: *comes out from pocket* Saki...Can't you remember at all?
Saki: Remember what?
?????: Why did you play tennis at that time?
Saki: Huh....*remembers the fun times when she played tennis*
?????: Well..?
Saki: *closes eyes* I remember. The feel of the wind against my skin. The adrenaline when I faced each opponent with all I've got. I wanted to play tennis because, I love tennis. I enjoy tennis.
?????: That's why you've felt the longing for some time now. When you see other people playing it, you wanted to join them but, you were stubborn.
Rei: That's Saki alright.
Saki: Tennis...That's right, I love tennis too much to even forget it. No, I 've never forgotten it, I just closed my heart and buried it. Ignored the feeling of longing. To grip a racket, to follow the ball. My dream was to become the best tennis player and let others enjoy tennis as well. To let them know, how fun it is to play outside in the open.
?????: *hatches*
Finally...Nice to meet you, Saki. I'm Fleyr.
Saki: Another?
Fleyr: *goes to Minako and her charas* Thank you very much for helping me and Saki. ^^
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
Minako: Uhmmm your welcome guys~. *blushes*
Ayame: Wowwww, Fleyr, I like that name! *dazed*
Miki: Nice to meet you Fleyr, and no problem with the extra help.
Ayame: *out of daze* Oh, sorry. Nice work on the repair though Saki!! Hey what should we do know??
Minako: I'm glad you and Fleyr are back to normal now! heh heh.
Miki: It's getting a little dark out now. Maybe we should get home I guess, well see ya later guys. *swims away and takes out sketchbook*
Ayame: HEY, MIKI!!! WAIT!!
Minako: Ahh, sorry guys I have to go now. Bye!!
Since I have three charas maybe I could get the next chara in da story now. ^.^
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/25/10
Saki: *sighs and swims home with charas*

Next morning........(weekend; no school)

Rien: So what're we going to do today Saki?
Fleyr: We can play tennis...*recieves a glare from Rien*
Saki: It's okay...I...I want to play again.
Yang: Wah~! ME TOO! ME TOO!!!!!!
Yin: Shut up Yang. *punches Yang on the head*
Yang: Shutting up now. *makes a zipping movement on her mouth*

Everyone swims to the surface and turns mermaid tails into legs, goes to tennis area and practice by the walls.

Rena: Well, Rei, me and Yin will just stay at the sidelines.
Saki: Alright. *grabs her Silver Prince Racket and a tennis ball*
Fleyr: *summons her own black racket and tennis ball*
Rien: Then, let's have our own match Yang.
Yang: Mou~ *pouts* What about our rackets?
Fleyr: *summons two more racket, a white racket for Yang and purple racket for Rien and tennis balls* There you go.
Yang: Thank you~!
Rien: *starts the match with Yang*

Fleyr: *starts practicing by the wall with Saki* You got rusty over the years Saki.
Saki: I'm just getting started. *plays all-out with the wall*

Rena: *meditates*
Rei: *sleeps*
Yin: Hey, Rena.
Rena: Hm? *still meditating*
Yin: Do you really think Saki...
Rei: *wakes up* Yeah, you don't even have to ask her. Just look at the sight of her face. Her eyes.
Yin: *stares at Saki more closely* I guess. *shrugs and sleeps with Rei*
Rei: *goes back to sleep*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10
Flora: So you play tennis huh? -holding a tennis on shoulder-
Ran: And I suppose her chara's are players too eh? -also holding a tennis racket-
Arisa: Hey there's also a new chara with Saki
Flora: Huh..looks like Rans twin...eventhough she has one....
Hey Saki what happened to you yesterday??
Rin: And I guess her chara's name is Fleyr..huh what a stupid name..
Flora: Nevermind...I just finished having the international match with a foe from London...Quite hard but at least I I'm going to be in the guys want to come?
Rin: Totally not you by asking someone to watch your match....
Flora: So? Whatever Forever Dudet! Im just helping her getting back in the tennis world after what happened a few years ago....I may have forgotten to say this but.....I'm not sure you can remember but I was the one that beat you up in that tennis game..sorry for that also the basketball match remember? I was in the other team that also I helped beat up your team though Im sure you would not remember me because we were different schools back want to start over beteween us?
Arisa: You never told us before!!
Rin and Ran: Yeah!
Flora: Why should you guys need to know? Dont judge a book by its cover!
?????: -peeking through Flora's long hair- -says in head- My! they are good!
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
------------- At her house--------------
Minako: Hmmmm...... I promised to play a card game with her at a competition at school... Man, I'm probably gonna lose.
Ayame: No you're not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minako: Yah huh.
Ayame: Nuh uh!
Miki: Ohkay I'll get the cards and you can call her.
Minako: Okies. *Calls her old friend, Tohru* Tohru, hey I'm going to school now.
Tohru: Okay, lots of people are here for the competition, we're gonna start soon, you have to win!!
Minako: Ohkay I'll be there.
--------------At school-------------------
Minako: Ahh, there's Tohru. *Looks all worried and nervous*
Miki: *Follows Ayame*
Minako: *Sits on a water-swingset and sighs*
Ayame: *Swims back to Minako* What's wrong??
Miki: *Follows Ayame again,lol* Minako, are you okay?
Minako: I can't....... I can't do it...............
Ayame: Huh?? What do you mean?
Minako: I don't think I can win....
Ayame: You don't need to!! It's just for fun!
Minako: No.... Tohru.... She said that I have to win... She's serious..
Ayame: Hmm.... it does seem that she really wants to win for some reason....
Miki: Yah....
Minako: Go along guys.... You can go and play with Saki and Flora somewhere...
Ayame & Miki: HUH?!?! Are you out of your mind??
Minako: I'm fine, leave me.
Miki: Sure??
Minako: Yah.
Ayame: Ohkay, as long if she's happy with that.
Miki: Ohkay then..... *Swims away from Minako* I can sense Saki's charas. *Points in a direction*
Ayame: And i can sense Flora's charas. *Points in the same direction Ayame is pointing at*
Miki & Ayame: *Swims away from the seaschool and onto the surface*
Ayame: Hee hee, we're human!!
Miki: We sure are.
Ayame: Let's go. *Walks toward them.* There they are!! Playing tennis!!
Miki: Hey Ayame, I think we made a mistake.
Ayame: Mistake?
Miki: We shoudn't have left her.
Ayame: Nahh, she's ohkay I know it.
Miki: *Runs to Saki and Flora* Guys!! Down here!
Ayame: Heyy!!
Miki: Minako sent us here to play with you guys.
Ayame: Okay.. I'm starting to think something's wrong with her today....
-----------------------At school----------------------------------------------
Minako: I can't... I can't play...
*X-egg appears*
????: Well well, it seems that you are scared of playing. Come, Minako. * Leads her to the rear of the school, ( It's empty there.)*
Minako: *Follows*
????: Do you want the power?? The power to play?
Minako: Yes, I do. I want to win. For Tohru. So she won't be mad at me.
????: Then I shall hatch, and help you during the competition, deal??
Minako: Sure, as long as i win.
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/31/10 , edited 3/31/10
Flora: -almost stepped on Miki and Ayame-
Arisa: Flora!! You almost stepped on Miki and Ayame!!
Flora: Huh? Well now gotta go! See ya! -runs to beach and jumps in water and turns into a mermaid!-
Chara's: -do the same-
Rin: You really don't like people like Minako don't you?
Flora: Shut up -swims to school- Damn! I forgot volleyball practise today!
Ran: Better hurry!
Arisa: -sees Minako with X-egg behind the school- Hey isn't that Minako? With an X-egg??!!
Flora: Arisa!!
Chara-nari: Mystery Amulet!!
The egg looks like it's hatching!
Rin: Hurry!!
Flora: Chain Wrapper!! -chains of white metal chains attack the egg-
Ran: Alright! Chain Wrapper!! That would do the trick since it would chase the target everywhere and anywhere!!
Rin: Totally!!
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/31/10 , edited 4/1/10
????: *Swims suuuper fast* Come on Minako, *hatches from the damage of the chains* grab my handdd and then you'll get the power!! HURRY!!
Minako: * Follows* All right. * Reaches for ????'s hand slowly*
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/1/10
Saki: Chara Nari: Star Mirage! *summons a tennis racket and serves a glowing tennis ball between Minako's hand and the X-egg, making her back away* That was close. Don't you dare do the same mistake, Minako.
Rien: We arrived just on time.
Rei: Why must every human being have a weak heart. *rolls eyes*
Yin: We should just focus on the situation at hand.
Rena: *nods and surrounds the X-egg with her souls, creating barriers* Rest assured, the egg won't be moving for awhile. I stopped its black energy growth and is caught in a time distortion.
Yang: Time wha..? *confused*
Yin: *shakes head* Don't think too much. Your brain will explode...(mutters: if you have a brain that is..)
Saki: What is this all about Minako? *bounces another summoned glowing tennis ball*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/1/10
Flora: Glad your here....
Rin: Yeah were thinking of doing this alone didn't you?
Flora: Ice Tears! - summon isicle's to attack the x-egg in the speed of a bullet-
-eyes looking like a girl who lost her x-egg...dull- No time to fight Rin....-daydreaming while looking at the ground-
Arisa: -shows herself but does not undo charanari- That's right Rin! Gotta focus!
Ran: Go go Flora-chan! Go go FLORA-CHAN!!!!!!!
Rin: Dazzle Crush! -aiming at Ran- Your giving me a headache and I was almost deaf!
Ran: Kyaa! -runs away!-
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/2/10
( You know the egg is now an X-chara rite?? Haha)

Minako: Pleaseee I want the power~
????: I can't, I'm turning back to normal! AGHHHH~ *Gets hurt from the icicles and the tennis ball*
Minako: Man, what will I do now.....
Miki & Ayame: * finally caught up* MINAKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minako: Miki? Ayame??
????: ........ ( SHE'S NORMAL NOW. YAYY.LOL)
Minako: *Dazeeee*
????: Minako, it's me, I'm Nana, your 3rd chara.
Minako: * Turns to Nana* Huh?
Nana: I'm your third chara, thanks to your friends I am now back to normal.
Minako: *Turns to friends* What happened??
--------------This is what she looks like-------------------------------------

( Nobody knows why she's holding a pan....)
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/2/10
Flora: Not even an attack....What a weak one! I've faced stronger ones you know! -un-chara-nari-
Ran: This one's weak! But at least it's purified!
Flora: Purified just like that well whatever. Im off! -went to the human world again-
Chara's: -do the same-
Flora: -plays tennis again since she's entering the finals- Man! Why was I cought up into that stupid fight!
Ran: At least it's purified!
Rin: I'm sure Saki was able to handle it!
Arisa: Huh! I wouldn't count on that!
Chara's: -fighting about the fight just now-
Flora: -staring the sky and remembering the past of course eye's looking dull like a girl who had an x-egg-
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