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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/2/10
( Lol it was weak. XD)

Minako: I'm confused...
Nana: Don't worry. Lets get to know each other.
Minako: Uhmm ohkay..
Nana: I'm the chara that likes to play with cards. I was born when you had the nervous feeling and I became an x-egg. Thanks to your
friends, I'm now back to normal!
Minako: I get it.... I think... Oh, I forgot, I have to go back to that contest..
Nana: Don't worry, you don't have to win everything!! Me and your other charas can always support you!
Minako: Oh, I guess I should go then!
Ayame: Man Nana, you were soo weak in that fight. I bet I would've been a stronger x-egg if I was one!
Miki: Uhmm, Ayame? That was mean to say...

Ayame & Nana are fighting....

Miki: Anyways, lets go.
Minako: Right. *Swims back to the front of the school*

--------------------------After the Match-------------------------------------------------
Nana: It's okay if you lost...
Minako: Yah, I guess I should never give up and practice on my card skills..
Nana: Uh-huh.
------------------------------In the Evening---------------------------------------
Minako: Time to get to bed.. Man I'm sleepy..
Nana: Ohkay goodnight Minako! *Makes bed out of tissues*
Minako: Goodnight.
Miki: Good night everybody.. *Falls asleep on Minako's couch*
Minako: Goodnight.
Ayame: I'm not tired Minako!!
Minako: Well, you better go to sleep, tomorrow might be an even more tiring day.. *Falls asleep*
Ayame: Alright, alright. *Sleeps under Minako's computer*
-------------------------The Next Day----------------------------------------------
Minako: *Gets up* Hmmm I wonder what we're gonna do today..

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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/3/10 , edited 4/3/10
Flora: Urgh! I'm feeling kinda nervous today!
Rin: You? Nervous? Your bluffing!
????: No she meant it!
Ran: Huh? Who was that?!
Arisa: Beat's me!
????: Please do not burden your self thinking about me!
Rin: There it was again! Flora did you hea- -turns around-
Arisa: Hey?! Where is she??!!
Ran: She dissapeared along with the voice!
Rin: I sense something guys!
Chara's: Batsu Tama!!

In a thick 'seaweed' forest..........
Flora: No! I shouldn't have join that contest! I don't have a chance to win!
????: -egg which was black with musical notes scattered on it slowly having an X on it-
Flora: It's imposible! Impossible!! Impossible!
????: -hatches in to X-chara!-
Flora: -eyes dull and fell to the ground or should I say float slowly to the ground since she's in water?-
????: Vocal Disaster!!! -vocals destroying the school-

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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 4/3/10 , edited 4/3/10
-----------It's a school day, I guess...---------------------
At school in the classroom

Minako: *Drops clam-pencil* Guys, do you hear something??
Miki: X-CHARA!!
Ayame: Yah I definitely sense that.
Nana: We should go then.
Minako: *Gets up* Ms. Seaweed! Can I be excused?
Ms. Seaweed: *Looks up from her book* Yeah, sure whatever. *Keeps on reading*
Minako: Let's go!
Ayame: OVER THERE!! *Points to seaweed forest*
--------At the Forest-------------------------------------------
Nana: Minako!
Minako: *Nods* Chara Nari, Cardblade Master!
*Swims super fast to X-Chara and Flora*
Ayame&Miki: *Follows*
Minako: Flora!! Gotta help her! Glowing Mix! (Puts her two "cardblades" into one and makes a very powerful attack) *Aims at X-Chara*

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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/3/10 , edited 4/4/10
- At school; Morning -

Saki: I wonder something interesting will happen today. *still going to school, late*
Fleyr: We should continue practicing soon. There's a tournament coming up.
Saki: I don't know, I might be rough around the edges for not playing for who knows how many years.
Rena: *notices a light coming from the back of the school* Saki...Batsu Tama..
Rei: Who is it this time..?
Yin: We should just hurry.
Saki: *nods and charanaris with Rei* Chara Nari: Card Mistress! *jumps to the rooftop and to the back of the school with charas on shoulders*
Rien: Isn't that...?
Yang: Wai~ Another lost child?!
Rena: It's Flora's
Saki: Trump Card! *throws at the X-chara then detonates like a bomb* Rei(speaking through Saki): Another weak heart...
Rien: I...I can feel it....A Melancholic Melody...The music...It seems to be crying..
Fleyr: Yang, I think you should chara nari with Saki to calm the egg.
Yang: Yatta! *exchanges with Rei*

Saki: Chara Nari: Light Maiden! Calming Winds! *the bell on the staff gathers winds and releases it towards the X-egg, making stop its rage, therefore, stopping the movements*
Yin: Don't let your guard down. Purify it now!

Saki: Right! Enlightening Bell! *bell produces white rings of light energy and wraps around the x-egg* Will of Judgement! *blinds everyone with the light from the staff and purifies the X-egg*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/4/10
Egg: -suddenly vanishes-
Arisa: The egg dissapeared!
Rin: Saki! You destroyed the egg!
Ran: But it vanished kinda weird like it was a computer programe or something...
Arisa: Yeah! But now how is Flora gonna wake up??!! Waaa! What are gonna happen to us?!
Rin: Now that you said it.......WERE GONNA DIE!!!!
Flora: Nurri,Nurri,Nurri!!! (Impossible)
X-chara: Sound of Blackhole!! -a black hole appearead behind you trying to suck all of you guys...muahahaha!!-
Everyone: Kyaaaa!! -holding on seaweed-
Flora: -magically a black power source took Flora and took her to a teleport door which was already prepared by the X-chara taking her someplace nobody knows.....- Nurri.... -those were her last words before dissapearing into the door with the X-chara and magically again the door dissapears along with the black hole-
Arisa: -looking worried- Doshio....(What are we gonna do?)
Rin: Nani?!!??!!
Ran: The strongest we ever faced....-mouth hanging wide open-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/4/10 , edited 4/5/10
Saki: Is that right? If you want gatekeepers like that....Rena might be able to open up the door to Flora...*charanaris with Rena* Chara Nari Soul Stealer! Summon Soul: Realm Reaper! *a blue soul appears and puts the soul inside Saki's body, the sword turned into scythe* I'll open a gateway to where Flora was taken but, you have to concentrate the objective and that is to find Flora so that, the hole that I'll be opening will lead to her, once we go inside.

Fleyr: We better hold tight then.
Rei: I'm going back to my egg. *goes back inside and the egg hides inside Saki's pocket*
Rien: Wait! Me too. *does the same and all Saki's charas follows what they did except Rena*
Yin(from inside the egg): This will be a long trip.
Yang: *sleeps because she was bored*

Saki: Now let's go...Don't think of anything else alright? We might get lost. *goes inside the gate hole*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/6/10 , edited 4/6/10
Note: They are not in their eggs.....
Arisa: Flora......
Rin: We all are worried about her you know....
Ran: Just concetrate on her....

Where Flora is.....

Vineyard: Good my X-chara.....You did the right thing.....
X-lis: Thank you master....but please call me X-lis...

Vineyard: When will she ever wake up...
X-lis: She's gaining consious.....-sits on Vineyard's shoulder-
Flora: -lying on the floor in front of the chair Vineyard is sitting and gaining consious- Where am I?
Vineyard: Hello there sweetie......
Flora: -eyes in spark- WHO YOURE CALLING SWEETIE YOU -BEEP - BEEP- !! -charges to Vineyard-
-some x-chara;s stopped her- What the...?!
Vineyard: -chuckles- My my she is a fiesty one isn't she X-lis?
X-lis: Yup she is...
Flora: Isn't that?
Vineyard: Yup it is your chara.....or should I say x-chara....please let me introduce myself....I am Vineyard...I am able to control X-eggs or X-chara's to make them do what ever I want...
Flora: What ever you want?....That -looks at the floor- must be nice....
Vineyard: You want to be a singer don't you? but you lost self confidence in a contest all because of a sore throat...
Flora: -looks at him with watery eyes...- H-how did you know that?
Vineyard: I have been waiting for you my dear.....-steps down the steps from his chair to Flora and X-chara's move away- Drink this potion and you will become who you want to be...
Flora: Who I want to be? -looks at X-lis who nods a little- -drinks the potion..-
Vineyard: Now sing a little....
Flora: -sings her favourite song- My sounds better again!
X-lis: See?
Vineyard: I'm sure she see's it now....but you must help me...
Flora: Help you what? -sings a little again but this time her voice didn't sound as good- What happened?!
Vineyard: That potion is only for temporary purposes....if you want your true voice back you have to help me no matter what...
Flora: Ok...
Vineyard: Now....-sucks her soul into a small bottle and changed it into a necklace- If this pendant ever'll know what will happen.....
Flora: -eyes dull again but didn't faint- Of course master...
X-lis: -sit's on Flora's shoulder- -smiles a little-
Vineyard: -looks at his crystal ball and saw Saki and Minako coming here- X-chara's move!!
X-charas: -goes inside the crystal ball which was also a teleporter which teleported them to Saki and Minako-
Vineyard: Come....-opens a teleport door taking them to somewhere else- The x-chara's will slow them down...
Flora: Ok...-goes inside same for Vineyard-

In that Realm Reaper door......

X-chara's: Destroy!!!
X-Singer: Singer Souls! -souls of dead singers came from another door and attacks Saki and Minako-
(Other chara's attack too but I'm too lazy to write it down but here are the attacks that the chara's used)

Sharp Wrapper! -a black cloth ties you up and slowly cutting you guys as they are sharp-
Crazy Kicks! -some chara's try to kick you guys (lolz)-
Attack of X-eggs!! - x-eggs attack you guys with X-egg energy and eggs try to hit you like in the episode where Yamato Maihime was born....-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/8/10
Saki: Souls..? Is that right?

Summon Soul: Soul Guardian *another blue soul appears*
Soul Entity Unification! *souls of the Realm Reaper and Soul Guardian unites inside Saki's body and the scythe became a sword once more, releasing all from the black cloth due to blue fire coming out from her body*

Rei: Tch. So reckless.
Fleyr: That's taking a toll on her body.
Yang: Don't worry, I'll just replenish her later~! Now let's focus for a barrier...*makes a barrier around everyone*
Rien: Easy for you to say...*summons some chains to hold the charas trying to kick*
Yin: Let's just leave it to Saki okay?

Soul Catcher! *captures the souls of the dead singers with something that looks like a dream catcher*
Gate of Destiny! *sword makes a circular shape in the air and a gate appears sucking the souls from the Soul catcher then disappears*

Saki: *gasps for air* We've got to get a move on. *sword turns into scythe and opens another realm where Flora and Vineyard are*
Yang: But, I need to-
Saki: Now! *goes inside with the others*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
Flora: They managed to get away....
X-lis: We must stop them....
Vineyard: Don't worry about them.....the girl is running out of energy...when she's out of energy all of them will stop at where they are managed to go....
Flora: Are you sure?....
Vineyard: I can predict the future...and my predictions are never wrong! Now's almost for the concert....-looks through backstage curtains- It's gonna be quite a show....with this many people...those worthless humans....but they're hearts egg is gonna help me to release the Queen
Flora: Chara-nari: Black Musix! -steps out from the curtains-
Crowd: Hey! That's the new singer! I think her name was......Magna!
Magna(Flora): Is that what you wish for?
A life of sadness.....
Everybody keeps pushing you around
And ne.ver cared about you....
All you ever wanted was love-(4x)
You can't chase your dreams.....
You lost all your hopes in win.ning
You started to be alone while everybody else keeps
Moving away!!

Crowd: -hearts eggs are coming out and turned into X-eggs-
Magna(Flora): -stops singing- -uncharanaries-
Vineyard: Good my beautiful singing princess....good good...even the instuments player's were knocked out.....
X-lis: That was quite a song back there....full of sadness...I think only you can sing that song so sad to extrack X-eggs
Flora: Thanks but what are we going to do with these heart eggs
Vineyard: Were going to need their energy to free The Queen....
Flora: The queen...?
X-lis: Yes The Queen...She's the ruler of all X-eggs and chara's.....she lives through sucking X-energy into her body...until.....your great great grandmother Sealed her....somewhere only Vineyard knows.....the only way to unseal her is by you!
Flora: Me?!
X-lis: Yes...the power to unseal her run's through you have to mix 3 most important ingredients....1st is your blood 2nd is x-egg energy 3rd is the Fuchsia Berry....the most rarest item in the whole universe!! but Vineyard was able to find it 100 years ago....only he had one problem....the only way to take the Fuchsia Berry is the hands of The White Queens blood....and you are the one! That's why Vineyard chose you!
Flora: Now I understand......
VIneyard: Come...-opens another door- To another country...
Flora: Ok....
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/9/10
Saki: *steps out with the others* Ugh...What is this? The atmosphere is full of negative feelings..It feels so heavy.
Yang: I told you to wait~! I need to-
Saki: C'mon, let's hurry up. We've got so little time left and we need to get back those X-eggs. *notices the unconscious people then, cuts and opens another hole to where Vineyard and Flora are*

Rien: *summons chains and held back Saki's arm* Listen to Yang would you!
Yin: Do it Yang.
Yang: *forces chara nari with Saki*
Rena: *un-charanaris and takes care of the souls summoned before*
Saki: Chara Nari: Light Maiden! Sanctuary of Chastity! *replenishes energy and strength to everyone and herself then Yang un-charanaris*
Yang: Okay, we can go.
Saki: Look, I know you're worried and all for my health but, please don't do that again. We're in a hurry. *nods at Rena*
Fleyr: Oh stop being stubborn Saki, we only wanted to help.
Saki: Every second is important and we've wasted enough.
Rei: I agree to that but, not to the point of recklessness.
Rena: Let's just end the argument here and Chara Nari, Saki.
Saki: *charanaris with Rena* Chara Nari: Soul Stealer! Soul Entity Unification! *gets the two souls awhile ago and put them inside the body* Realm Reaper Mode *sword becomes a scythe and opens the hole awhile ago* Let's go.

Fleyr: Where are we?
Saki: We're another country...
Rien: A concert?
Yin: Hey, look over there.
Saki: It's Flora singing...Those X-eggs...
Rei: So that's why we were in a stadium with unconscious before.
Yang: Wah~ She's doing the same thing to those people!
Saki: We should stop her then. *sits on the Scythe* Grab on tight. *charas hold onto Saki* We're going to make our own show today. Minako, just follow us over there alright? We're going ahead. *flies onto the stage on her scythe*

Saki: Rei, use a mini card explosion.
Rei: *nods and throws a small card on stage and explodes* Mini Trump Card.
Saki: *lands on stage* Vineyard, whatever you are planning, I will stop you no matter what. Yang.
Yang: Hai! *makes a light barrier around the people*
Yin: I'll help. *makes illusions inside the barrier to deceive the people and not make them panic*
Fleyr: I'll stand guard with Rei then.
Rien: *summons chains and captures Vineyard's limbs*
Saki: I'll take care of you first. Gate of the Apocalypse! *the scythe turns into a sword and makes a circular motion which summoned a circular gate and sucks Vineyard inside then the gate disappears along with Vineyard* *gasps for air* That took a toll on my body. The good thing is he won't be back anytime soon. The Gate of Apocalypse is nothingness, end of all. Even if he tries teleportation, the result will be the same, he will still end up in that place, a place of no return.
Rien: *sighs* Without Vineyard, What are you going to do Flora?
Fleyr: Please let us help you.
Rei: *nods* Everyone loses to themselves Flora, but you have to learn and understand to never give up at things you love to do. Stand up and fight life. Saki learned that and that's why Fleyr is here with us now.
Rien: *summons chains and releases all the X-eggs while Flora was off guard*
Saki: Soul Guardian Mode. Souls of Rebirth! *clean souls appeared and surrounds X-lis and the other X-eggs, releasing light energy and purifying them*
Yang: *looks at Saki with worry*
Saki: *finishes* Well, glad that's over..*becomes unconscious and un-charanaris*
Yin: Saki!
Yang: Saki-chan!
Fleyr: See Flora, you shouldn't have made her worry so much. Even though you think nothing of her but a mere acquaintance, she thinks of you as a friend. She's just aloof on the outside.
Rei: I told her to not be reckless. *shakes head*
Rena: *makes the souls return to their world* She's stubborn.
Rien: We all know that.
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/10/10
Sorry I haven't been doing this in a while.... >.< SOOO SOOO SORRY. Man i missed a lot though. Since I missed alot, let's pretend that Minako's been helping. lol.Anyways:

Minako: SAKI!! *Drops down to Saki*
Miki: I feel something.... I think I just learned another new technique.. Somehow from all of this trouble..
Minako: Ayame. Quiet.
Ayame: Gomen~
Miki: It's a healing technique. It only works on one person. It uses up most up my power too. Want me to use it on Saki?
Minako: Yes, please Miki! *Chara naris with Miki and does healing technique* Special Cure! *Un-charanaris with Miki*
Minako and her charas: Saki?
Minako: Are you okay?
Ayame: We have to get going! Hurry!
Miki: Don't push her.
Ayame: Oh right.
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/27/10
Flora: Urgh.......-holds head- My head hurts.....Huh? Where am I? -notices Saki and Minako- Saki!!!! Minako what happened??!!-runs to her but got blocked by a source of power- What the?!
Arisa: Flora!!
Rin: Something's blocking her! -flies to her but when she was close to her she was electrified- Ooohh pretty starz....I love straz...-hair like a porcupine-
Ran: It's an Electric Shield!
Arisa: Kuso!
Flora: -notices X-lis who wasn't purified- No! -the pendant that she wearing was releasing x-energy- Huh?! -brain washed again; takes a step backward from the shield-
X-eggs: -forming into one shaped and changed their looks into Vineyard-
Vineyard(clone):No..It's not over yet!Don't think defeating me is that easy.....unless the bottle shaped pendant she's wearing is opened but not breaked, she will always remain under my power! In case your wondering.....that wasn't the real me. That was a bunch of x-egg's! Hah! Look's like your not strong enough to defeat me! You guy's might need to find more allies!The x-egg's can't be purified unless you destroy The Queen... Well see ya! -Vineyard changes into x-eggs again and tried to attack you guys but was stopped by Flora-
Vineyard(Voice): You wont be able to find me! I've created dozens of clone's to form shapes of me,Flora and Lis here....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Flora: Stop! Just leave them be.....they're useless...they're too weak now...attack them only when they have energy! Attacking weakling's just show's your weakness! And I don't want to become like that!
X-lis: -flies to Flora's- Weaklings are losers! Come on let's go!
Flora: -chara-naries- Black Musix! -flies to the sky and into a vortex...dissapearing along with all of the x-eggs-

Another Country

Vineyard(clone): Come.....we must gather more x-eggs
Flora(clone): Ok.......Come Lis....
X-Lis(clone): -nods-
Flora(clone): Chara-nari: Black Musix! -sings the song from before-
Vineyard(clone): -in head- Now lets see how many x-eggs you can extract this time.....
People1: This's kinda painful.....-eyes slowly becoming dull ; an egg come out-
Crowd: -x-eggs came out-
?????(human): -passes trrough the crowd- This music.....urgh.....I think I've heard it before -cover ears-
?????(chara): Me too...urgh....-cover's ears- Come on! Let's stop this music!
?????(human): -nods- Chara-nari: Tuxedo Mask!

Stop it! -jumps onto stage- -in head- You seem familiar........but where have I met you? -stares at her-
Flora(clone): -stares at him ; her eyes are kinda shiny- You! Vocal Disaster!
?????(human): -dodges-
Vineyard(clone): No way! Its him! Flora We have to go!
Flora(clone): Ok! -flies into a vortex ; x-eggs and Vineyard(clone) follow-
?????(human): Flora.......that name.....but where?

@Saki and Minako: You guys can use my chara's to attack or talk or chara-nari with ^^ I think this thing is getting dramatic.....just like the Holy Grail Tournament =.="" +.+'''....
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 5/22/10
everybody had writers block eih?
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/23/10
Yep...^^' I can't think much of what'll happen next...sorry. I'm also busy with other fanfics...^^'
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 5/25/10 , edited 5/25/10
Hahahah! Ok ok! Well maybe here some ideas.....first all of you lost hope and went back to normal lives until you met that guy that I had mentioned and he told well maybe someting about my location or wat Im after and going to since he's also looking for the same thing The Fuchsia Berry. ^^ And you all tried to locate me and Vineyard Oh and any character that I create like that guy and his chara : you can name those 2 and also control him...also my chara's ^^ and use their powers too! Hope that will like solve that writers block virus!
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