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The great one (Mhuaha)
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24 / F / My own little dre...
Posted 6/21/12 , edited 6/21/12
Name: Furrlen
Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Age: (Human Age) 20
Birthday: -
Race: Cat
Personality: He's a wise but playful cat. He knows a lot of things about his surroundings and is an excellent guide to have, since he can usually find hidden paths and such. He likes misleading people and having some fun with them though. There are but a few people he'd trust his life with. He's very suspicious of most people and won't easily help you with anything unless you can convince him. He loves playing the poor stray, asking people for free food and such by purring and stroking his head against their legs. He's a tricky but lovable beast.
Appearance: He's a typical cat, unless he acts like a human being (see spoiler). He has two different colors of eyes, one being orange/brown and one being light green.

Special items: None
Special skills: His super cute looks, which usually makes him end up with lots of yummy food. He can also speak the human language, but usually chooses to send people messages through their minds. He's training that, trying to get that to work from longer distances. He can also stand on two feet like a human, but has trouble picking things up with his paws.
Weapon: Again, his super cute looks. Oh, and of course his claws, teeth and tail.
Bio: Furrlen was born together with his two sisters and brother, he was the youngest of the all. They lived in an old house with an old man, who really loved all of them. But Furrlen's sisters and brother would never let Furrlen jump on the couch to lie with their master, they'd never let him join. He'd always just lie on the ground or on a chair as his older siblings would play around the house or get attention from their master. His mother didn't like him as much as her other children, since he was the weakest. But about a year after they were born, their mother died when she had went outside and had gotten attacked by a boar in the forest. Their master was heartbroken, as he had always loved their mother the most. He became ill, and they couldn't do anything about it, no matter how hard they tried to make him smile again. Eventually, he died, leaving the four siblings behind. Furrlen told them they had to go to the most nearby town to get food and water, but his older siblings did not listen. They stayed in the house, telling him they'd survive even without the help of humans they didn't know. Furrlen kept trying, but eventually his older brother attacked him and chased him out of the house, yelling they didn't want him here because he was using up their food. Furrlen ran in fear, knowing he could never beat his strong, older brother. He strayed in the forest for days, trying to find food, but finding almost none. Eventually, he didn't have the strength to go on anymore and fell down on the ground. It was then a strange man came to him and picked him up in his arms. He told Furrlen his sisters and brother had died but that he'd bring Furrlen to safity. He told him he had been much stronger as anyone else and that he would be gifted with something special, that only the strongest of cats will ever receive. Furrlen was brought to a little shack on a farm and was laid in the straw that was there. He got some food to eat and a bowl of water to drink and fell asleep while the man was stroking his fur. The next day, when he woke up, he found himself strong again. He went out of the shack on the farm, and went to a man he saw working in a field. He wanted to thank him and wanted to meow, but instead he talked as a real human. The poor, unknowing and surprised farmer screamed for his wife, who came running with a broom to chase Furrlen away, who ran away as fast as he could.
After that, he found himself in a small town. Too scared to do anything, he just lay in the shadows on the corner of an old, almost abandoned street, until a little girl came up to him. She smiled kindly and told him he had beautiful eyes, with two different colors. Which surprised Furrlen, because his eyes used to be only light green colored. The girl brought him food and water for the next couple of days, until Furrlen decided to try and get some food himself. He meowed and purred and got food from the kind villagers. He's stayed in that village from then on.
Anything else: -
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24 / F / College Station, TX
Posted 6/30/12 , edited 6/30/12

Name: Izzi kushiko
Nickname: Iz,
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday: unknown
Race: she’s a forest sprite,
Personality: cheery, bubbly, innocent but sexual, curious, helpful, spunky, loud, acts bipolar, has killer inside of her, loves to be controlled, and is always excited.
Special items: she carries candy, pocky, knifes and a charm necklace that if it is ever taken off she’s a bad ass killer
Special skills: she uses nature and magic, able to control all 4 elements, she can transform into any animal and travel to the past but can not change it,
Weapon: her weapon is a vine whip, and a knife made out of wood, her charm necklace keeps her sane
Bio: she burned down her whole village on accident when she was 5, her mother and her father locked her up in a cave and chained her to the wall, at the age of 9 she escaped and learned how the world has changed and became acquainted with a human forest, after escape. she has been alive for more than she knows, she tries to go back and understand her past but she doesn’t remember that she did kill her own parents, which is why she goes back to the past. When she turned 11 a man caught her, and asked for her service, she agreed, and accepted him as her Master. For the sake of his protection she learned and transformed into a woman. She became used to human society, and average people, but she never forgot who she was. Her master controlled her killing sprees and calmed her down, he was killed when she turned 17, his father shot him for sleeping with his mother, his last words to izzi were “take this charm and remember how much I love you and I free you from duty.” So now at the age of 17 she wonders around human society, and the forest, in search for something that will help her understand, her past. Her past she killed her family, she is the last of her kind, she doesn’t know why or what happened, just flashbacks
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M / Hawaii
Posted 6/30/12 , edited 6/30/12
Name: Rickard
Nickname: Ricky
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: November 20th
Race: Human
Personality: Spacy, has his head in the clouds, positive, talkative if not spacing out, quiet when spacing out, serious when danger is around or when Roy is involved

Special items: Brass knuckles and magnum from his days in Kings Rock
Special skills: Rickard is was the champ of his high school boxing team and he won many championships so he's a very good boxer. When he was in the Kings Rock Gang Ricky learned gunslinging from another enforcer and he became a very good shot. After coming to the other world Ricky gained the power to create golems out of almost any object without consciousness, but Ricky's control over the golem varies depending on the things used to make the golem. Example: a rock golem is the easiest for Ricky to control, a metal or iron golem is harder to control and may not follow Ricky's orders.
Weapon: brass knuckles, Smith & Wesson model 29 Magnum, Golems

Anything else: (Some strange company? Like uhh.. pets? Your little brother as a chibi in a bottle? Who knows..)
A rock golem named Balboa that Ricky created for company
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F / In your closet wa...
Posted 7/6/12 , edited 7/6/12
Name: Natalie
Nickname:(If he/she has one)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday:March 3rd
Race: Was human not and ummm Earth Mage?
Personality:Humble, Patient, free spirited, kindhearted, optimistic, adventurous, curious, and brave

Special items: The scarf she wears around her hips is from her mother who passed away
Special skills: She Manipulates earth (Controls Plants, and rock.) Also knows Taekwondo and a bit of Muay Thai and is fast, flexible, agile, and is good at climbing.
Weapon: a Bow and arrow that can turn into a bladed staff
Bio: Doesn't remember how she got here but remembers last being in the woods.
Anything else: Shes a herbalist meaning she studies plants and also is skilled in making medicine and poisons.
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