Kokochii's Drabbles~
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Kokochii's Drabbles!

Blame Kinnie.
What's a DRABBLE? : D
*Wiki ~ A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length, although the term is often incorrectly used to indicate a short story of fewer than 1000 words. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.

- - - - - >>> Begin Drabble(s) ♥ :D

...Im still newbieee at this D; *tear*

Theme (orName) : A Shooting Star
WC : (WordCount)
AMAZINGLY 100 for my first Drabble O_O

A Shooting Star. They don't come every night, do they? It doesn't remain there forever, up in the sky.

I saw a shooting star tonight, -In a brilliant streak of white. And just as fast as I saw it...

It was gone.

No one could reach a shooting star.

Love is like a shooting star, it's there for a split second, then it disappears. You try, but can't reach for it.

No. I can't. It all made sense now.

His words made perfect sense to me now.

I had thought I was in love. But I was sadly fooled tonight.

Theme (orName) : My Smile
WC : (WordCount)
OMG~ proud owo

My smile can fool so many.

All I have to do is smile, and everyone would say; You have the perfect life.

But they don't see what's behind my smile. Behind every smile, there's a story of why I frown.

Why I cry, why I suffer. Why I hate this cold world we all live in.

But people are too blind to see it, because I hide it very well.

But if I were to frown, and show everyone, that is the day the world would come to an end.

So I don't frown. But always offer a lying smile.



Too much blood had spilled again another moonlit night.

The bodies just came charging at her with an intent to kill, so she had to slash them down. She didn't like meaninglessly taking away lives by her own sword, she wanted to use her sword to protect; instead of destroy. But she had no choice. It was just a little too late.

Sorry, nothing personal. But... you guys were just in my way.

The bodies stacked and stacked, and she ran from the bloody scene of it all, just kept running.

It was a symbolism of the past. Always running. Causing bloodshed, maybe she liked to think she could ever protect with her sword, maybe she didn't want to admit to herself that the sight of blood drove her excitement?

The blood that coursed through her was definitely a deeper red.

She heard a voice amidst her thoughts. Over here. Idiot.

She immediately looked up, at the roof, layed a familiar man she knew all too well. Your the idiot! She retorted, scowling as she raised her sword pointed at him.

His figure just lay there, back to her, fist against his cheek as he looked up at the moon. Another beautiful moonlit night, added with your own personal touch of red.


She really didn't like his provocations, but she was just the same. No better then the next bad guy, no better than the demon that was before her, I'm going to kill you...so enjoy that moonlight while you can... She threatened, no... promised.

Between one breath to the next, she moved in an sudden blur of motion, jumping onto the roof.

It was just a little too late, she was no better then him, because... she too was consumed by darkness.

random ficlet?
Potential plot for story? : D
That was random.

Theme (orName) : My Battle Rages
WC : (WordCount)
213 owo
(inspired by Sucker Punch >:D)

Everything crashed down. It burnt; right in front of my very eyes. The flames- the ashes etched forever in my orbs.

I remembered every standing building, and now what remained was nothing but rubbish on the ground.

I looked to the south, the Church. It was destroyed too by those monsters, the monsters who took my friends away. I fought off each and every one in their loving memory, in their loving thoughts, in their loving ambitions. If only... if only I was fast enough.

Maybe if I opened my eyes a second back, I would be able to see them again. I could be able to save them- but that one second took everything. If I could ever take back time, I would sacrifice my life for them. They deserved this freedom more than I have, they suffered longer than I, they deserved freedom more than I...

In reality, all I am is a vegetable. I can no longer whip my lashes closed like I used to during my dance, or open them again. Not like I used to... not without them there supporting me.

My new playground became this battlefield, in my head, in my head... where the battle is still raging.

It’s far from over.

The battle still rages in me.
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NUuuhh xD
HATE you for it ^w^

... -thinks of another drabble thing-
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nuh uh
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They're fun :D
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and simple to make ;D
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