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Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/28/10
I had a crazy dream last night then got me to come up with s new group
I want to make fan group of what happen after the shippuden.omg naruto and hinata have 6 old ocs of their children don't really exist oc Hitomi used have blonde hair she was about the age of 16 in my dream and she is spit image of hinata but acts so much like her looks changed

The 2nd child is daroto..hes spit iamge of naruto but his hair is a little different.he had bangs that r almost emo bangs covering his right eye and spikey hair in the back.he acts across from naruto and sauske.he sounds just like naruto.he looks as if he is 13. he was wearing clothes like narutos.the colors were black and orange.more black then orange.jecket and pants were black,zipper part was orange,collar was orange,head band was orange & shoes were orange.

3rd child is Turonika.she has long pigtails and looks across from neji and hinata.she acts alot like naruto..she was bare foot in my dream.she was age 10.she was wear a cute short spageti strap pink dress that was above her knees and wore red shorts.she wore no shoes.O_O why.

then 4rth children was twins.kai and anni..they both look just like hinata when she was little.kai has light purple hair and 2 differnt color eye and purple eye.they r hinata's type eyes.shes very smart.anni has light blonde hair with same color eyes and same eye type but eye on left and purple eye on right.anni isn't very smart she will act before thinking.she was born with healing powers.they looked about the age of 7-8

then last child was Geruto.he looks across from naruto and gaara when they were age 5.geruto has gaara's hair style but naruto's hair color,eyes just like naruto's.he looks sad all the time and was holding a stuff bunny like gaara held a stuff teddy bear.
he has visions of the future or wuts bout to happen.he looked about age 5.
oot oh..wut did hinata?

this took place after shippuded after a huge war that gaara naruto were in.alot of great shinobi died and all the villages were detroyed.hinata looked a little older.she was in a submerine with her 6 children.Hinata kept coughing up blood.did she get some kind of curse during the war?what wrong with her?it was sad a vidoe pop up on a big screen i nthe control was a video of hinata and naruto's past.there was affection naruto had for hinata that did show in naruto like naruto going to hinata's house alot.he says hey hinata i want to show u something.he showed her his sexy no jutsu.little hianta turn red in the face then it skit to the end of shippuden.naruto carried hinata and ran to kakashi sensi and sakura saying me and hinata r ingadge and getting married then skip to when they had their 1st child hitomi.

it was still playing..hinata was on the floor crying and spitting up blood crying screaming naruto..naruto...her 3 youngest children were next to her trying to get her to stop crying.Kai started crying cus of her mother and missing her papa.poor little Geuto didn't understand cus he never met his a summing hinata was pregnut with Geuto when naruto was in that war cus it happened 6 yrs ago

Turonkia and Daroto hang out alot.kai and Hitomi r very close and Geruto and anni r also very close

Turonika mansioned at the end who died in the great war was nara shikmaru,kankuro,gaara,matsuri,skaura,neji(their great cousin)tsundi,lee and more but can't remember.she said tenten to but then she recorected that shes still alive.

before that part Hitomi called on her headphone thing.she called Natana
I had made up before i think gaara should have 2 children that r twins.a boy and girl.i thought the girl should be name Natana and the boy Gaaar jr..i guess it stuck.
on the speaking u here Natana speaking.Hitomi says Natana..I need u to fly around to pick us up..Natana says is that u hitomi..Hitomi says is gaara and ur aunt with u.Natana says yes my brother and aunt temari r here with some of temari hinchmen..they keep calling me preincess driving me crazy.Hitomi says Natana!!!!jur babling..Natana says oh sorry..y do u want us to pic u up..Hitomi says we r about to have a abanded ship..Natana says when how and why..I told u its safer to travle by air but u would listen.Hitmoi says Natanan ur babbling again!!!Natana says sorry.Hitomi says ur my best freind..i nweed u..its in a matter of life and death.I;ll tell u wut happen after u come get us

wut do u think gaara's children look like

can u help me come up with a name that mean a new begaining or wut do u think it should be call Naruto....wut?
Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/28/10
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