Post Them Up!!!!
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Here at Academy Bleach we are here for the students. Support them, praise them and even punish them if they do wrong. Here is another way that we can support them.

Post Them Up!!! forum is here so you can post anything you want from a practice icon to an AMV. But of course we perfer if it's related to BLEACH.

Of course like everything else here at Academy Bleach we like to keep things organized.

AMV Post Fomat:

Account Username: Your youtube username not CR
Anime/Manga Used:
Music Used:
Characters: If it's a couple AMV, dedication to a character or just about the show.

Fanfiction Post Fomat:

Account Name: FanFiction/FictionPress/LJ Username
Anime/Manga Used:
Length: Chapters; Words
Characters/Pairings: Names;Straight/Yaoi/Yuri
Review from Mod?; Request Who: Yes/No

Comic Post Fomat:

Anime/Manga Used:
Picture/Link: Picture in spoiler.

~~~Still Under Costruction~~~

But you can post whenever you wish.
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Account Username: Skyruubii
Anime/Manga Used: Bleach
Music Used: New Divide by Linkin Park
Characters: Toushiro Hitsugaya

Yes, I know it sucks. XDXD
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Since no one seems to be getting into the spirits of this, I decided to post some things myself. If you're wondering this fanfic was a request. Which reminds I need to finish Chapter 6.

Account Name: kairihyugakuchiki
Anime/Manga Used: Bleach
Length: 5 1/2 Chapters, 12,623 Words
Characters/Pairings: UlquiXGrimm, hint of IchiXOri, SzayXNoi
Rating: T soon to be M

Link: Chapter 1
Review from Mod?; Request Who: Whoever wants to, I guess.
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