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IMG here, DO NOT stretch this page!!!!!!!

Weight: (pounds please)
Height: (relative to weight and in feet)

Eye color: (Can be of any color)
Hair color: (can be any color.
Race: (If the race is not included in our list then write out your own here if we like it then we'll post it up on the list of races as well as approving your character.)
Nationality: (Does not have to be from normal human means. If you are a faerie and from a specific forest you would put that, as your nationality. It is where your character considers home.)

School: (Meaning your school or type of magic, you can make one up. If you make one up you must give a good decent explanation of what it is and how it works. Or you can pick one of the ones from the School's section on the board.)

• all about me •

Appearance: (What your character looks like. At least one full paragraph)

Personality: (This is how your character is and acts. Towards others and alone. The more you put here the more people will understand about their personality. At least two paragraphs. If this character has any quirks I would like to see reasons in the history to explain things.)

• the tale of a lifetime•

History: (From birth to the day you entered the Twilight Academy. This is of course not known by the other characters unless you tell them, but it is necessary that the staff know your background. The better and more thurough you are the more you will not only have to work with in the future but the more that you will know your character. 3 Paragraph MINIMUM.)

• magical mayhem •

Magic Style: (How exactly do you use your magic. How do you call upon your mana and how you use your specific magic. If you are an alchemist do you use transmutation circles? Where are they located. Etc. At least one paragraph, describing your magic.)

Abilities: (Any NATURAL abilities that your race comes with. Such as a healer would probably have a easier time regenerating a wound, or a fire elementalist would be immune to fire. Keep the abilities within your magical school. If you are a dark mage you CANNOT have a regeneration spell. You may ONLY HAVE UP TO THREE!! ABILITIES.)

• the ups and downs •

Strengths: (Because of your characters history and magic style you list what the strengths of your character are. One paragraph, these are magical and physical strengths, not abilities.)


• the way it works •

Spells: (Here you start your list of spells that pertain to your school and your school only. Remember, as a Trainee you cannot be too powerful. At trainee level you can only have a MAX of 7 spells. At each new level you will gain three spells to boost your collection. Other spells may be earned by a professor or for good rping in a quest or event. Remember YOUR school. DO NOT have a demon with a healing spell or an angel with a dark arrow spell. Keep with your alignment and school)

Stats: (Strength, Dexterity, Fortitude, Will Power, Mana)
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