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Posted 2/28/10 , edited 3/11/10
Of this group, there are gonna be rules. and if you dont follow, severe punishment, WILL BE DEALT!!!

Rule 1: In any fight, NO GOD MODDING WHATSOEVER!!! If I or the other mods catch you god modding there will be three strikes.
1st Strike: You have a warning.
2nd Strike: You shall be banned from the groups for a week or until me or the mods say otherwise.
3rd Strike: We kick you out of the group without remorse or mercy. WE DONT PLAY GAMES.
Laws of God Modding shall be put up Later.

Rule 2: You must play fair. If two ninjas are fighting and you are waiting for a match, dont butt in. And if the fight has not ended or expired without any activity, DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER FIGHT!!! Wait till that fight is over.

Rule 3: For fights, YOU HAVE A 3 DAY LIMIT TO HOW LONG YOU ARE GONNA FIGHT. If there is no response from either person in 3 days, the match is considered a draw and no winner is declared. I hate non active people.

Rule 4:
If you must, you MAY use a LIMITED vulgarity. But if me and the mods see you are just spraying it like no ones business, WE KICK YOU OUT WITHOUT ANY WARNING. NO EXCEPTIONS

Rule 5: Have fun please! I didnt make this group for anyone to be bored! There is alot of activity here you can do! Just please enjoy yourselves ^ ^

Rule 6: YOU MUST CREATE A CHARACTER BEFORE RPING!! AND EITHER ME OR THE MODS MUST APPROVE If we see an created character unapproved, we delete the forum without question.

Rule 7: ONE KEKKEI GENKAI ONLY! If you are gonna have an ocular Kekkei Genkai, you must have one! If you have Sharingan AND Byakugan, you must choose between them. But if you wanna make your own or have a special element, thats a different story but it has 2 be one Kekkei Genkai

If you have any questions about these rules, Talk to me or one of the moderators in Private Message and we will gladly discuss any problems you may have.

Thank you and Have Fun!
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