What is Your Fortunes??!! Series
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Posted 2/28/10 , edited 3/1/11
Hey Guys, you might remeber me posting the What is Your Fortune??!! series or some other forum i might be, well anyway i just wanted to tell you im longer posting my Fortunes here no more because im not getting alot of feedbacks or just that its starting to get boring here all silent, well don't worry its now moved to the Crunchyroll Forum Disscossion page and i'll provide the link to it so you won't miss your fortunes everyday, i'll be posting new ones everyday on the same forum but a different forum on a different month so i'll be posting the links here so you don't have to look it up, sorry guys it looks like my days of posting my fortunes here on the Shugo Chara Forum Page are over but i'll be still going on a different forum ^^-V


What is Your Fortune??!! March Editon Plus 2010-

Wha is Your Fortune??!! April Edition Plus 2010-

What is Your Fortune??!! May Edition Plus+ 2010

What is Your Fortune??!! June Edition Plus+2010

What is Your Fortune??!! July Edition Plus+

What is Your Fortune??!! August Edition Plus+

What is Your Fortune??!! October Edition Plus+

What is Your Fortune??!! November Edition Plus+

What is Your Fortune??!! December Edition Plus+ 2010

What is Your Fortune??!! January Edition Plus+ 2011

What is Your Fortune??!! March Edition Plus+ 2011
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