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Posted 3/3/10 , edited 3/3/10
1. dont write long lengthy replies keep them short sweet and to the point we dont want to read a miniature novel on a Roleplay

2. play your character and your character only. dont step on other peoples toes. dont start posting and have your character do something then write another person's reaction EX: su throws cookies into the air and amu dashes over and catches them in her apron. you dont want to do that because its up to the next poster what they do about the cookies in the air.

3. keep it suspenseful. when finishing a post leave a type of climax EX: Su throws cookies into the air... see it makes you wonder whats going to happen next doesnt it?? (you will come up with better ones than mine)

4. dont worry about keeping to your character personality. dont worry if you dont talk or act EXACTLY the same as your assigned character. a little difference is good. but dont go drastically over the edge like. EX: when the cookies fell on the ground and smashed everwhere Amu went into the corner sat down and started slitting her wrists. Dont go extremely wrong. try to keep it a little in character.

5. I noticed that we have characters, Shugos and Chara-nari and this might get confusing to have Su Amu and Amulet clover all talking at the same time. but just post the same EX: Su and Amu turned when they saw amulet clover walk in the door. Act as if Amulet Clover was a completely different person. Dont think you cant post just because someone is currently transformed as you. or your character is currently transformed.

i hope this guide was helpful in some way and i cant wait to see all the cool ideas i know you guys have to share. Please comment or msg me if you think anything needs to be added thank you for your time

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