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[TwDrama] P.S Man/ Tou Xin Da Sheng P.S. Nan
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Posted 5/17/10 , edited 5/17/10
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Posted 5/25/10 , edited 5/25/10
IMO the show did several screw ups.

Firstly, xia he jie's hair, its meant to be the outta bed hairstyle but out of the many episode, i believe only a handful of scenes actually portrayed it nicely.
Secondly, ma xiao qian's inconsistency with her glasses. She was supposed to be shown as a nerdy look girl, i assumed from the way they introduced her youth, so why would she even be bothered with contacts except for the dinner?
Thirdly, the kid xiao tuo lou. His got a total rebellious behaviour already, though some episode stories actually happened because of it, its unbelievable that the teachers didn't bother to complain to the 'mother' at all.

Besides those, i wonder if the synopsis for the show was translated from the official site or self written because it doesn't really tally. The 'revenge' of ma xiao qian happened in only the first episode, there aren't even any signs of her plotting revenge against xia he jie after that.

However i am quite impressed by the actor for meng cheng en, besides my queen, this is the second time i saw him acting in a series. Both times i felt the characters he acted deserved to be with the lead female, but probably its due to his show time compared to other 'sub lead males' in other series
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Posted 7/2/10 , edited 7/2/10
still asking myself if i shud watch it
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/13/11
I watched two episodes and dropped it. The characters were annoying and the storyline was a bit of bore.

Sonia was all kinds of awesome in The Fierce Wife (she's the only reason why I checked out P.S. Man) but her acting here isn't that great.
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