World is wonderful, isn't it ne?
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Let's get people hyped for AC's 2nd Anniversary~!

This is like a chat box, but a unique one where as one can express themselves. Hopefully this make AC a wonderful community, we just want you to have a place to stay when bored, and base your opinions on someone post. We want to have this be a active thread, so spreadthe word around~ But there's a down fault rules *sighs*.

-Post what you think is really funny, cool, stupid or failure and a must watch/read/look or etc.
-You may be bias when quoting on people' subject, but try, try not voice your opinions in a rude manner just to hurt them.
-Have fun.
-Be active, get the buzz to another people.
-PG 13, I don't want to be held responsible for someone posting subject about sex-related.
-Please use spoilers for large images or when quoting.
*more rules will be added, but right now I'm having a writers' block.

Q: What should I post about?
A: Examples could be you watched someone really funny and you wants people to see it as well, post it here.
Articles you thought were cool or videos. A good drama you watched, go post a review here, things that amaze you. Okay anything that you'll think that will capture feeback and people's mind.

Q: I have been hurt, someone quoted a negative feeback...What do I do?
A: PM Daisuki-Suki and I'll be evaluating whether it's presently in a hurtly, harsh manner. If it is, then the quoter when recieve a warning or will be put on the banned list. It all depend how mentally hurt you are.

Q: How many warnings do I get before being banned?
A: 4 waning and that's all.

Q: What's the banned list?
A: People who kept posting really negative feeback on daily basic and don't listen to my warning. These people can't intemperate ones' feeling and just quoted without no common sense.


How it works is, the + is positive feeback and the - is not so swell feeback. I will not posted your subject on this list with it's own feeback but will generalize all your subjects as your username and put will the total amount of +'s and -'s feebacks.

*I may give out prizes for feebacks.

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How girls and guys can be friendly with each other. Mominication is a tactics that might help: Here a tutorial ;p
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There's something totaly wrong with this image. Santa ain't gay or asian. And the wrongest thing is that little boy dressing like a slut. BEWARE THERE'S A HOT DRAG QUEEN
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I'm G01nG to *8L33p* Ov3r p30Pl3 W40 cAnT TYp3 Pr0P3rTyLY. - you are not cute if type like a disabled person.

Balls shot, very nice. I'm surprised reindeer haven't ripped a hole in his costume
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