Ever become almost like a anti- fan towards your 1st fav group?
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Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/6/10
So......I discovered SNSD like 2 months before I discovered Super Junior...and I was like really addicted to SNSD being sucha big fangirl...but then after I discovered Super Junior I was addicted to them ALOT! Just like SNSD but I got really addicted to Super Junior that when I see SNSD with Super Junior I get jealous LOL and then Hyoyeon being the counterpart of Eunhyuk[my #1 most fav member] I got really mad..[don't like Hyoyeon being with him cuz she's not too goodlooking for him >[ ] Anyways so basically ..... I'm kind of a SNSD anti and fan at the same..and Super Junior is the one I like most..while SNSD went...down the list of my most fav. Its like betraying them LOL
Did you ever have this situation?

Here's a pic of the two group I'm talking about...



Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/6/10
DBSK. I started hating Micky and Junsu because of the lawsuit. I already hated Jaejoong and always will. I hate T-ara now.
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