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Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
I got my hands on a PSP a few months ago. I've been mainly using it as a media player and only now started to get games for it. The only RPG I have for it is the much-derided Adventures to Go!, which I mainly got because it was on the cheap.

One thing I'm wondering is how to get decent volume on media. Right now when i take it on the bus and play a movie I can barely hear the movie at maximum volume (with headphones, obviously). Any suggestions on why this might be happening?
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Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
Hmm..for one thing, check your sound settings. The volume limiter must be on. If not, then it's either the movie or the headphones. I think it has something to do with the codec or whatever, that I'm not so sure about. Or it could be the headphones. Try borrowing someone else's headphones if that's the case, because I think headphones have their own internal volume limiter or something like that.
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