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Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
The fishing boats set sail
through the wide field of vastness
paused to hear the wind wails
but hear none.

Casting the net wide,
in the hope of joyful laughter
Something moving ! they shouted, wheeling
in the glance of steely demeanour.

They looks become soft
their voices become loud
And their faces were of radiance.

The fishing boats returned with their prizes,
the women greeted them with smiles,
the dock welcomes them back with praises,
And the children were running up a mile,
to meet their fathers at the dock.

It was the night,
took charge of the day.
It was the light,
took charge of the sight.

For once total moment of calmness
absorbed the brightness of the light,
reflected into the sky of the night,
the town swallowed in the beauty of light.

Liger @ copyright 2009
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