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Is the USA still the number 1 super power on the Earth?

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Posted 7/28/10 , edited 7/29/10

Cuddlebuns wrote:

For example, you keep saying our military is small and we need to build it more without showing any evidence that any other military in the world is larger or more threatening than ours. Yet I've shown that we spend way more on our military than any other country, and of course more military spending=bigger and better military. A lot of that military spending is going towards supporting all of the bases and troops we have scattered around the world for no real reason: If you can show me that having bases and troops stationed in all of those countries is vital to the safety of our country, then I'll change my mind and agree with you. But, like I said earlier, if you can't do that then I'll just keep being a brick wall.

We spend more on our military because a large portion of that money goes to Research and Development of new technologies. Which can be useful in other sectors besides the military. Sometimes the research / technology from military projects can get declassified then any it can be used by the private sector for whatever purposes.

Of course most of our budget is spent on social programs because the entire point of a government is to help it's citizens, all tax money should benefit citizens because it is the citizen's money. If that sickens you then that must mean you want all of our tax money to go to private industries (which is already sort of happening), which makes absolutely no sense, in fact it's a very socialist thing to do.

Wrong, the entire point of government is not to help its citizens. The entire point of government is to prevent bah i forget the term for it, but its where anyone can do whatever the fuck they want without consequence. Civilian law or whatever, i forget the name of it. The purpose of government to impose basic rule of law.

Obviously I don't want to see soldiers killed, and a good way to avoid killing soldiers is to not go to war. So if you really care about our soldiers then you would want to end these irresponsible wars that we are currently in. I dislike war but I will support any war that is necessary to protect the safety of our country, and I've demonstrated several times that the wars we are currently in are not important to our safety.

Tis not that black and white I'm afraid. Sometimes war is a must. Sometimes the only way to make peace occur is to force peace to occur.

Besides are you to do nothing and just cower with your head in the ground when someone attacks you ? Or are you supposed to retaliate and kick their asses to the moon and back ?

I know that we've borrowed trillions of dollars and that it is a huge part of the deficit. No one is disagreeing with that so I don't get why you toss it in there. The one thing I do agree with you about is that we are not manufacturing enough, our economy is too dependent on big banks who recklessly gamble with the money of their depositors and taxpayers, but that's a different story.

We manufacture tons of shit, in our factories in china lol.

Do you have and idea how expensive it is to build a factory here in America ? A single basic factory is several million dollars when you do it cheaply lol. Regulations are so fucking tight on construction and shit, you have to buy all this ungodly expensive crap you don't need.

And our economy is dependant on small to medium sized businesses, as they make up the vast majority of businesses in this country.
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Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/29/10
CuddlebunsI went to your web site that you picked out did you happen to notice that on the top of it that the information was not complete and was asking for help to fill the blank. Then again that something you would ignore, to drive a faulty point home. Now you keep up the same line of B.S. you did point out early on the chines military budget compare to ours you notice they have broken down into many catalogers and it just guess work on what they really spend. Here a link that should get you somewhat worried on their military, . One reason I stay away from Wikipedia I have a nick name for it (weepy eyed idiot aphid) the disclaimers to start with second which i have pointed out information is not complete. I have said this before your information teds to be faulty and have you still use the same trash over and over again. You see If I make a mistake I own up to it. Playing word soup with you get boring after a while, will say your persistent on your argument even if faulty. This also why I question what is your real agenda?
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