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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/12/10
Just like what the description said, this is somehow a mixture of Shugo Chara and Fate/Stay Night. Everyone would fight for the Holy Grail, which is said to grant anything you desire. Though in this RP/game, it will be altered and you will be granted 3 extra rank ups if ever you will win.


*You can only post one at a time. Do not post one after another of your posts. Wait for another person's turn.
*In one post, you can only use two magic or spells(whatever you want to call it) This is for Characters Only.
*In one post, your servants can only use their magical abilities once, but they can do any physical damages twice.
*In one post, only two servants at a time to attack or do something. It means each servant can use 1 magic ability and 2 physical damage. In total, referring to your servants, you can use 2 magic abilities and 4 physical damage.
*In general, in one post you can use only: two of your own magic or spells, one magic ability of each of the two servants and two physical damage of each of the two servants.
*You only use magic when you battle, not when you will transform.
*The general rules of the CharaWorld group applies here.


1st: Create your Character in this format:

Character Name:
Servant/s: (This will be your charas. In this game, your charas will be human-sized, fighting side-by-side with you. You can still do the Charanari and stuffs.)
Past/Background of your Character: (use your imagination on this ^^~)

2nd: Make an introduction for you character in your first post, as to why you wanted the holy grail and such. In short, make a brief storyline for your own, to at least give some kind of mood. (optional)

3rd: In the first post, mention how you summoned your servant.

4th: Start the RPG!


Good Luck!
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F / Stuck in Gehenna
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/29/10
lol i'll wait.... Roleplay?? ( I don't like keeping up with this.. . soo much reading. LOL)
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/24/10 , edited 3/25/10
Character Name: Fuyuhana (last name), Shirazuki (first name)
Gender: Female
Servant/s: Rei, Yin, Yang, Rien, Rena, Fleyr
Past/Background of your Character: Belonging in a long line of nobility, nobles which uses black and white magic, black for male and white for female respectively. Shirazuki was born from that family and was a special case, a miracle which only comes once every 200 years because, she was born with both white and black magic. She is the heiress of this clan, that provided magic schools in different areas. However, due to certain circumstances, their lineage was slowly diminishing and was also almost completely wiped out from a massacre incident, not too long ago, making her the sole survivor in the main family.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Because of the incident, Shirazuki lost her family(main) which made her determined to investigate the matter. As soon as she heard about the Holy Grail Tournament, she wanted to get the Holy Grail for vengeance and kill the one responsible for the massacre.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Standing on a magic summoning circle in her room, she summons her servants. Six came out simultaneously after a series of incantations, which made her fall on the floor in surprise. Shirazuki didn't expect six servants to becoming out. Along with them appearing, tattoos appeared on her skin, covering her back, shoulders to the back of her hand, wrapping around her legs to her toes, along her stomach, and by the neckline. Finding out on her own, she never used the tattoos, also called Command Mantras, for an Absolute Order.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


School; Break time

Shirazuki: Rei, Rien. Check out the school building later night.
Yang: Whatever for Saki-chan~?!?!
Saki: *glares at Yang* Lower down your voice, you're making me deaf.
Yang: But-
Saki: I'll use the Absolute Order if I have to.
Yang: Alright.........*pouts*
Yin: *shakes head* That's not an appropriate behavior as a servant Yang.
Rei: Anyways, Saki, why do you want us to spectate. Rena can just use her souls.
Rena: That's right. *nods*
Saki: I have a feeling that there's something wrong around the area so, we need to do it secretly.
Rien: I see, so we have to cloak and make our presence hidden but, you can't come with us because..?
Saki: I have a meeting with the other clan members tonight.
Fleyr: And I'll stick with her tonight as her bodyguard.
Yin: So Rena and I will be back up for Rei and Rien?
Saki: *nods* Yang will stay here for medical emergencies.
Yang: Why do I always get the boring jobs~?
Rena: I understand.

Time skip; at night, in her japanese traditional home(*cough*mansion*cough*)

*Rei and Rien already left a few moments ago.*

Saki: I'm going now. Come on Fleyr.
Fleyr: Hai. Hai. *heads to the meeting room of the clan with Saki*
Yang: It's so lonesome here. You and Rena will be leaving me too.
Yin: *sighs and pats her head* It's okay. We'll come back quickly. I doubt that Rei and Rien will need any backup anyways. They're the strongest in terms of offensive noble phantasms/magic and physical attacks, along with Fleyr.
Rena: That's right. Yin and I are strongest in terms of defensive noble phantasms like you.
Yang: Well, if that's the case..
Rena: But, you're better in support noble phantasms because, you use white magic and your twin is better as a back up because, she can do more offenses because of being the strongest in mental attack since, Yin uses black magic.
Yang: *sighs* Alright.
Yin: Rena, we should go now.
Rena: *nods and goes to the school area with Yin*

Rei: I wonder what feeling Saki got.
Rien: A magic-user/spellcaster..?
Rei: I'm not too sure but, the possibilities are high.
Rien: Or there could be a spell around the school and we need to survey any seals..?
Rei: Well, if she sensed any seals, Saki would've sent for Rena as well. She's the best for sensory magic in our group.
Rien: I just hope the bad feeling Saki had was wrong.

Saki: Fleyr, you can stay outside.
Fleyr: *nods and waits outside just outside the sliding door*

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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10
Character Name: Felix of Clan Fearuga
Gender: Male
Servant/s: Sef, Fenrir, Seiryuu, Kyou, Evan
Past/Background of your Character: Belonged to the bloodline of assassination, Clan Fearu, known for using stealth and agility to assassinate others. Felix's grandfather, Kairoug was the clan leader of Clan Faeru, he was a great leader, leading thousands of assassinations, which leads to the great wealth of the clan. In seek of power, Kairoug learned Unholy Curses and Black Magic.
One day, a clan member brought majority of clan members and wanted to chase Kairoug away from the clan, accusing him for not following the clan's tradition as an excuse. (The clans tradition was only stealth and agility, magics are not allowed).
Kairoug destroyed the rioters and went out from the clan, and formed Fearuga. Clan Fearu then started to have 'war' with Fearuga. As a result, Felix was abandoned in the Fearuga Camp when the war started, he was only 10 and walked away from the place, knowing that Clan Fearu will win and became a stray kid.


Majority of his Clan was killed by Clan Fearu... As he heard that the leader of Clan Fearu, Vladimilr has taken part in a tournament, known as Holy Grail Tournament. He participated, to kill who is responsible for his Clan's defeat.


*In a hill behind the school*

Felix: *slacking*
Sef: You should kill Vladimilr now..
Felix: How the hell am I going to find him?
Evan: Some servants are approaching without their master..
Sef: Shall we take them down?
Felix: It is kind of rude for taking stealthed unit down without their master looking at their defeat...
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/27/10
Time Skip; After meeting

Fleyr: We better head back home and call on the others from school.
Saki: *shook her head* No, I'm going to school. The moment they turn their backs from the feeling of danger, they will be caught off guard and be easily defeated.
Fleyr: Alright. I'll just inform Yang...
Saki: *nods* I'll go on ahead of you.

Rei: *notices Yin and Rena near the area, overcoming their auras* They're here.
Rien: *a soul then appeared in front of her, coming from Rena* Saki's coming..?
Rei: Isn't it a bit useless for us to go here and spectate, if she's coming?
Rien: She's taking precautions, I believe.
Rei: Then, let's head to Yin and Rena's location.

Rena: They received the message. *turning to Saki*
Saki: *already arrived* That's good and the soul..?
Rena: Stayed with them for protection.
Yin: So what bad feeling did you sense Saki?
Saki: Another magic-user...
Fleyr: *arrives with Yang* Anything happening yet?
Saki: No, but I assume the magic-user that I've been sensing already knows we're here.
Yang: Then, we should-?!
Yin: Yang, don't talk in a loud manner, you're making our location obvious.
Rei: We're here.
Rien: Well, Saki, we observed for awhile but nothing seems to be happening around yet.
Saki: That's because...*pointing to the hill* They're over there.
Rena: *suddenly feels a wave of overwhelming power and shivered slightly* An aura like that. So powerful..
Fleyr: Then, we better go to find out some more ourselves. After all, our sensory skills aren't as good as Rena.
Rei: That powerful, Rena? We should head to it already, I'm getting excited.


Saki: You all got the plan..?
Yang: Roger. *nods with everyone*

Rena: Barriers Align! Soul Prism!

*Three large souls made a triangular prism and makes an illusioned barrier to keep outsiders from getting mixed in the fight.*

*Saki headed to the whereabouts for the enemy with Rei, Rien and Yin. While Yang and Fleyr stayed as back, guarding Rena at the same time, who was replenishing her energy*

Rien: Lightning Whip! Chains of Mystic!

*Rien attacked first, summoning her chains and tried to bind the slacking person, while Saki stayed at the sidelines, preparing for the battle*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
Character Name: Flora Ichimaha
Gender: Female
Servant/s: Arisa,Ran,Rin and Lisa
Past/Background of your Character: Lives in The Land of Frozen Destinies. Her birth was magical as their land turned all warm and sunny...all animals were were blooming...tree were swaying by the wind....and as for that they name her Flora as she had the most rarest magical elements in her land which are The Power Of Snow and The Power Of Nature! On her 16th birthday she had a tatoo mark on both of her palms. The right hand was a flower while the other was a snowflake.These tatoo marks are called The Elemental Spirits which means God have given her to control the 2 power of elements which are Nature and Snow...but unfortunately her clan was killed everybody in her village died except for her...the killer of the clan was her own brother Ryan Ichimaha! He has the power of the elements of Fire and Water...She could not help herself but to fight with her brother for the vilagers rite eventhough she loves him more than she loves her powers! The only reason her brother killed their clan was because everybody worshiped her because she has the mose useful element which is Nature but he has the elements which can only cause destrouction and so he became evil..In the match her brother won but that does never meen giving up for her but when she woke up from the fight flames were everywhere but her brother was missing.When she hears about the Holy Grail Tournament she tought of her brother which will definitely join the tournament as he wishes to become ruler of the world but she needs help because it is her against her own will in killing her brother.So she uses a spell that includes the elements of Nature and Snow which can summon her servants or most accurately her guardians. As the spell was finished 4 servants appeared in front of her. She was not shocked as she was told by her farther that she has 4 guardians always by her which shows of the 4 elements.She does not know why she only has 2 elements but 4 guardians but her farther only answered 'with time the answer will come'.
Flora: -practising her Japan dance-
Arisa: Wow your so good at dancing!
Rin: Yeah
Flora: Please do not let my appearance fool all of you. I must concetrate.
Ran: We have to help her get the Holy Grail
Lisa: I am most certainly agree.
Flora: -is now practising her Nature element Powers-
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
Felix: *got caught in the chain* What the....
Sef: ... Thats the result for slacking..
Felix: Hehe.. *whole body turned to blood* (Solid to Liquid) (1 character magic used, 1 left)

Felix(behind Saki): *Puts dagger near Saki's neck* It was quite a surprise.. isn't it.. It is up to you guys.. Sef, you take the lead...

Sef: Millenium Slash...*slashed Rien out of attack position* (1 phy att left)
Evan: Dragon Dream... *summoned a small dragon that attacks servants (only) automatically*

*Effect of Dragon Dream... Keep enemy servants busy dodging attacks*

Fenrir: Hey.. Summons like this are vulnerable to attack..
Evan: We'll see if it is vulnerable or not..
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10
Flora: -senses something so stops practising her Snow Element Power-
Rin: What is it?
Flora: So-something's not right...I feel his presence....near the school! -using the Power Of Nature to see what is going on trough a trees eyes-
A fight....a massive one...
Arisa: Cool can I see?
Flora: Of course...we can teleport there....-wind blows on them and they vanished with the wind-
Ran: I am getting dizzy!!
Lisa: Do not fear fellow friend..Please just say calm...
Flora: Fellow friends we have arrived.....
Arisa: Woah! That's a massive fight there!
Rin: Yeah look at the damaged they did! Hey! Look at the plants! Their dying!
Ran: Cruelty to plants is unforgivable!
Flora: Huff huff Ca-Cant breathe!
Lisa: That's right! She has the element of nature so if she ever see the destruction of nature she will feel the suffering of the plants too!
Flora: -faints-
Arisa: Lisa you take care of Flora!! The rest of us will make that fight stop!
Ran and Rin: Roger!
Flora: No! -trying to stand up but falls again- I can take care of my self....
Lisa: No...You must rest under the tree -takes her to a nearby tree- You guys please hurry!
Arisa: -eyes turn dark blue- Blue.....-at the same time arms are stretched out- Mermosa!!! -a ray of blue light shoots at Rena trying to penetrate trough the shield-
Rin: Dazzle Crush!! -this time using a punch- -trying to penetrate trough the shield-
Ran: -take out staff which is already on fire- Fire Blaze!!! -stick the staff into the ground hoping that the fiery earthquakes would suck Rena,Yang and Fleyr into the earth!-
Lisa: -calming Flora down who is trying to catch her breath- Calm down...they are trying their best to stop that fight....
Flora: Tell huff huff them to huff huff hurry -faints-
Lisa: Minna hayakou mo!
Arisa: Everybody attack together!!
All: -attack using their powers (just like I said) all together!!!-
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
*by the way.. I don't recall using any ability that could(or already) harm the plants...*

Felix: ..Ara.. Someone came to stop the fight.. Finally...
Sef: Finally? You must defeat her..
Felix: I don't need unnecessary fights.. I just need to destroy Vladimilr, and by the way.. I've already won.. before you guys started fighting..if I stabbed her..The Weakness of a magician eh.. Lack of physical power...
Fenrir: .. Why don't you just..
Felix: Silence! Aim at the barrier.. destroy it..
Evan: Buff Disable !!
Seiryuu: Aerial Blast !

*Barrier Destroyed*

Felix: *disappeared instantly*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
-the powers that you and Saki used actually affected the plants near you. Like the lightning power that Rien used and the shield Rena used it must have touch the ground and hurt the plants underneath it and the powers my chara used did not do any harm except Ran thats why I fainted again-

Arisa: He's gone
Rin: But the girl is still here
Ran: Never mind her lets go and get Flora back to the forest
Arisa: Lisa lets go!
Lisa: But how can we get back home....we do not know the way...
Flora: Its ok I still can teleport us there -wind blows on them again and took them into a hidden forest-
Lisa: You must rest fellow friend...
Rin: Yeah. I wonder how they got into a fight and Flora said she felt his presence but we didn't see him..
Ran: Maybe it's just her imagination....
Arisa: Or maybe not......While we were attacking the shield I cought a glimpse of a person
watching us....
Lisa: So what she said was true....-putting a white cloth on Flora's forehead-
Arisa: You guys stay here...I'm gonna umm gonna get us some food! Bye
Rin: Im coming!
Lisa: Please be careful...-in head- I know your true wish Ris-chan
Arisa: -eyes looking furious+serious while going out the door-


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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 3/29/10
Same area

Saki: Yang, try all you can to heal everyone who's injured. I can heal myself anyways. *heals self with white magic*
Yang: *appears* Right! Holy Sanctuary: Grand Cross!

*heals everyone and removes any injuries*

Rien: Sorry Saki, I was caught off guard.
Saki: Doesn't matter, my true intentions were done.
Yin: True intentions?
Saki: Actually, I didn't want to fight the magic-user awhile ago, but I just wanted to know his abilities and I also wanted to know if I can attract others' attention using this fight. *looks at Rei and Rena* You done analyzing..?
Rei: Yeah...
Rena: *nods*
Saki: I wonder, who should I attack next? Maybe, the other one...
Rien: And risk yourself for another information? That's enough! Don't you see that everyone here has a life?!
Saki: This is a tournament Rien, we should use all means to know more about the enemies. Sacrifices are needed to win.
Yin: We should head back.
Rena: There's school tomorrow.
Rei: When did she ever care about school anyways..?
Saki: Come on, let's just go...*clenches fist, flashbacks of the massacre run inside her mind*
Yang: Guys! Stop this internal fight okay~?! Mou! How will we win if there's no teamwork at all~?
Saki: Shut it Yang, no one in the other branches of the clan should know what happened here alright?
Servants: *nods*

School; Morning

Saki: Rena, there're seals around the school.
Rena: Alright, I'll come with you later night.
Rien: I wonder what they are for?
Saki: To have a larger amount of magical boost for a servant's Noble Phantasm, they use the life force of humans and someone has been creating them. I can feel it, one more seal and the spell will be done.
Fleyr: If it's like that, we should head here later in a much lesser number.
Yin: Saki? Who will go with you later?
Saki: Rena, Fleyr and Rei.
Yang: Mou~ I want to go too!
Saki: You're not needed, I have white magic so I can switch into support than offense or defense. I don't think Rien is in the condition to fight as well, she needs to reflect what I said last night.

School; Night

Rena: We should head for the biggest seal first...
Saki: So?
Rena: The souls told me, the biggest is on the rooftop.

Fleyr: I wonder how big is here.
Rena: If you want to know, you're stepping just a part of it.
Rei: Just a part?
Saki: I suggest all of you to move back from the Magic Sealing Circle.
Rei and Fleyr: *leaps to the fence*
Rena: *floats with the souls*
Saki: Sealed Magic: Phoenix Release!

*Two Large Phoenix appeared beside her. One is black and the other white. Both turned into small flares and went devoured the circle in black and white flames, before it disappears with it*

Rena: The next one...

Saki: This is the last one Rena?
Rena: *nods*
Rei: That's odd...The one who made all the seals should've come out now.
Fleyr: Yeah...Wait...Saki-!
Saki: Sealed Magic: Black Phoenix Release!

*This time only the black one appeared and turned into small black flares. It was supposed to devour the small circle found on the blackboard but stopped midway*

Saki: What?
Fleyr: I think this is all a trap.
Saki: Doesn't matter. Even if it's a trap, this could trigger for the magic-user who created this to come out.

*The black flame devoured the small circle but, instead of disappearing, black shadows grabbed Saki's wrist*

Rei: Card - Ace of Hearts: Harden!

*throws the Ace of Hearts to the black shadows, which made them froze.*

Silver Claws!

*slashes the black shadows holding Saki's wrist as they glow at the same time, making them disappear after enveloped by the glow*

Fleyr: See what I told you?
Saki: No, a person's presence was here awhile ago but then...
Rena: It just disappeared.
Saki: The presence was so sinister...
Rei: Hm?
Saki: *remembers the one who did the massacre's presence* Wait that was-!
Fleyr: I know what you're about to say, that was the person who did it right?
Saki: *yells and punches the wall* I had let that person...*punches the wall over and over, which made large holes*
Fleyr: Hey, Hey...stop it. Your hand is going to bleed. *stops Saki's hand*
Rena: Have more control...
Rei: Let's just rest outside for a bit.
Fleyr: While we're at it, use your white magic to heal you hands.
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 3/29/10
*at night, in a cafe*

Sef: Hey...You must not forget the promised to the magic seal before you summon us..
Seiryuu: ..That promise.. Yeah... I am sorry but true...

*flashback* (As I forgot to mention how I summoned my servants)
Felix: *talking to someone which is a high level informant*

Informant: That red haired guy? He recently took part in some kind of tournament.. He entered the house right over the cemetery, no .13 and the house lit up...
Informant: And he went out..taking another 5 with him..

Felix: Suspicious.. I'll go check the house out...

*once Felix got in that particular house, he got warped to another dimension, a magic seal was there*
Magic Seal(has ability of mindreading): You seek vengeance? Do you need power? I can lend you power if you take part in this Holy Grail Tournament..

Felix: I will do it.. to kill him.
Magic Seal: These are the conditions: You will destroy other players no matter what... or a great source of power will come after you..
Felix: I don't care
Magic Seal: Then lets presume that you agreed...

*summoning process started automatically*
* 5 came out*
Felix: What are these?

********END OF FLASHBACK*********

Felix: I didn't even agree... It just decided for me..
Kyou: Who made the seal in the house.. and the dimension warp... Who organised this game?
Felix: I don't know.. You guys were the tools. .Don't you all remember who made you?

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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 3/29/10 , edited 3/29/10
Fenrir: We...
Felix: Shhhh....
Evan: Whats the matter...
Felix: We must go.. I see him.. He don't know that there was survivor from Clan Fearuga..

*emits a great aura which would attrack a lot of attention*

Felix: *chases after Vladimilr*
Fenrir: What a great Aura... The Aura of Wills to Kill..
Felix: Platinum Bow !

*Shot alot of ice-elemental arrow at him*
Felix: *stopped* ?! What the hell.. He knew Instant Transmission...
Felix: I always thought that.. only my grandfather is able to master it...
Seiryuu: So he also did master it.. Just like you did...
Felix: Lets go back home... *which is in fact.. the hill behind the school*

*at the hill*
Felix: I hope the aura just now wouldn't attract unwanted guest to this area..
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 3/31/10 , edited 4/1/10
Arisa: -eyes still looking serious-
Rin: Hey! Why the long face? And where are we going to get some food?
Arisa: You just go to McDonalds or KFC (lolz) and buy us something to eat....You know Flora doesn't like any other food except fruits and vegies...
Rin: So your going into the forest?
Arisa: Where else?
Rin: Fine by me....-goes to find a nearby restaurant-
Arisa: -teleports herself to a forest ....super far away- -eyes looking furious+serious- I KNOW YOUR HERE!!! SHOW YOURSELF ALREADY!! OR YOUR TOO AFRAID OF ME....RYAN?
Ryan: -was suddenly on a rock- Well well...guess you cought me....and got the message...but I thought I told ALL of you?
Arisa: They ain't comin
Ryan: Texas or Youta?
Arisa: gggggrrrrr Shining Angel!! -pieces of sparkles shining blinding lights everywhere...too bright-
Rin: Hey? Wan't that Shining Angel? Nah! -suddenly watch on arm rings- -pushes on button...a video call- Oh hey Lisa!
Lisa: Where's Ris?
Rin: She went into the forest.
Rin: -hair like a porcupine and hat fell down to the ground- Woah woah woah! Who gave me the power to stop her? I thought she's the leader? -fixing hair and picking up her hat-
Lisa: Yes she is and she is holding a great responsibility.......remember that small fight? I got a message from Ryan saying for all of us Flora's guardians meet him at the most furthest forest in the outskirts of town.
Rin: Hey! Why didn't I know that?!
Lisa: I told Arisa and she told me not to tell anyone!
Rin: And you didn't say a word because.....?
Lisa: Because I promised!
Rin: Yeah yeah! I'm finding Ris!
Ran: I'm coming too!
Lisa: We all have to go! Wait a minute! Hey! How did Ran get next to you so fast?
Ran: Flora teleported me!
Lisa: Owh ...when I get my hands on you!
Rin: Hey hey no fighting here girls! Lisa teleport yourself using your vocals ok? Ran come with me
Lisa: bu-
Rin: -turns off watch-to-watch video call- Lets go! Use your fire to teleport there!
Ran: Sure thing! -summons staff- Door of Fire! -sticks the staff violently into the earth making an opening- Jump in! -jumps in-
Rin: Well at least I'm not allergic to fire. -jumps in and hole dissapears-

In the forest.....where Lisa and Flora are

Lisa: You rest first.....I'll be back
Flora: -sleeping soundly-
Lisa: -went into the thick forest- Vocal Door! -circles of vocals went into the air and opened a hole in the sky- Take me where Arisa is!
-jumps up and the hole dissapears-
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/7/10 , edited 4/8/10
Inside Saki's room; Still at Night time

Rena: You were being reckless earlier...
Rei: Obviously, if I didn't react quickly, you would've been trapped in darkness for eternity.
Saki: *ignores them and walks outside the room*
Rien: So let me get this straight, the seals in school were actually a bait for Saki?
Fleyr: And the one responsible for the massacre years ago was the mastermind...
Yin: Does this mean that person was after her? Well, that wouldn't make any sense, why wait for how many years to kill her when she was an easy-kill years back?
Rei: A challenge..?
Rena: No, I think he/she wanted to manipulate her and that the seals weren't really meant for her, he/she had just let his/her presence be known to fuel Saki's anger to lead her into thinking that he/she was behind those seals and trap her into the darkness. To complete his/her objective, he/she has put a little of his magic aura unto those seals.
Fleyr: Now the question is, who is really behind on those seals? Who is it for?
Yang: Well-
Rei: No, wait Rena...Before, when I stopped Saki from getting suck into the darkness, I felt that I stopped two dark spells. It's like the seals were after two persons.
Yang: *pouts* Well, maybe it was really after Saki..
Rien: He/she has an accomplice..? and that his/her accomplice made the seals while he/she infused his aura to lure Saki?
Yin: This means that there's another magic-user who can sense seals...Either that or one of his/her servants can sense seals like Rena..

Outside Saki's room by the Koi Pond; Still at Night time

Saki's thoughts: *staring at the night sky*

That darkness that tried to pull me back seems to have to two magical aura. It tried to take over my mind, the darkness almost consumed me. Those painful memories...

Saki: I wonder...if I hadn't been born in this family. Had I lead a normal life, far from this family's curse...?
?????: *chuckles* If that would happen that is...
Saki: *narrows pair of eyes* Black and White Magnificus

*summons a white and black ice crystals with her left and right hand respectively, crystals just afloat above her palms*

Saki: Show yourself.
?????: And let my guard down? Nope.
Saki: Who are you and why are you here?
?????: It's a shame that darkness wasn't able to capture you.
Saki: So you were the one responsible for the seals!
?????: I didn't say I was the one, but I know who..
Saki: This presence....Y-You!
?????: You just realized now? And I thought you accomplished a lot all these years. You've certainly grown stronger. Far from the little girl that I spared years ago..
Saki: Release!

*the black and white ice released outwards, destroying many things around her but not ?????*

?????: *chuckles* You're amusing as always. Nice talking to you, Later.
Saki: *felt that the presence already disappeared* I wasn't even able to hit him! I'm still too weak...
XXXXX: *hidden in the shadows* That's it...give in..Those negative feelings of yours..????? certainly did a good job. Heh.
Saki: *eyes becoming dull*
Rei: *comes out from the room with the others* I heard quite a ruckus here Saki.
Fleyr: What just happened?
Saki: None of your business. Just go to sleep. *passes between her servants and goes into her room to sleep*
Yang: Wah! Look!
Rien: Such destruction...Who made Saki do this damage?
Rena: I think it was because of that person. I felt a faint aura near Saki awhile ago but, I dismissed it.
Yin: How could you just dismiss it? We're her servants damn it! Any potential threat should be taken cared of..
Rena: Sorry...
Yang: C'mon you guys! STOP FIGHTING!
Rei: You do know, you'll wake up the neighborhood?
Fleyr: Let's just be more on guard alright?
All: *nods* Un.
Yang: I guess this is my job then~! Regeneration!

*returns all surroundings back to normal*

Inside Saki's room; Night

Saki: Still too weak..*her eyes are now completely dull*
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