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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/8/10
Arisa: -fell down- -holding her right arm which was hurt- I-I am not going to give up!! Fire Wave!!
-waves of fire attack Ryan-
Ryan: Is that all you got? -dodge and climbed up a tree-
????: Fire of Hell!! -fire from hell shoots towards Ryan making the tree burned-
Arisa: -looks behind her back- What are you guys doing here?!
Rin: We couldn't just let the leader fight while all of us ate McDonalds.... Crystal Tears! -tears of ice came out of her arm and shoots towards Ryan in bullet speed-
Lisa: Were a team Ris.....Never ever forget that..... Vocal Doom!! -screams sooooo loudly....making vocal circle's in the air going through Ryan-
Ran: And teammates stick together.....No Matter What!
Arisa: Minna....-eyes narrowed a bit- Let's kick his butt!!

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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/9/10
*..I'll skip over the night(for myself) ..*


Felix: Let's get the job done.. before those idiots arrive..
Seiryuu: What do you mean?
Felix: Let's remove the 'magical star' from the school compound..
Sef: Someone's already here..
Felix: That kid again.. He drew those 'magical star' eh.. He can put one star on the wall for less than 2 minutes...
Fenrir: Those were seals..
Felix: Why didn't the principal see it? Perhaps he like the 'stars', haha... Lets erase it...
Evan: Not now.. Later... I need breakfast..
Sef: Someone is still not awake..
Evan: *sweatdrops* Wake up.. KYOU!!
Kyou: I woke up long before you all.. that was a decoy...

*the sleeping Kyou become leaves*

Seiryuu: Here's the plan. We will unseal the school after class is over.. In the meantime.. we walk around the shops!!
PS Wrong Chara name.. I was rushing forgot to read 1st page for reference..

The New K-On Opening song is bad T_T
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/8/10 , edited 4/9/10
(O.O I wonder why Fleyr is already at school.)

Morning; In the Fuyuhana Household

Saki: I'm going. *monotone voice*
Yin: You're not going to eat any Saki? *no answer from Saki*
Yang: *eats very fast*
Fleyr: You know she seems to be acting weird..
Rien: Yeah, last night too. We should ask her if something's wrong.
Rei: Maybe, it's her month or something.
Rien: *glares at Rei*
Rei: What? It can be possible. *shrugs*
Rena: She'll probably be stubborn about it.
Fleyr: *nods and agrees*

Morning; School

Saki: *goes inside the classroom by her window seat*
Classmate 1: *gossips* Isn't that odd? She went to school alone.
Classmate 2: Isn't she supposed to be with her group or something?
Saki: *turns her head to the two people and stares at the eyes of Classmate 1*
Classmate 1: *stares at her dull eyes and suddenly got scared because he just foresaw his death*
Classmate 2: What's wrong?
Classmate 1: *fainted*
Classmate 2: H-Hey! What the- *carries Classmate 1 then raises an eyebrow at Saki*
Saki: *already turned away, facing the window*

Yang: *glomps Saki behind* Mou~! Why did you just left without eating breakfast Saki?
Yin: *removes Yang from Saki* She needs to breathe.
Saki: *stands up*
Rei: Where are you going?
Rien: Classes are about to start.
Saki: None of your business.
Fleyr: Is that all you can say?
Saki: *walks out which made the other students stare at them*
Rena: What are you looking at? *students stopped staring*
Yin: I think one of us should follow her.
Yang: *smiles*
Yin: No Yang, it's not you.
Yang: *pouts* Mou.
Rei: I'll do it. I'll just use Cloaking.
Rena: I'll make a Replica of the both of you then.

*All of them went into the empty hallways before the bell*

Rena: Soul - Replica!

*two neutral souls appeared and turned into Rei and Saki clones*

Rei: *nods* I'll be going now. *goes to where Saki is, after Rena told her of Saki's location and follows Saki*

*The ones left along with the clones went inside the room, as class starts*
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/10/10
(O.O Lolz, I never also listed the attacks or name of the spells that I did.)
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
Ryan: Nice shot everyone......too bad you missed....
Ran: Who said all of us missed?
Attacks: -mixed up into one and headed towards Ryan....hitting him with one blow-
Ryan: -suddenly vanishes-
Ryan(real): You guys have nice attacks.....too bad they were aiming at the wrong guy...-appears in front of them-
Flora: Ice Shreds! -isicles shoot at Ryan- The only one who will be fighting him is me....!
Ryan: Hey little sis.....long time no see -dodges the ice-
Flora: I am never your little sister!
Ryan: Really? I thought we had the same blood?
Flora: Not if you keep on doing the wrong things! Ice Crystal! -crystals of ice shoot towards Ryan-
Ryan: -dodges but missed one and got hit on his right leg- Urgh!
Flora: That ice won't melt for 1000 years....
Ryan: Without any fire it would! I guess you forgot? Fire Wrecker -a burst of fire plasma shoots from Ryan (Like a supernova explosion) and hitting and melting everything in its path-
Flora: This is the reason why the people in our village left you in shame......your's not being used the right way....
Ryan: And they adored you because you gave them food??!! Get real! You can't even attack your own brother! Fire Teleportation! -fire circles around Ryan and vanishes along with him-
Arisa: Now that was hot!
Rin: Don't tell me you've fallen in love with Flora' brother?!
Arisa: I think you've lost some of your wires from your itsy bitsy brain! I meant his fire! It was hotter than Ran's!
Ran: Hey! Mine is hotter!!
Flora: -stares the place where Ryan teleported himself with watery eyes- Onee-san.....
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 4/10/10 , edited 4/10/10
*walking on street*

Ken: ..Shhh.. Him again...
Sef: Why are you so steady..
Ken: Shhh....He's with someone...
Evan: It's just a kid..
Ken: That kid took part in the tournament also..see his servants? There.. the two behind Reiox(Vladimilr's servant)
Ken: Lets go.. Knock him down...
Fenrir: Cranium Breaker... *blinks at the back on Vladimilr and hit him on the head* (1 Magic)
Ken: Knock the kid down too..

KID A: What the.. Aku-niisan!
Sef: Barrel Strike, hit the KID A with the back of the katana with a unique pattern.. (1 Phy. Att)
*at the same time of Sef's attack... Fenrir retreated*
Ken: Come on.. Sef.. RETREAT....

*We retreated back to the hill behind the school... Reoix and the two servants didn't chase*
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/13/10 , edited 4/14/10
School's Rooftop; Morning

Rei: *watches Saki* I wonder what she's up to.

Saki: *jumps on the railings and waits for something*
Rei: Wait...don't tell me.
Saki: *sees a black circle then jumps towards it*
Rei: Saki!
Saki: *looks back at where Rei stands but sees no one* Mystical Wings!

*2 pairs of wings appeared on her back, the first pair was black and appeared in between her shoulder blades and the second pair, below the first, was white.*

Saki: *flies to the circle and enters, then disappears the same time as the circle*
Rei: Tsk. I have to get the others. *runs back to the classroom*

Classroom; Morning

Rei: *opens the door*
Teacher and Other students: *stared between the Rei clone and Rei*
Yin: *nods* Butterfly Illusion!

*The others fell asleep except the servants*

Yang: Ne~ Ne~ What happened Rei?
Rei: Saki vanished into a black circle.
Rien: Why didn't you stop her then?
Rei: I was observing her for at least a few feet away.
Rien: Even so, you're the fastest among us and I know you can even reach her quickly if you did.
Fleyr: Rien, calm down. Let her finish.
Rei: It wasn't my fault, Saki suddenly jumped to that circle. Even before that, the circle seemed to paralyzed my movements when it appeared.
Rena: Let's head there to figure it out. I might be able to open that circle you were talking about.
Fleyr: Right. *nods*
Yin: Before that, we should make clones for ourselves, they will wake up anytime soon and I don't want to waste my power using "Amnesia" on them. It's enough that they thought of seeing two Reis just in their dreams.
Rena: Okay. Soul - Replica!

*clones for the others with the exception of Rei and Saki's appeared and took their seats as the servants left to go to the rooftop, just in time before the other wake up*
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/14/10
Flora: Come on....We must hurry....
Ran: To where?
Flora: Home (which was in quincedence, near Ken's hill behind the school)
Arisa: No...I sense a present there....A soul...just did something bad to a child....-eye's pure white-
Rin: Uuuummmm Ris? You ok??
Lisa: -eyes pure white- The child's soul.....screaming in fright...
Ran: Hey! What's going on here??!!
Flora: It's their specialty...Their like angels from above...Able to sense souls but not help them...
Rin: No way! But why me and Ran don't have it?
Flora: Twins can't be blessed with these power's.....not even an immortal human...
Arisa: -eyes turning to normal-
Lisa: -eyes turning normal- head....-faints-
Ran: Kyyyaaaaa!!
Flora: No! It's ok....they just have a headache....that's all...Ran...I'm sure you can carry them with your fire?
Ran: -nods- -creates a fire which was flat and floats-
Rin: -carry them onto the fire- Where we going..?
Flora: It's nearly guys take them to the forest to cure them..I have to go to school...
Ran: Ok...
Rin: Sure...Your late again...arent you?


Flora: This feeling...dark energy....-sees Saki's servants- You guys look familiar....Have we met before? And you guy's look pretty worried?
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/14/10 , edited 4/15/10
( Flora, you and your charas went upstairs on the rooftop..? You did saw the servants right? ^^'

School Rooftop; Afternoon

Rei: Yeah, you're the magic-user who interrupted the fight a night ago.
Rena: Before we spill anything, how can we trust you? You're another magic-user.
Yin: In addition, you're participating in the Holy Grail Tournament, being you as a magic-user.
Yang: Mou~ Can't we just-
Rien: *covers Yang's mouth and whispers to her: Please learn when to shut up.*
Fleyr: Whoa, guys...Don't go all berserk now. Perhaps, this person knows something about this.
Yang: *nods*
Rien: Are you saying that we should trust her right away?
Fleyr: Calm down. I'm just saying..
Rena: Alright, I'm going to trust you.
Others: What?!
Rena: Though, if you do act suspicious, we won't hesitate to take on offense and attack you.
Rei: Tch, but that doesn't mean all of us trust you. Rena, maybe but not me.
Rena: Anyways, while you explain to her some of the details. I'm going to try to open it. *summons sword* Summon Soul: Realm Reaper

*summons the said soul and puts it inside her body, as the sword turns into scythe*

Rena: *goes to where the circle appeared, which Rei explained to her before going to the rooftop* A black circle...Hmm, I might need to shift attributes to open the circle. Black Magic..huh? *chants something and then the scythe's blade turned black around the edges*

Others: *explains to Flora of what had occured on the rooftop awhile ago*

Rena: *cuts the air using her scythe and opens a realm* Yang! Now!

Yang: *nods*Pure Barrier!

*makes a white magic attribute barrier for each person*

Rena: Well, this it?
Rei: Yeah, it's the same..
Rena: Then, let's get a move on.
Everyone: *jumps into the opening and gets transported to where Saki is*

Fleyr: Where are we?

Crystal Cave; Afternoon

Rena: Yang, don't put down the barriers yet. This whole place is covered in black magic with intense energy. So intense, that any servant would suffocate (not literal) or would be put into a weak state.
Rien: Why did Saki go to this place?
Yin: We don't know yet...but, better not to let your guard down
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/16/10
(No only me....^^)

Flora: I-I've been to this place before.....Th-this place....-fell on knees; holding chest- Th-this cave leads to Th-the Realm of Forgotton Past's......I-i used to come here before...U-urgh! -eye's closed tightly; faints-


Ran: Have any idea's?
Rin: -takes out a month non-washed sock- This?
Ran: -karate style- Your nuts!!!!
Lisa: -slowly wakes up; shakes head- Urgh! My head! Where am I?
Ran: -stops quarelling with Rin- You finally woke up!!
Arisa: What are you guys doing?
Other's: -look from the real Arisa to the one sleeping- O.O
Arisa: I didn't fainted actually....-sleeping Arisa vanished-
Rin: A decoy......Wait! If you weren't the one to faint? Then who was that?
Ran: Wind = Solid right?
Arisa: Yup....-fell on knees; holding chest- urgh...
Lisa: -holding chest- -breathes heavily-
Ran ; Rin: -hold chest- this feeling.....urgh...she...must have went in there again...
Arisa: No......
Servants: -faint-

If something happened to the bearer of these servants' , involving their hearts and feelings, it will effect the servants well to me....i dunno about you
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/16/10
*Hill* (where I can get full view of the school)

Felix: Wow... there is a hole on the roof.. Lets go check it out.. someone fell into it..

*reaches the rooftop*
Felix: It was no roof... Just a big star... Let me see if I can fall in too ^^
Sef: It is a bad idea...

Felix: Awesome..I am rich..
Fenrir: Great source of power
Evan: Black Magic... *Barrier of Defiant* (1 Mag)
Felix: I am immune to this naturally.... Hey, someone(Flora) was sleeping there.
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/18/10
Crystal Cave; Same time

Rena: *notices another batch of people* Hey, what are you doing here?
Yang: Ah! *points at Felix* You're that magic-user the other night!
Yin: *punches the head* It's rude to point.
Fleyr: Let's just keep going, I'm carrying Flora. *carries Flora in a piggyback ride*
Yang: Matte~! I'll push the dark energy out her mind. It seems the Black Magic around here can also penetrate the mind. Radiant Reminiscence !

*points two fingers on her forehead, then a bright circle came out and encircle Flora's head before expanding and completely disappearing*

Rien: Rena, found her yet?
Rena: My souls are being blocked by something. After this long path, there is a fork that you have to choose one of the three paths. Even though they knew where to go, they kept being blocked by something. They should be immune to Black Magic.
Rei: Maybe, I could do it by scent instead?
Rena: No, somebody probably want us to go there ourselves without any plan at all...
Rei: Tch, I don't like this at all.
Fleyr: Instead of complaining, we should move now. We have a long way to go. Let's just plan something on the way.

Same Crystal Cave, In Another Area

Saki: I need more power. *touches a purple crystal* I want to get stronger. *gets pulled inside the said crystal*
?????: *chuckles and touches the purple crystal that swallowed Saki* My dear princess...gets swallowed by her own darkness..
XXXXX: *pats ?????* We have visitors.
?????: Oh? Should I go?
XXXXX: Let's just watch them.

Inside the Purple Crystal

Saki: *limbs got wrapped around by chains and was channeled with dark energy and went unconscious*

* Alone



I have always been alone.

Friends meant nothing to me.

After all, getting close to me means getting hurt.

Those voices, who seem to expect a lot of from me...such a bunch of liars.

They weren't really happy when I was born, they fear me because of my power.

They just want to use me as their weapon and might.

I've always been the bad luck.

The massacre happened because of me.

I'm the one causing misery to other people who became close to me.

I should've been killed years ago already yet, he spared me.

Because I'm what? Weak? Useful?

Heh, that's the harsh reality of life...after all. *

*Memories entered Saki's head playing like a broken CD, repeating the same track over and over again*

(Lolz. things got dramatic...I knew I shouldn't have watched Pandora Hearts yesterday...=_=')

Edited: Sorry about that Flora ^^'

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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/17/10
(Lolz XD)

Crystal Cove (Is it cove or cave? Im getting confused.....)

Flora: -slowly wakes up- Urgh....were still here? If memory recalls we should be there by now.....-on feet again- Yang wasn't it? Thx for the help And Fleyr if I am correct? You too.....The truth is the same thing happened to me when I was spying on my brother servant's were with me back then...they were affected too but one of them managed to make an attack that repeled all those black magic.....Wait! If ur owner went in here then......-remembers the past- We have to stop her!! by the way souls will get lost in this place so you can send back ur souls Rena...souls cant do anything in here except attack and defense.....I know becoz I saw one of my brother's servants try that......he was like ur twin Rena.....-saw a black door with a black star on it the door was mediveal time's castle door- Were here......Guys Im advising u not to come in.....It's for you and your owners good....Just let me and that other guy -Felix- go in and -yell- You can come too!! but you cant take ur servants !! It's for ur own good!

-Says in heart- Or they'll be incenerated.....just like my brother's servants......
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/18/10
(Sorry, it's cave. I edited it already ^^')
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24 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
Felix: What is this cave doing here?
Seiryuu: ARGH *headache*

*recalled the time when the summon occured*
Seiryuu: This cave... My memories..
Kyou: *unaffected* Its the.. Realm of Forgotten Past..

*all charas except Kyou had memories recalled*

Felix: Hey.. . What are you all doing
Kyou: Recalling their memories... Forced...
Felix: I'm unaffected?
Kyou: ..Yeah.. I wonder why... Oh I know... That aura....
Felix: I've been here before.. didn't I? This is the Realm of 'fairytale'.. It gives fake memories to cause confusion..
Kyou: *realizes* Yeah.. There is no such place as Realm of Forgotten Past.. It's the Realm of Confusion'
Felix : Yeah...Diablo's realm... Remember the first day of the tournament..
Kyou: Your first defeat.. in this place...
Felix: I wouldn't lose twice to the same person... Lets find him...
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