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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
Outside the Medieval Door; Near Night time

Rena: Like me...?
Rei: *clenches fist* Kuso, We can't even do anything!
Yin: Just remain calm Rei, let's just hope they can do it.
Rien: So we have to trust those guys?! What if-
Fleyr: Now, Now...Just calm down,we shouldn't be reckless and just rush in. We have to figure out a way to enter without dying.
Yang: Maybe...I can repel the black magic?
Rei: No, Yang, we won't take any chances.
Rien: What are we supposed to do?
Rena: Just wait and trust them. We can all hope that Saki's alright.

In the Other Area; Same time

?????: I think it's about time for them to arrive.
XXXXX: *nods* And besides...the process is about to end...

Inside the Purple Crystal

Saki: *playback of memories*

"Wah! Sugoi, Onee-chan. Teach me! I want to control my magic just like yours."

"Eh...? Onee-chan, where are you going? Onee-chan! Onee-chan! Don't leave me alone."

"It's that girl."

"Freak! You're a monster."

"Why would we play with the devil's child?"

"Bad Luck! Bad Luck!"

"Ah, She's really a great child. She's the one!" 'Such a scary child...we better get on her good side.'

"You're that child..." 'I'll let you live for now, you might become a useful tool to me.'



I don't know what to do anymore...

I'm so useless...

My magic is just scary...but not powerful..

Such a weakling...
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10
Outside the Medieval Door; Night time

Flora: Yes, like you..correction..exactly like you..somehow your way of talking, act and powers is somehow exactly the same as him....
Flower Hurricane! -flower's twirl all around me and finally to Saki's servant's ; creating a barrier around them- If these flower's wilter and the barrier power's guy's have to find a way to get in.. Gold Ice -golden ice grows on the door ; covering it- Mind if you break it? (Felix) If I knew your name it would be better...(Lolz) -the white barrier broke into small shards ; I was walking towards the door , on thin air- Don't worry.....There's actually a floor here but you can't touch it...any part of this Twilight Castle is forbidden for any servant's to touch...Everyone just stay in Yang's barrier...-notices an almost full blue moon above the castle- The Transformation will be complete in just a matter of time! We have to hurry!


Arisa: -wakes up- She must have woke up...
Rin: Your right! -hold a tray of water for everyone- Hehhehe your the last to wake up Ris!
Lisa: Wait! If she woke up then there might be other people with her!
Ran: You maybe right Lis-chan!!
Arisa: What ever are we going to do?!
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25 / F / My Dream
Posted 6/3/10 , edited 6/3/10
Have you guys noticed? Every RP that I play in I would be seperated with my charas! ^^
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