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L E S S O N - 2 : Basic Sentences.

well, actually this is more lik the first lesson.
Because the previous thread was about the 4 types of wordings.

- Hiragana
- Katakana
- Kanji
- Romanji

well~ this lesson is gonna be about the basic sentences you use daily (:

No: いいえ iie
Yes: はい hai
Nice to meet you: 初めまして hajimemashite

** Please do nt mix " 始めまして " with " 初めまして " !!
It's totally out of point. because 始めまして means your first time!
Lik 始めて !

Hello: どうも doomo
Goodbye: さようなら sayounara

!: ようこそ!youkoso!

Good Morning
: おはよう/おはようございます ohaiyou (gozaimasu)
Good Afternoon: こんにちわ konnichiwa
Good Evening: こんばんわ konbanwa
Good Night: おやすみ/おやすみなさい oyasumi (nasai)

Thank you: ありがとう/ありがとうございます arigatou/arigatougozaimasu
You're welcome: どう いたしまして dou itashimashite
Please (as request) : お願い/お願いします onegai/onegaishimasu
Please (offering) : どうぞ doozo
Sorry: ごめん/ごめなさい gomen/gomenasai
My bad: 悪い warui
Excuse me: すみません sumimasen

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thz they r useful
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