Post Reply ~ S U U P A ~ M O D S ~
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/13/10
We're excited that you've thought about modding for Suupa Kukki! If you're ready to stop just thinking about it, fill out this form below.

*Before continuing understand unactive mods will be deleted as mods.
** All mods must support the group by inviting all their buddies once approved.

  • What kind of mod are you applying for? (Invite Mod, Graphic Mod, Forum Mod, Afilliates Mod)
  • Why are you qualified for this position
  • Why do you want to mod for SK?

  • *** Mod Descriptions ***
    Invite Mod; responsible for inviting new people to the club and helping regular members stay acitve by means of contests etc.
    Graphic Mod; responsible for making new avi's on a regular basis and any other graphics at will or as needed.
    Forum Mod; monitors the forums for fair and appropriate content, answers posts; adds new strings at will to keep members active.
    Affiliates Mod; responsible for finding groups to host our name on their page and in return we will do the same for them.

    Thanks for your consideration, please stay active in the group and someone will get back to you on your application.
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