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for those times i feel like and can actually finish a oneshot story (;
V V I'll make it prettyful later >.>
I'm lazy with codes today XD
OneShot Uno ♥

~ ♥ {ⓄⓝⓔⓈⓗⓞⓣ} ♥ {Sousoukyoku Nightmare} ✩ {Watashi no Hatto} ✩ {Baku} ♡
Translation: ♥ {OneShot} ♥ {Nightmare of the Funeral March} ✩ {My Hat} ✩ {Baku} ♡
"I really should just give up..." I sighed, looking out the train window. "It's not like i'm any good at basket ball..."

I sighed and walked off the train stop. "Huh...?" I looked up to see a store, "Isn't this my stop?" I looked around.

Nothing but a desert in sight. Looking behind, I couldn't even see the train nor the train station I had just gotton off. "Is that...?" I looked a little more closer, it was a shop.

"Arie...s?" I ran up to the front door, reading the 'Open' sign next to me. The front seemed, plain, but welcoming. I pushed through the door. The bell jingled as I entered, "Hello? Is anyone here?"

My eyes caught sight to a little basketball keychain on the table. I walked over to it, ignoring all the antiques to the side of me and picked it up, "It's so pretty." I watched it twinkle under the light.

"Good day, welcome to Aries,"

I jumped up to see a boy, sitting on the table. Raggy, ripped up coat, with a dress shirt and black tie. Boots below his knees. It was as if he was a boy witch. Specially with his ha-

"AH! Where'd you get your hat?! It's so cute!" I squealed, stealing his hat off his head.

"What in th-" He stared in disbelief at his meal that had just taken away his hat, placing it on her own head. 'Who does this girl think she is?' He twitched as she twirled around.

"Do you have a mirror?" I grinned looking at him. He looked at me and then shook his head.

'This is going to be my meal...?' He sighed and glared at the scared stuffed animals. They looked at him scared, shaking.

He took in a deep breath, "This shop sells antiques and knickknacks." He smiled. "It seems to me you found what you're looking for." His eyes looked at the basketball keychain.

I looked at him, showing up the keychain I held. One hand held it up while the other clung the hat to my head, "Kore?" [This?]

He nod, "The Chain of Hope."


He glanced at the stuffed animals.

"AH, KAWAII!" I grinned and hugged the stuffed animals.

'...This is really....failing,' He groaned. "It's a chain that has controls over your hope,"

I looked back at him.

"You'll be taking it won't you?" He smiled, bringing up his wand as I looked at the chain.

"However, as your payment," He tapped the wand against the key chain.

"Hey, I never-"

"I'll take your dreams," He smirked, raising his wand up. Black leaves spread across the room.



I reached out, only to fall to the ground. I stared at the ground, the keychain laying there. "Was this a day...dream...?" I got up, grabbing the key chain. I reached up to scatch my head, only to find the hat I had stolen from the boy.

"No...if it was, why would I still have his hat?" I shook my head, and looked around. "Better get to school," I started walking away.

-- [Well I think it's a flashback, still a little confused about this manga XD]

"AH, SHE STOLE MY HAT WHILE GOING INTO A FLASHBACK?!" The guy panic-ed, running around the shop.

"Calm down..." The stuffed elephant turned into a girl. Long hair, curled out bangs. "She'll be here soon, shush."

"Yeah!" The stuffed tiger, turned into a young girl. Her hair in two short braids.

The stuffed cow and rhino just shook their heads, turning into humans. The tiger became a boy, deep black hair and the rhino became a nerdy looking boy. [Im so lazy with description xD]


"Hey, Mimika~!"

I looked up to see my best friend...from...elementary?


"Don't you have your game today? You should get to practice!" Mimisu smiled and gave a signal for me to quickly go.

"You can't play at all? Why are you even playing?!"


"Just give it up!"

I shut my eyes tightly and turned around, opening the door, only to reappear back in the store. "Huh...?" I looked around, the same store I was in before.

"Mister!" The little girl called, coming into the store.

I stared at the little girl.

"Good afternoon!" The boy smiled.

"I'd like a keychain! One with a basketball!" The little girl grinned, holding onto her backpack.

"Ah, i'm sorry, we're sold out today," He apologized.

The little girl frowned. "Here you can have mines," I said, crouching down and giving her my keychain.

"Miss...this is no good..." The little girl stated.

"There's no basketball on here," She held it up to my eye sight. It held a pitch black ball.

"No- No way, I swear it was a basketball!" The boy smirked.

"Your chain seems to have quite a few nightmares," The boy stated.

"You have a love of basketball don't you, miss?" The little girl asked. I looked at her and nod. "That's amazing! I want to be a famous basketball player too!"

I stared wide eyed at the little girl. 'I remember now..' I stared at her. 'That's me when I was little...'

"When I grow up, I want to be a famous basketball player!" A mini me grinned, throwing my fist up into the air.

"I hope you do, Mimika!" Mimisu smiled.

"And when I do, i'll be sure to have you there, Mimisu~!"

The keychain started having white smoke seep from it. "W-What?!" I gasped. A black blanket surrounded me.

"Hm...the true form of your nightmares is "the games of your hope." The surrounding hope stained your nightmares.." He smiled. 'Maybe they did pick a good person...' "They will devour you." My eyes widen.

Faces appeared in the darkness and reached out to grab me.

I started shaking, "No...Nononono!"

"Pause," He said, whiping out his wand.

The darkness stopped. "They...stopped?" I choked.

"Stopping them temporarily. This is the extent of what I can do..." He said. "When the light disappears, so does the darkness. The presence of darkness is proof that you hold the light. Come, hurry and find it."

'My...light?' I took in a deep breath, and stood up. "I wouldn't back down any more...i'll live through to get to my dream!" The darkness backed away. "I wouldn't get down to to negative comments." They disappeared more and more. "I wouldn't get upset because my closest friend hates." Little pieces of darkness was left. "I will become a basketball player!" I hugged the miniature me.

Little black petals surrounded us.

"Well then, we shall burry your burdens," The boy smiled and raised his wands.

"Okay~!" All the four of the used to be animals grinned and pulled their hands in. A pearl on their palms glowed. "Recovery." All of the black petals were sucked into the pearl.

"It....disappeared..." I whispered.

"Miss!" The little girl grinned and handed me my keychain, "Don't forget it!" She smiled and then ran out the store.

I smiled and looked at the boy. "Bleh~" He stuck his tongue out with the black ball sticking on the tongue. "Without a doubt, we received your nightmare," He smiled and walked over to me. "We'll be-" His hand hovered over to his hat

"Wait!" I called out as he stopped, just as his hand landed on my head. "I'm soon as you finish that sentance, it'll be as if nothing happened," I took in a deep breath. "I don't want to be as if nothing happened." I gripped on his shirt, "Can I stay?"

"Don't you have a dream?" He asked, placing his hand on my wrist. "To be a basketball player?"

I looked at him, "Yes..."

"Then no," He stated clearly, taking my hands off him.


"No, and that's final," He sighed.

"Come on, Baku, let her," [I dont think they have real names so..] Tiger smiled.

"It's always nice to have another person around," Rhino grinned.

"Eh, whatever," Elephant muttered.


Baku laughed, "Alright, fine."

I smiled and hugged him, "Thank you."

"Now can I have my hat back?" Baku asked.

"Noh," I smiled.

Words: 1335
Wow OwO long-ish oneshot i ever did XD
{About 4 pages o_o}

OneShot Dos
[Also called OneShot RandomFailTragedy]

{ⓄⓝⓔⓈⓗⓞⓣ} ☁ {Old Times} ☁ {Pokemon} ✦ {Volkner} ✦

OwO Plot based & Request by Kokochan C:
Plot + Characters by Kinnie C:

"Hypnosis," She muttered, watching her precious Haunter, quickly dodging Jolteon's Iron Tail. Haunter stopped for a second, and used Hypnosis.

Jolteon, almost out of breath, looked at Haunter and then the Hypnosis coming at him, "Jolteon, dodge!" Barely dodging, Jolteon landed a few feet in front of its trainer, Volkner. "Not bad," He smirked. "Never had such an exciting battle in a while."

Mira laughed, "Maybe because those trainers don't know what their doing." Haunter laughed along with its trainer. "Hallow, return!" [LOL BLEACH REFERENCE MUCH? Hollow :D] She called back, returning Haunter back into its pokeball. "Take a break, I might need you later," She whispered and grabbed another pokeball.

"Jolteon, you gonna be okay?" Volkner asked, as Jolteon looked at its trainer and nod, weakly. Volkner sighed and grabbed Jolteon's pokeball, "Return, you need a break." Looking at Mira, while grabbing another pokeball, he smirked.

"Let's go, Raichu!//Come on, Rika!"

Raichu and Pikachu came onto the battlefield. Mira snickered, "This will be fun, right Rika?" Her Pikachu looked at Mira and nod, grinning.

"Memories," Volkner grinned, "You think you can still beat them, Raichu?" Raichu looked at its childhood friend Pikachu and then nod.

"Pft, you wish," Mira smirked, "Rika, volt tackle!"

"Pika~!" Pikachu sped across the field, only glimpses of him were seen.

"Raichu, counter it with charge beam!"

"Rai!" Raichu took in a quick, deep breath and began charging up a beam.

"Too slow," Mira smirked as Pikachu went straight on at Raichu.

"As if," Just as Pikachu leaped into the air and aimed at Raichu, Raichu let out a beam.


Pikachu, unable to react to the charge beam was hit directly on.

"Critical hit!" The refreree, or rather, Flint called out.

Pikachu came tumbled to the ground, knocked out. "Rika!"

"Pikachu is knocked out, Raichu wins!" Flint called, raising a red flag, signaling Raichu's win.

"Teh, looks like we're tied," Mira stated.

"Yep, you guys are, tied with two pokemons knocked out," Flint called out. "This last battle will be a double team."

"Double team, eh?" Mira placed her finger on her chin, thinking of which pokemon to use.

"While your thinking..." Volkner threw up a pokeball after returning Raichu. "Go, Luxray, Electivire!" Luxray, stretched as he came out of his pokeball.

"Luxrayyy~" He yawned and looked at Mira.

"Electrivire~!" Electivire [I seriously don't know what sound this guy makes .LOL] rawr-ed.

"Aww, the little Shinx grew up into a Luxray?" Mira grinned, tempted to run onto the battlefield and hug the Luxray.

"Reunion later, battle now, Mira," Flint reminded.

"Alright, Alright," She grabbed two pokeballs and threw them up into the air. "Quan, Chii, let's go~!"

Quilava and Pidgeot came out of the pokeballs, "Quilll/Pidge~!"

"Let's do this," Mira grinned, bringing her hat, that looked so much like Ash's hat from the Indigo league [LOL AWESOME REFERENCE C;] except blue and white, back.

"Ladies first~"

"As you wish~," Mira grinned, "Quan, Flamewheel at Luxray! Chii, Aerial Ace at Electivire!"

"Luxray, use Ice Fang to counter! Electivire use Fire punch to count!" Volkner called out.

As Luxray bit Quilava with Ice Fang, steam quickly rose around the room, disabling all sight. An explosion was caused by the impact of Pidgeot's Aerial Ace and Fire punch. Unable to see, Mira and Volkner waited for the steam to clear, to see who will win.

Mira closed her eyes and smiled.


Mira opened back her eyes, looking around. "Isn't this..."

"You finally beat me in a battle!" A laughter was heard. She quickly looked around, wondering where the voice was.

" you have to go?"

"I'm sorry, Mira, it's an opportunity to have more exciting battles!"

"...We'll see eachother one day, right?"

"Don't worry, we will. I promise."

Mira opened her eyes, just to realize she was on her knees, clutching onto her hands tightly. The steam still hasn't cleared, yet she heard attacks being called, and explosions here and there. "Q-Quan!"

Her Quilava came by her side in seconds, looking at her, worried.

"I only got one badge..."

"Don't worry~! You'll be in my gym in no time!"

"But..I barely managed to even get this would you know?"

"Don't bring yourself down, Mira! Wasn't it your dream to be a part of the elite four?"

"Yes, but,"

"No buts! You can do it!"


"Quilava..." Mira hugged her dear pokemon. "Use flamethrower on me."

Quilava looked in shock at his owner's request, and shook his head in disagreement.


"Hi! I'm Mira!"

"Hi, Mira, I'm Volkner."

"Nice to meet you, Volkner!"

She hugged Quilava.

"Miss...Mitsuya, correct?"


"I suspect Team Rocket is after you. We wo-"

"I understand."

"Quan, you know, it's time, don't you?"


"Mira! Why?"

Mira looked up, to see the smoke had cleared and Volkner, Luxray, Electivire, and Pidgeot were surrounding her. She slowly got up and looked at Volkner. "Team Rocket is after me," Was all she had to say.


~ About 3 pages
Words: 802

[I now say this is the randomest death scene ever LOLLLL XD]

Dx This has got to be the failest and most randomest ... sad ish story ever. LOL. I fail at tragedy. XD

And I know death totally doesn't seem to fit pokemon all together o_o

{ⓄⓝⓔⓈⓗⓞⓣ}♬ Dream after Dream ♬ {Yamada Ryosuke}
{My first Song fic}

[LOL I made it sound so depressing ;w; sorry ~]

wakin' up from a dream but the wounds stay
would I still be able to smile today, being the way I was that day,
the dream is now the past, but pushin' past the past
i'm thrown into yet another one fast

She closed her eyes, sighing deeply.
Another day, another wasted moment of her life was gone.
All of reality seemed to hit her hard on the head.
But she wanted her dreams to be true,
where he held onto her tightly and whispered those words;
those words that could only be said by him only.

How those dreams had affected her in the past.
Pushing it farther and farther as she progressed on with her worthless days.
She always stayed cheerful though,
went to school, laughed, had fun, learned.
But I guess no one really understood that pain inside her.

happy just being with each other
kissing whenever we wanna
holding each other whenever we both feel like it
that was all we needed to be happy

But even when she got it all,
her and him together;
it felt...wrong.
As if he wasn't the one for her.


"Hai, Michi-chan?" [Yes?]

"I don't think....he's right for me..."

He looked at her; wanting to say 'I told you so,' but resisted. "If you think that, why not break up with him?" He wrapped his arm around her, bringing her into a gentle, friendly hug. He loved her, but she just never realized it.

She nearly tripped as she was pulled into a hug. A chuckle escaped Yamada's lips. Oh how he wished she realized it.


"Thanks for walking me home, Yama-chan!" She smiled, turning around to face him just as she reached her front door.

Yamada smiled, "I always do." Because he was her best friend, atleast that was what she thought. He walked with her because he was in love with her, wanting to spent every waking moment with her.

"Thanks!" She replied, cheerfully. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

He nod, "Alright. See you tomorrow."


His heart fluttered as a thin line of blush appeared onto his cheeks. "Bai-bai."

so since when
have the words we used to exchange stopped reaching
forgetting the times when they did
realizing too late that we've hurt one another

She was all he needed to be happy.
She didn't realize that until he was taken into business.
She barely saw him, barely spoke with him.
Barely wished to see him again, because,
she couldn't risk herself being hurt.

She knew that there were millions of girls in love with him.
She knew there was no way he could love her.
So why continue to try?

Yamada seemed to feel pain as he woke up.
And as he went to bed,
and all of those times inbetween.
He just wished to be like the old times.
Where it didn't hurt that much being with her.
Atleast back then, he was with her.

He was lost in his own schedual;
he had no time for her.
No time for anything except his school work, concerts, singles, practices.
There was just no way he could make some free time.
No way at all.

even so
there's still a part of me that refuses to give in
but it's not cuz of love
it's just cuz i don't wanna lose

So, he refused to give up on her,
Even if one day she came home with a boy and stated;
"This is my boyfriend."
He just didn't want to lose his first love.
He didn't want to lose his girl.
Not one bit.

waking from a dream right into another one

Michiko's pale eyes looked around the empty streets. The lights above her flickered on and off as if it didn't know to say lit or not.

Her eyes reached familiar brown haired boy. [...He is browned haired right? LOL I'm so sorry ;w;]


She recieved no reply; quickly taking a step forward. Only to have everything surrounding her change.

A familiar home, a calm red carpet and deep cream color wall reminded her of whose house this was.

It was his.

And that was when it hit her.
She loved him.

dream after dream
to hell with him I say
i'm not doing this just to look back
i just wanna become stonger than i am now

So, to Yamada,
when she really did come home with a boy;
stating this was her boyfriend,
he was hurt.

He was jealous.
Mad, upset, stupid.
Because atleast that boy had the courage to admit his feelings,
he was jealous that, that boy could express it and he, himself couldn't.

Oh, how he wished everything was a dream.
Just one dream after another.
So that he would still have that chance,
to tell her those words he always wanted to say.

dream after dream
love, heartbreak, and crying over it
i wanna get past the pain and be perfectly
reborn into a new person whoa whoa

Years and years passed,
and that guy was still with her.
He remembered his name clearly,
it was imprinted in his head;
the boy who took his first love.

He just wanted the past to disappear,
and he could finally sleep without missing her.
Finally dream without seeing her,
become a person as if she never exsisted in his life.

Heh, as if.

-Cuts song LOL- [I apparently don't like long songs XD]

all the things that were near me, all the things that I had, all the things that i've lost
all the things that's left after everything else has spilled over, all is now my reality
the dream is now the past, but it's time to push past the past,
seek out the light and...throw it at it with all you've got!

He gently rubbed Michiko's back as she sobbed into his shirt.

"'s's okay..."


"It's's okay...Michiko, I'm here..." He hummed quietly into her ears.

"I'" She muttered, laying her head on his shoulder.

"No your-"

"I am."

"You are not."

Michiko got up and was about to leave. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips.


"I'm so-"

"I love you."

He said it.
A rush of relief came through his body as the words flowed through his mouth.
His heart felt lighter.

just those words had brought her by his side.
He managed to make it through the painful memories of the past.

"I love y-" Michiko tripped over the invisible rock. And this time, she was standing. She accidently knocked over herself and Yamada. They both laughed.

"Mommmy, what are you doing?"

Ah, it was worth going through those painful dreams of the past.
Just got to get through dreams after dreams.

[Word count With song lyrics ; 1124
Without; 882]

Cheezits @[email protected] 3 days work ;~; First song fic; don't think it ended that well...i think I made Yama-chan too OOC ish ;w;

{Secret Santa Gift <3} -Something So Small- {Merry christmas!}

"Shizuo?" Saki's small petite hands lightly came on top of the blonde haired boy. Her lips rose to a gentle, small smile.

The annoyed boy turned his head lightly to face her, giving a bored stare, "What is it?"

"Could we...go out tonight? I know you don't like crowds and all but...the Christmas festival is here and ...!" She lost her words as she stared back into the dull brown eyes. His eyes were blank and contain nothing. It caused herself nervousness; immediately bringing her fingers up to twirl a bit of her hair. A simple habit she gained when she met him.


She nearly jumped in complete shock when she heard his reply, "Really?!" She wrapped her arms around him, grinning.

He said nothing but got up and lightly grabbed her wrist, tugging her towards the upper town of Ikebukuro.


"S-Shizuo?" Saki called out as she scrambled across the festive field, looking for the blond boy. Just a half an hour ago, she had her hand grasped into his and within the next second she had lost him in the crowds. She quickly passed in and out of the small stands, selling fans, toys, dango, chocolate bananas (Which she had to take a stop for due to her love of them ~ ♥) and tons of games; not once did she spot him.

“Ah, look! SAKI-NEEEEEE~~!”

Saki turned to only face with a smaller blond hairs boy. A bright grin was faced towards her as he let go of the hand he was holding and ran over into Saki’s opened arms. “Ah, Kida-chan~ you’ve grown so big since I last saw you!”

The little eight year old only grinned before running to grab onto his mother’s hand, “Ah, Saki-chan. Nice to see you here.” The older woman smiled kindly down towards Saki and then towards her son.

“You too, Masaomi-san,” Saki smiled and ruffled Kida’s hair.

“Though, we must be going. Say good bye to Saki-chan, Kida,” Kida’s mother said and began walking away. Kida nod and waved a ‘Good-bye’ to Saki and happily followed his mother.

Saki continued giving Kida a small wave until they had disappeared into the crowds and then went back to her journey of searching. Was it possible that he had left the festival?

Saki tried to shrug that thought out as she continued walking around.

She did in fact meet a few other people at the festival, including some she barely even knew and someone she wasn’t exactly allowed to talk too.

“A-Ah, Izaya-kun!”

He barely looked at her as he jumped over with a grin, right behind him was the man she had been looking for.


And she was right in the way of him.


Saki fumbled around with the buttons on her phone once she had reached her small apartment. Her mind was completely on what had happened at the festival. The fact that Shizuo barely dodged her while at the same time holding a large pole she guessed he had gotten from the huge tent at the center, all while quietly muttering something about meeting her at home.

She had finally managed to call the man; only to go straight to voicemail. “Shizuo…” She felt upset that he had left her to go after Izaya. Mad, even though she wasn’t the exact type to go out and yell at him. And frustrated because she hasn’t remembered a date that didn’t involve Izaya. Life just couldn’t get better. Why did her high school days had to be so complicated?

She finally stuffed her key into the hole and walked into her small apartment shared by Shizuo and her.


Saki quickly fumbled around to hit the lights, “E-Eh?!”

“Is that how you react when you see your childhood friends, Saki?” She scanned through the room to see pretty much everyone since her freshmen days. Until a thought came into her head, “How did everyone fit in here?!”



“You see…”

“Why don’t you just enjoy the party?” She felt someone place their hands on her shoulder. He brought her back into his chest, in a ninja-ly way. (LOLOL. I’M SORRY I HAD TO SAY THAT. XD)

“S-Shizuo? Weren’t you…?” Saki was confused, when in the world had he had time to gather this many people for just one day? Or rather…when was he actually this caring to her?

He didn’t say anything but just stood there with her, watching everyone else pretty much get high off apple cider. He would scan the room a few times; making sure nothing crazy enough was happening before pulling Saki out the door and onto the balcony.

“Shizuo?” Saki’s unfinished question wasn’t answered as she followed. The first step she took outside, she could feel her feet begin to freeze; causing her curiosity to come as she looked up towards the sky, “S-Snow…”

“Merry Christmas.”

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♥ awesome <3
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KOKOCHAN AND............?
sure ? XD
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i'll make a random cahracter XD
maybe nextweekend >: D
tmrs hw day
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