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By Koko:
N i g h t m a r e M a n

“Dare to fall asleep.”

Yusi was in bed.

Dreaming about actually waking up and feeling relieved another morning.

It was more like a nightmare. And she couldn't awaken from it until she was either a moment away from death.

In her nightmare, she was being chased by a serial killer. It was one she heard about on TV months ago.

She was desperate to awake. She tossed and turned in her bed, moaned and even yelled for him to go away forever. But he did not.

She tripped on a camouflaged log while running from the serial killer in the woods, the man stopped, she couldn't get up from the ground. She was too terror stricken to move, she shook violently, and her killer stood over her.

The man looked at her with excitement in his eyes and an evil smile, he chuckled, and she shrieked.


She gasped and sat up on her bed as fast as a bullet, awoken. Breathing hard and sweating, she layed her head back on her pillow. "...Only a nightmare..... only a nightmare...!" She groaned, the goosebumps would not go away though, and the images of the serial killer flashed through her mind, the blood he had covered all over him-

There was a knock to her apartment door.

She rushed and really didn't care who it was, she just wanted to see someone's face other than the killer.

Lance stared at Yusi like like she'd just seen a ghost. "Yusi-!"

"Just hold me!" She shouted, lunging into his arms. She trembled in his embrace, and he could feel it ."Yusi... what..."

"ANOTHER NIGHTMARE! ANOTHER ONE...!" She shrieked, and broke down falling to her knees, crying her scared heart out on the floor.

Ever since Yusi rented the cursed apartment she could only afford, she had never dreamed much in her life. And then the first night... nightmares, nightmares, and even more nightmares. She had thought she needed drugs to keep her awake, sane.

Because if she would close her eyes, she would enter the Hell in her mind.

"Please, Lance! There's something wrong with me! HELP ME-"

He sat down on the floor with her and wrapped his arms around her ever so tightly, whispering that everything would be alright when he was around. "...I won't let anything bad scare you again!" He vowed, kissing her head.

But what Yusi did not see, was the smirk on his face.


Lance accompanied Yusi the whole day, and soon the whole night. Yusi wanted to take drugs that would help keep her awake, but Lance refused. Saying it wasn't the right and healthy thing to do.

She also had to study for a big exam a week later, so the drugs would have helped some.

The couple were getting comfortable on the couch, snuggling up to one another with a blanket. Lance grabbed the remote control and flicked on the TV.

Yusi's eyes glued to the TV screen.

"Breaking News: The serial killer strikes again this morning. At 5am, he killed two teenage girls that were in the alleyway--"

"TURN IT OFF!" Yusi pleaded, her shrilling voice made Lance drop the remote. The TV stayed on.

"his appearance is as listed, dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, a scar to the right of his eye. 6'1, weighing about 175 Ibs-"

Yusi picked up the controller and threw it at the TV screen. "SHUT UP!" She screamed, "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE!"

Lance tried to do something to comfort her... he was surprised she never even noticed it at the moment.

And then the inevitable night came.

Yusi was getting tried, there were bags under her eyes.

"Lance.... I can't fall asleep. Never again..." She whispered to his ear on the couch, and he said nothing.

He sang her a lullaby to put her to sleep, she stared wide eyes at him. "No... why are you..." her voice drifted to a whisper, and soon her nightmare.

"It's okay. It's okay, Yusi. I'm here. It's okay to sleep now."

And so she believed it was, and fell asleep in his arms.

The nightmare came again.

She was faced with the serial killer again. Ever since the nightmares began, it had always been the same night she rented the apartment. This time, she looked at him, trying not to tear her gaze off of him due to her horror.

His face... his hair... the scar...


Yusi woke up not next to Lance.

She looked around and frowned. "Lance... ?"

And then it hit her, literally on the head. A lamp.

At the same time, she remembered the serial killers face in her nightmare. She would be in shock, but was knocked out.

She awoke with a moan in her bedroom closet, unable to rub the back of head head where the lamp had hit her. She was all tied up. Her hands behind her back, her feet...

"N-no... no...! This can't be happening..." She shook her head in denial, panicking. "LANCE! LANCE!" She cried out for his name as a natural thing to do, and he was sitting there, on her bed.

The description the TV gave... her nightmare... it all came together in her last moment.

Lance saw the realization crawl on her face. "Welcome to reality, Yusi. You are not in a nightmare this time."

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23 / F / o-o places =3
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made me think sousoukyoku nightmare XD
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Oh, thats creepy D:
Really good though, made me not wanna go to sleep for a while though =w= Must read happy things~
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that was meh goal reii >=]

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holy crap. o_o

GOOD STORYYY!!!~ >w< -likes stuff that would scare the **it out of most ppl XD-
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tEEHE TY toru o w o
or elsee................ DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN
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eeekkkk thats soooo scary!!! DX

now im thinking of looking up who i date b4 i date them
JK JK JK!!!!
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OMG O__o
That poor Yusi >__<
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heh... heh.. but, leave it to Embie to read it in a dirty way =w=
Like that whole first part... XD
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