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22 / F / In yur closet O_O
Posted 8/22/10 , edited 8/22/10
its okay cute picture btw!
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22 / M / The great Kingdom...
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/29/10
Name: Kane Do'Eana A.K.A. Serpent
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Race: Turkish
Eye Color: Brown
Hair style: Crew Cut
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Strong-Willed, Follows Rules Of Manish, Calm, Willing to do Anything to get the job Done
History: Orphaned at age 5, lived in the slums, carefully avoiding people until he was 21 when he was found by a criminal organization known as the Manish, after ten years of working for them they shipped him to the Japan branch only to have the entire headquarters killed mysteriously by heart attacks, he was the only one not killed.
Supporter on kira/non supporter: Non-Supporter
Relation with other Deathnote characters: Contact of Ugly, knows great deal about entire UACR as well as task-force, has phsycs on all of his guesses to who Kira is.
Birth date: July 12
Death date: Unknown
Special ability: Master Observer of personalities, good at getting information of any kind
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21 / F / Gun of America ;D
Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/10/10
Name: Keito Naori

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Race: Japanese

Eye Color: Gray

Hair style: Past the ear in length, but he always tries to keep it proffesional.

Hair Color: Dark blue

Personality: Malicious, cunning, sly, great actor

History: He is Hitomi's father, therefore chizune's uncle. Although Hitomi lived in the wammy's orphanage it wasnt because her father was dead, he was just working in his family's buisiness. (conning) He has come searching for hitomi to get her back in the buissiness.
Hes sorta like the japanese mafia

Supporter on kira/non supporter: Supporter. The more people dead, the more money he gets

Relation with other Deathnote characters: Hitomi's father, chizune's uncle (by marriage)

Birth date: March 1st, same as his daughters

Death date: Idk

Special ability: Can con anyone. The master con-master. Carries a gun in his jacket.

(ill bring him in the story when the time is right)

Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/19/11
(changed rain)

Name:Rain AKA "A"
Race: itailian american
Eye Color:Brown
Hair style:long and up.(in a pony)
Hair Color: dyed red.
Personality: more outgoing, less shy, kinda dark.
History:lived in the wammys since she was 5. when she was 15 she left and joined the task force. then she went to africa after c died to calm herself down. broke up with matsuda soon after. shes now back, but different.
Supporter on kira/non supporter:NON SUPPORTER
Relation with other Deathnote characters:close to them all. (hates bb)
Birth date:NA
Special ability:Shinigami eyes
(my profile pic)

base by chaossoda
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22 / F / I don't know Oo
Posted 6/8/11 , edited 6/9/11
Name:Wish McElroy
Race:caucasian (was born in Texas XD)
Eye Color:Green
Hair style:kinda short ponytail, sometimes in a bun.
Hair Color:dark brown with all different colors :P
Personality:random, serious, childish, loves to have fun with her friends.
History:She was born in Texas, and her father died in a car wreck. Her mom takes care of her na dher 5 siblings.
Supporter on kira/non supporter:non-supporter
Relation with other Deathnote characters:Met Matt onlline. (they were talking about Kira, and that's how she became apart of the American Task Force ^^
Birth date:January 1st
Special ability: Has shinigami eyes when she gets pissed off ^^
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21 / F / US
Posted 6/12/11 , edited 6/12/11
Name: Kanra Otanashi (the only name I could think of okay! ((suggestions?)) )
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Asian
Eye Color: Black
Hair style: Razor sharp bangs, fairly -long hair,
Hair Color: Black
Personality: Kinda quiet, doesn't get out much, really curious and hyper when with people, very observant and detailed when alone. Really weird, loves watching anime and reading manga, volunteers at the library, likes reading, too. Not much self esteem, but getting there. Writes, draws, tried to sing once but didn't like it. Is a goody-goody on the outside, though on the inside hides many lies and secrets.
History: Born in the outskirts of china, but raised in Okinawa here in Japan. Has been homeschooled all through middle school but is now in a public highschool. Not much of a history.
Supporter on kira/non supporter: Supporter
Relation with other Deathnote characters: Has had a crush on Light for a few years but got over that after some new girl stepped in. Secretly stalks L, finds him very cute. Creates anon blogs to stalk L and Matt, because she likes them. :}
Birth date: May 21, 1995
Special ability: Can sometimes tell future from dreams, only every now and then though.

(I claim no rights to the picture, found on zerochan)

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