Filming an MV with Charlene Choi: A Dream Come True for Danson Tang, Wednesday January 3, 2008 Taiwan
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Posted 1/3/08 , edited 1/4/08
Filming an MV with Charlene Choi: A Dream Come True

Before Danson Tang ever filmed an MV for his own songs, he actually had starred in many other peoples’ MV’s. The most memorable was the MV with his dream lover Charlene Choi of Twins.

“I love watching Charlene’s movies, she’s really cute and always can make you smile, so I’ve always dreamed to see her in person. One time, my agent told me he had gotten an invitation for me to shoot an MV with her. I thought she was joking, so I didn’t pay too much attention, until I got the filming site! Then I was really really excited. Charlene is really fun, my first MV with her was “Starlight Wonderland”, and then again in the MV “I Really Want to Love Him”. That time I played a couple with Gillian Chung. I’m really lucky I’ve gotten to “be a couple” with both of the Twins! Not everyone gets a chance like this!” --------Danson Tang

So, backstage at the Metro award show, Danson also talked a lot with both his “lovers”!

SOURCE: TwinsFan

CLIP of Danson talking about charlene:
ENG SUB. credit: Babystarr

the untranslated version with another part added:

danson just loves to talk about charlene! it is just sad that BL's director didn't choose Danson for BL intead of Chun since i think he would fit the role perfectly too! well, Danson have been talking alot about charlene in the past years...i think they would make a hot and CUTE couple if everything is all good!!
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Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/10/08
I sooo agreed...My fav. Charlene Choi!!!And Danson not my fav. ,but he does look good with Charlene...
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