Similarities between the three
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If this is a duplicate.. good-bye to it then.


2: More Questions for you!
I'm back again asking more questions. Hoo-rah. *shrugs* Well, Naruto, Allen, and Ichigo will still be the ones answering. So.. Welcome once again you three and thanks for coming.
Naruto: Yep! :D
Allen: Thanks for having me again!
Ichigo: You're welcome.
Me: Alright, question number one.. again. Q:1 - Are the majority of your bad guys really, really well liked by the fans?
Naruto: Yep! 'attebayo
Allen: Yes. The fans consider the bads guy in the anime/manga to be funny, yet cruel.
Ichigo: Some of the bad guys in my anime/manga are considered "super awesome". So, yeah.
Me: Orochimaru is my all time most hated character, Naruto. But, I guess I liked Itachi and Gaara (ha-ha). And, yeah.. Allen that is very true. They crack me up. Oh, and Ichigo I do like some of your bads guy. *shrugs* ANYWAY that's similarity #1 Q:2 - Do one or more of the character in your animes/mangas use swords?
Naruto: Sasuke does, dattebayo.
Allen: Um.. I'll just say Kanda does, >_> for now. (Me: Yeah..<_<)
Ichigo: *snorts* Pretty much everyone does. It's rare for someone not to use one.
Me: So true.. Sim' #2. Q:3 - Are you voiced by a female?
Naruto: Yep.. I am, dattebayo.
Allen: Yes. *sheepish laugh*
Ichigo: Nope! I am a guy, after all. *receives glares from Allen and Naruto*
Me: Ha, ha, ha.. Amusing. Only two said yes, but it's 2 out of 3 so I'm just gonna say it's sim' #3. Q:4 - Do you have one or more ..uh.. out-there (basically, amusingly odd) characters in your group?
Naruto: Yeah! I'm one of them, dattebayo!!
Allen: Oh, yes. Miranda-san and Krory are two of them. I won't even mention the other... The nightmares!!
Ichigo: Yeah. I'd say Inoue and Keigo are those types.
Me: That's sim' #4.. and I love Keigo!! He's awesome. Speaking of him.. Q:5 - Do you have someone in your anime who is voiced by Katsuyuki, Konishi?
Naruto: He voices someone in my first Shippuden movie, dattebayo!
Allen: Yes and he does a good job portraying that guy. :happy:
Ichigo: I'm guessing everyone knows my answer *chuckles*
Me: Sim' #5. Q:6 - Are you, currently, in a crisis situation?
Naruto: Yeah..
Allen: Yes. *sighs*
Ichigo: Yeah.. we hardly get any breaks from the crisis's in the manga's, but the animes give us breaks!
Me: That's because they like to have, oh so many, filler episodes. -_- Anyhow, sim' #6 Q:7 - Have you lost someone important to you?
Naruto: Yes..*depression*
Allen: Yes, as well. :tear:
Ichigo: Yeah.. Geez, don't ask such a stupid question.
Me: *ahem* Sorry.. but that's sim' #7!! Heh, heh.. >_> Q:8 - Do you have a animal or creature or.. thing that hangs around you and that you can ask for help?
Naruto: Yep, the frogs, dattebayo.
Allen: Yes, Tim!
Ichigo: I guess you could call Kon a helper.. sort of.. *shrugs*
Me: Eh, it's more or less sim' #8. Q:9 - Are there moments in the anime and manga that leave fans saying, "What the heck.."?
Naruto: Yeah, dattebayo. When Sakura-shan was running up to smash the boulder in the Rescue Gaara arc.. she looks weird and it left fans wondering "what the heck was that...!? Lol." dattebayo.
Allen: Yes. Like when my arm tranforms, it tears up my jacket sleeve but when it goes back to normal.. so does my sleeve.. Heh, heh.
Ichigo: Yeah, a lot of fans have started wonder why I can suddenly fly.. *shrugs*
Me: True.. but, it doesn't bother me that you can fly now. *shrugs* That's Sim' #9! So that means this will be the last question. It's gonna be kind of an odd one.. but.. what can you do? *shrugs again* Q:10 - Do you have any big.. uh.. breasted characters?
Naruto: *laughs* Hinata and Tsunade, dattebayo~!
Allen: What!? *blushes* (Me: Sorry!!! Too be honest, I don't think your anime/manga does.. thank goodness)
Ichigo: Huh!? *also blushes* Uh.. *cough*Inoue/Rangiku*cough*
Me: I'm sorry for asking such a question. But it's basically something that two out three animes/mangas like to point out a LOT. So.. Sim' #10. *mumbles* Must be because those two are by guys... *mumbles* Anyhow, thanks for coming and goodbye!


Ah, so bored. Anyway, any other similarities that someone else noticed are welcome.
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Wow! What a gr8 dialogue! Did you make this?
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gayle12345 wrote:

Wow! What a gr8 dialogue! Did you make this?

Thank you and yes, yes I did.
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LOL really funny. nice one
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