[KMovie-2010] Grand Prix
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* Movie: Grand Prix
* Revised romanization: Geurang Peuri
* Hangul: 그랑프리
* Director: Yang Yun-Ho
* Writer:
* Producer:
* Cinematographer:
* Release Date: September, 2010 (Chuseok Holiday)
* Runtime:
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea

"Grand Prix" covers the world of horse racing, centered around the romance between a male horse jockey and a female horse jockey (Kim Tae-Hee).

1. Filming began April 2, 2010 & is expected to last for 3 months.
2. The first scene shot involved Joo Hee (Kim Tae-Hee) after she looses her horse and heads for Jeju Island to bury her pain.
3. Movie will be supported by " 마사회" (Korean Horse Racing Association).
4. Lee Jun-Ki was initially cast for the male lead (Woo-Suk) in "Grand Prix" and took part in the first month of filming, but due to his mandatory military requirement he had to drop out of the project. Production will halt until a replacement is found.
5. On May 11th, 2010 it was announced actor Yang Dong-Kun would play the lead male role vacated by Lee Jun-Ki.


* Kim Tae-Hee - Seo Joo-Hee
* Yang Dong-Kun - Woo-Seok
* Park Keun-Hyeong - Hwang Man-Chul
* Ko Du-Shim - Ko Yu-Jeong


Korean Movie 그랑프리 (Grand Prix. 2010) Main Trailer :
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Looking forward to it
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wow nice lead, big time! Hope the story will be good.
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Grand Prix begins filming in Jeju Island

Filming began on April 2 for Lee Jun-ki and Kim Tae-hee’s film Grand Prix, and here are the first stills. In the movie, the two are horse-racing jockeys who fall in love. Kim’s character Joo-hee suffers a major blow in confidence after she has an accident, and travels to Jeju Island to try to get over it.

Lee plays the character Woo-seok, who was once a promising jockey who lost his friend in an accident. He finds that he has a lot in common with Joo-hee, and helps her make a comeback.

Grand Prix is directed by Yang Yun-ho of Holiday and Fighter in the Wind, two films that emphasized tough men. He was also one of the directors on IRIS, and said of re-teaming with that drama’s star, “Kim Tae-hee has a sincere, honest personality. You’ll be able to see a new side to her as an actor in this movie.” The film is aiming for a release later this year.

Via TV Report

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Grand Prix Poster is Out

Grand Prix, a movie with Kim Tae-Hee and Yang Dong-Geun has released its teaser poster today 18-Jul with two different posters and concepts.

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