The 2010 Oscars
Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/15/10
Personally, I didn't like the ceremony that much; I miss how they did it in the past. And of course, I knew (everyone pretty much knew) what was going to win and what wasn't.

So...Just say what you thought about this years nominations and win, ceremony; if you thought something else should of won, or if you wanted other movies to be nominated.

What's your take on things?
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Posted 3/15/10 , edited 3/15/10
It was completely and utterly terrible!
I hate to be one of those people who go on about how James Cameron and Avatar deserved best director and best movie and all that crap......but it's true.
I know people say it wasn't that good in terms of plot or dialogue, but it was something different. The Hurt Locker is just another war movie.

What really killed it was the horror movie tribute. I honestly felt like throwing coffee all over the television when Edward Scissorhands and New Moon came up. It was going good with The Shining, Psycho and NOES, but then New Moon! God damn New Moon! And I love Edward Scissorhands, but it's hardly what anyone would call a horror movie.

The highlight for me was Christoph Waltz winning best supporting actor. He was so adorable with his speech! And he actually deserved the award, he was brilliant! Sandra Bullock deserved best actress as well.

And once again, I can't help but feel so sorry for Quentin Tarantino, bless the poor guy.
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