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1. After creating your character, you must decide how you will change the worlds either to maintain its peace or cause utter destruction.

2. Gather allies for your cause.

3. Create forums for your headquarters, and factions. Your enemies may enter at their own risk. Headquarters could be an artificial satellite, natural satellite, capital ship, or any large object that can hold about 500,000 population. You must purchase forums. Don't worry, it's not real cash that I'll be asking from you but from the cash you earn in MorFies Rayhum.

4. Beware of Census! Census will send its minions to your homeplanet as well as your base in an attempt to destroy it. Any destroyed planets and/or headquarters will be closed out from the group.

5. Unlike headquarters which could be rebuild, planets cannot (unless through a divine intervention). Of course, the creator will make new planets for every event.

6. The only nearly indestructible forum is Outer Space. Members will also use this forum for fights that involved outer space. This includes fights within their homeplanets or planets' interstellar space.

7. Be sure to let me know if you want to create something.

8. During the role-play, you will encounter friends and other non-playable characters. However, depending on how you role-play, you may not be able to befriend some of the characters.

9. Even though there are various shops, inns, etc. throughout the worlds, where you can buy things you need for your next adventure and rest or sell stuff or trade at any shop, except for inns, the establishments will be place in one forum for convenience. You can still role-play that there is a place for your character to interact to buy, sell, or trade with non-playable but, it must be noted that finalize offers are posted at the Shop forum. You can also buy, sell, or trade with other users but again, please post all finalize merchandise at the Shop forum too.

10. Some of the events that take place during your adventure require different functions. For instance, there is an event in which you throw barrels at enemies below you. There are other events where you compete, relying on your amount of stamina. Tips may be hidden in messages and pages so look for them carefully before starting an event. In some cases you will have to complete an event within a certain time limit. You can earn loot whether or not you successfully complete the event. Of course, you have a better chance of getting better loot for 100% completion.

11. You battle using turns. In a battle event, characters' turn is determine by a roll order from a dice that I will roll. In order to win in any battle event, you must reduce your opponent(s)' HP to 0. Use your powers and hopefully, common sense to control your character to engage in the environment and fend off the opponent(s) so that you can strike them for HP damage. Naturally, fatal shots are accounted for like head shots, heart shots, or liver shot where HP is no longer considered and you go from dying to dead or instant death. You will learn more during the tutorial RP with me when you first create your first character-race.

12. You can only perform one action except for quick action per turn. If you choose to run, you run but that doesn't mean you dodge. The only basic action that doesn't require for a listed power is using your power(s), using obtained items, changing battle positions (run, hide, flank, dodge), blocking an attack action, or attempting for an escape. Any other actions performed that a character does not have will result in auto-K.O. This is not a guarantee death but it does mean the end of the battle for that character until properly revived.

13. Run means that you're running in your chosen path of direction and guarantees evasion from long-range attacks unless stated otherwise. Hide means that your character temporarily becomes invisible and your enemies must now attempt to search for you. Invisibility effect dissipates when you perform an attack action. Also, be sure to note where you are hiding but it doesn't mean that the enemy necessary knows where you're at since they must have a tracking power to do so. Flank means that surround a target enemy and the target enemy cannot escape. Dodge means you're always dodging all attacks until you change your battle position unless an attack states that it cannot be avoided.

14. Other options will be made available to your character as you train and roleplay. You only gain new options by training under a NPC master.

15. END OF BATTLE. Battles end when you have destroyed all your enemies or when all enemies or you characters have escaped. If you win, money, items, experience points (EXP) or Ability Points (AP) which affect character growth will be awarded. Their value will vary depending on the type and number of enemies destroyed.

16. Yes, characters can get killed with or without permission but, you can revive your character at the Revive forum for a price! However, killing a non-playable character will be permanent unless there is a divine intervention. There may be consequences for any killing such as a bounty for a character's head.

17. There are status effects, good or bad, that come into play while roleplaying. If a character is attacked, his/her status may fall into "abnormal" status, such as listed below. In many cases abnormal status can be cured during battles using powers that heal or items that reverses/cures the effect. Also abnormal status will NOT disappear after a battle ends. Any abnormal status can be cured if the character rests at an inn or in a tent. Here are the listed status changes:


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