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Posted 3/16/10 , edited 2/25/12
When a character is posted, I will be adding it to a members page to show who's character is who, that include the rank that they have. Ranks will be given on the base of how much you roleplay, and what your skill level is. I will be posting ranks and explanations soon, to show where people stand in the organization, for now just roleplay.

This is what i want in everyones Information, the following must include;;

+Character Name;


+Your Characters Age;

+What Breed of Demon you are;

+Your Characters Backround;||Meaning-Their life, and Bio||

+A Picture of Your Character;

If you have a Campanion also put that below;
+Your Pets Name;

+How old is your Pet;

+What is your Pet;

+Gender of your Pet;

+Backround of your Pet;
+Pets Picture;

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25 / F / Magical Land of W...
Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/16/10
My Character;
+Character Name; Mikiyo Romance
+Gender; Female
+Age;Looks of 17 However im 172
+Type of Demon;PureBlood
+Appearence; Her bangs are a dark dark blue fading into a electric aqua, and the rest of her hair is purple fading into black, black fading into dark-deep-blue, and that fading into electric aqua. Her eyes are a Penetrating lavender color, and tend to change tones depending on mood. Heart tattoo below left eye.
+Backround; Hello, Its been four years since my return to my little town outside the boarder of Japan. My Name is Mikiyo Romance, And im a Part time singer and guitarist, When i was a young girl around the age of 8 i found out that i was adopted, and my real parents were demons and shapeshifters from very far away. They told me that my real parents wanted me to live normally, and of course i wanted to find my birth parents. So I Mikiyo , set off for the journey to find my real parents, I ended up learning how to use my powers for good or bad. And also developed alot of battle skills with spikes, swords, and other wepons that i can transform for my own uses. My skills are certainly differnet i suppose, being able to manipulate an object is my specialty, and i can use 3 of the 5 elements. I can use electricity, water, and fire. In some ways i can pulse those elements into the object i may be uses to battle with to cut through several and just about any other person object or thing. While i was learning about my parents past, i was also becoming stronger on my own. I learned how to shapeshift my entire body into object, other people, I began to learn how to shapeshift into animals, and other things. While i was having the joy of being something different little did i know, the more i learned the more dangerous my heart became. It was entirely hard to keep the good part of me inside, wheni knew i could be alot stronger. And my love for good and the will for strength began to clash with eachother. While i was having a personal breakdown, i learn my parents were very stronge beings. Also, that my birth was kept a secret. I later on found that my parents had died along time ago leaving me one letter telling me of everything possible that i was capable of. Also why they left me alone. They told me everything, that i could be, and maybe, one of the many dangerous beings on earth. Theres one other person i care for most of all, And i loved him ever since we first met, I promise you my life, and given so he has it in his hands. Also, That the more i gain power, the more i may lose control of it. I still keep this letter today, and always remember my long journey... I returned to my false parents at the age of 17, and continue to live there, hiding myself from anything that tries to leak into my life. And anyone that attempts to hurt me or my beloved family, I will see to it you dont leave my senses Alive..
+Sealed Form[Limited Power]-

+True Form[All of her power]-

+Pets Age; 172
+What Is My pet; Blue Pheonix
+Pets Gender; Male
+Pets Backround; I found out i had Akeno, when i was very young, He came to me in a dream, and then suddenly i woke up with a blue firey bird on the end of my bed staring at me. I freaked out at first but kept quiet, my foster family never knew about Akeno till i turned 8.
+Pets Photo;

Posted 3/17/10 , edited 2/24/12
+User-Name; Sai2510
+Character Name; Sagara Ginkai
+Gender; Male
+Your Characters Age; Looks 23 true age Unknown
+What Breed of Demon you are; Manipulator
+Your Characters Background; He has dark brown hair and brown eyes and always wears a shirt with the word "悪" behind It meaning "Wicked". He has the ability to summon demons of all kinds and he can manipulate the properties and the molecular structure of any element, mineral or material. When he was little his parents perished by the hands of Lucifer for he wanted Ginkai's hidden powers the powers of the ultimate manipulator the powers that could manipulate the natural flow of time as he wishes but he was never able to control It fully. Shortly after that on one of his quests for power he found a sword that defied the gods them selves, It was tamed by no one It killed everything and anything that touched It, It spoke of a legend the legend of "The Chosen One", he fought with the sword and overcame It and tamed It. Long has he searched for power so that he could one day give Lucifer a taste of the tragic life he had caused him. He never allowed revenge or hatred to consume him though but he does think of It sometimes. He always wanders never settling down In one place.
+A Picture of Your Character;
Posted 3/17/10 , edited 3/17/10

+Character Name;death dealer


+Your Characters Age;???????

+What Breed of Demon you are;darkness

+Your Characters Backround;||Meaning-Their life, and Bio||???????

+A Picture of Your Character;
Sealed Form
True Form
Posted 3/18/10 , edited 3/18/10

User-Name; Killer-dino

Character Name; Bell Walken

Gender; Female

Your Characters Age; 18

What Breed of Demon you are; Pure blood

Your Characters Backround;||Meaning-Their life, and Bio||
This is exactly like a diary, another pointless effort i have to make. My names Bell walken I'm 18 years old. I have yellow colored eyes aswell as purple hair. My personality isn't my best trait. I prefer to be left alone. I rather be by myself then in a crowed place with people that i dont even care about. I find many things in life pointless and a waist of time, like love, family and feelings. I come from an ancient line of a lost demon tribe. One of the oldest in fact. Many years ago before i was even thought of, a top demon tribe named the Gia's were well knowen for their specialty of assasinations. They wiped out many other demon circles without using their true power. They were knowen by many names like the Death army, Hell's servants and my favourite chaos creators. But now as i have already said it's a lost tribe, well thats what everyone thinks. The announcement of the dispaerance of the Gia tribe was a shock to all the demon realms, no trace of where they went, no clues nothing. The true story is that the tribe had decided to work for their own and not do worthless jobs for other demon tribes that only used us cause of our power and strength. So in the end the Gias one by one left the demon realm and vacated to earth and lived a double life. Their new life wasn't much diffrent from their normal denomic lifes, nothing really changed i mean they still assasinate and killed people, demons and creatures but with good reason. They have their own little organization set up in Tokyo, Japan. The leader of the Gia's is my grandfather Walken. Both my parents work also for this Organization and so do i. I aint close with my family, they seem distant to me aswell. I dont have the natrual loving relationship with my parents, i cant stand them. My heart is already been fulled with darkness since the day i was born. I obtained dark powers at the age of four being able to use telekinesis aswell as electricity to extreme measures. Not only have i obtained 2 powerfull powers but i have also inherited the scared swords of the Gia tribe. They hold unbelievable dark power that absorbs light and turns anything light or pure into dark or evil. I have 2 tattoos one on each of my hand in the palms. They are gate ways for the swords to come out from. Whats my purpose or goal in life, or even what i want to achieve? thats an easy answer that is freedom, freedom from this sick revolting human world, freedom from my family, freedom from myself. One day this will all end and when it does thats when i'll smile again.

A Picture of Your Character;

Your Pets Name; Spike

How old is your Pet; 18

What is your Pet; Dog, Doberman

Gender of your Pet; Male

Backround of your Pet;
Its a tradition in my family that on the day of the birth of a new baby they recieve a pet. But not just any ordinary pet. A dark demon pet. How i ended up with Spike was by fate. This may sound strange, weird even stupid but amazingly he and i were born the same day, the same time, even around the same area. Spikes mother was my Grandfathers campanion for many years. So it was fitting that spike became mine.
Pets Picture;

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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
User-Name; animchick
character name; fear

gender; female

character age; fake age: 18
real age: 118

What Breed of Demon you are; pure blood

apperance; she looks like a everyday girl
but she wears punk clothes.

background: my birthname is Aurora
but everybody calls me fear cuz i strick fear
in there hearts. my sister is mikiyo romance but
she doesnt know that cuz our parents gave us away
when we were young so we wouldnt grow up as demons
and as normal people.
wat i do for a part time job is i work at hot topic
which is a abnormal job for a demon. but i dont stay in my true form all day
wat i do for the rest of the day is i also work at a part time job at the underworld
bar which is also a fighting match.

( im sorry people if you want to see my character you have to go to my profile )

Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
+User-Name; KakeraRose

+Character Name; Kuro

+Gender; Female

+Your Characters Age; 17

+What Breed of Demon you are; Otome Demon

+Your Characters Backround;||Meaning-Their life, and Bio||
She is the dark being from Hell however her punishment was to live on earth and protect those in need. Her eyes are the color of blood and she carries the katana that her mother gave her.

+A Picture of Your Character;
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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/25/10
+User-Name: Leinya

+Character Name:Kiyouhei

+Gender: Female

+Your Characters Age: looks 18, but is 280

+What Breed of Demon you are: Pureblood

+Your Characters Backround: Kiyouhei's mother died when she was 2 days old. Her father raised her to fight and see life within the world. Kiyouhei's father, ryuki, taughter her how to use her elemental powers.Kiyouhei has a younger sister that was adopted into the family when kiyouhei's father found her wondering around the woods alone. She doesnt think of her as adopted Jinxi is her sister and she loves her very much. Kiyouhei's father was killed by another demon. Kiyouhei suffered from the loss of her father but she took care of jinxi to ensure that she grew up learning everything that Kiyouhei had been taught. She left home 130 years after his death looking for revenge. She travels helping people along the way and looking for the man who killed her father. She sometimes thinks about no being with jinxi and cant help but cry. Her and jinxi used to never be apart and the distance has brought great saddness into Kiyouhei's life. Kiyouhei has silver hair and deep-dark blue eyes. Kiyouhei can control the elements and tap into animals minds and make them do whatever she wants.

+A Picture of Your Character:

+Your Pets Name: Rexallin

+How old is your Pet: 255

+What is your Pet: elemental dragon

+Gender of your Pet: female

+Backround of your Pet: Rexallin's parents were slaughtered and she got away but was injured. I found her when she was just 100 years old. I healed her and we have been together since amd shes never let me down.

+Pets Picture:
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Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10


Posted 3/21/10 , edited 3/21/10
User-Name: Sweet-Anime-Girl

Character Name:Kumiko


Your Characters Age:9,000 years old but look very young

What Breed of Demon you are:Pure blood Wolf/Vampire

Your Characters Backround:when she was a puppy her parent left her to die but one day a vampire was walking by see the poor wolf about to die he came up to her and bit her to save her life. The little wolf can not she that peson that time cause she was about to die that
time.Will she find that vampier who bit her?
A Picture of Your Character:

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F / Murfreesboro, Ten...
Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/23/10
username: Leinya

Character name: Jinxi

Gender: Female

Your characters age: 110 but looks 17

What breed of demon are you: Pureblood

My name is Jinxi. my parents didnt want me and since they couldnt find anyone else to raise me they dropped me off in the woods next to a river. i lived off of small animals that i killed. Ryuki found me and took me in without a second thought. His daughter Kiyouhei took me in as her younger sister imediately and started teaching me everything she knew and everything she had learned. She never looked at me weird or let people pic on me. We were always together helping eachother. She helped me find my pet and taught me that its always best to be nice and considerate. i may look dark and mean and hatefilled but im truly a nice and sweet person unless you get on my bad side. I have black hair and i alway wear black. i dont really care what people think im me if you have a problem with that then look the other way. me and my sister seperated and im on a search to find her i help people along the way on my journey. My power is mind reading and shape shifting.

Pic of character:

+Your Pets Name:Liaxlyn

+How old is your Pet: 80

+What is your Pet: demon wolf

+Gender of your Pet: male

+Backround of your Pet: Liaxlyn wondered away from his pack when he was 35 and searched for his parents. One day he wondered into another pack of wolves territory and got himself into a bit of trouble. Jinxi and Kiyouhei were flying on rexallin when they spotted Liaxlyn getting attacked by a pack. jinxi had told kiyouhei that she had to save me and jumped off the flying rexallin right into the middle of the angry wolves. jinxi killed the entire pack and i(liaxlyn) have traveled with her ever since. Liaxlyn has the power over shadows and invisibility. his invisibility comes from the silver/black symbols in his fur.

Posted 3/24/10 , edited 4/1/10
Username: Hellzero777
Character's Name: Blood Hatikey
Gender: Male
Your characters age: 300 but looks 18
What breed of demon are you: Deman/Angle/Wolf/Vampire
Blood use to live with his mom and help around the house till his village got attacked by Shifter and killed all his friends and family and left him all alone now Blood wants revange and will kill all in his way that try's to stop him. No one know's that Blood has this big crush on Mikiyo Romance he has a hunch that she know but when she say's something he gets all shy a shapeshifts in his fire fox form and runs off.


Your Pets Name: Shya
How old is your Pet: 3yrs
What is your Pet: Demon Fox Wolf
Gender of your Pet: Female
Pet Boi:
Shya was found on the side of the road by Blood some throw her out is what he said but he took her in and patched her wounds and sent her back into the wild but everynight she came back sratching at the door so Blood kept her and rasied her to be a ninj dog but she's not at all she's a Demon Fox-Wolf with fire on the tip of her claws and is ready to kill when ever Blood gives the command....

Picture of Pet:
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Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/27/10
username: _OoGie_
character name: Emiliano Guevara
gender: male
breed of demon:unknown

Emiliano was a teen who was apart of a satanic cult who agreed to be apart of ritual to summon a demon but the ritual didn't go as planned and almost killed Emiliano left for dead they didn't know that he would survive not only that but he was turned into a new unknown breed of demon.



Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10

+Character Name;hitan


+Your Characters Age;16

+What Breed of Demon you are;sorrow demon

+Your Characters Backround;||Meaning-Their life, and Bio||
he lived his life tortured by his classmates,and abused by his father and insulted by his mother, he killed himself but the amount of sorrow that had formed and turned him into a demon.every time he got near someone they all killed themselves

+A Picture of Your Character;
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
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