what constitutes as "practicle" self defense? how does one train for that?
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Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/19/10
what constitutes as "practicle" self defense? what is self defense? what "works" and doesnt? and how does one train for that?

For the sake of this arguement lets just forget about morality, ethics, law enforcenment, and laws.

Let me define self defense for you- an offensive tactic(s) to "nuetralize" your opponent.

practicle generally means what works, or has the highest % chance to work. this will of course vary from situation to situation, individual to individual.

Under these criteria, weapons are an automatic practicle solution-from shuriken to semi automatics, you cant go wrong.Hanging around in large groups of friends that can fight and will protect u is a plus.Living in low crime areas helps u out as well.

Having that out of the way, lets think of a less fortunate position to be in for the sake of arguement.

heres a rape study http://www2.ucsc.edu/rape-prevention/statistics.html Its a little outdated, but still prevelent and accurate. Im just using rape as an example, it can be any form of assult-against man, woman, or child. It doesnt matter. This just shows it can happen and it will most likely be a guy.

Consider yourself in a similiar situation givin the above criteria. Now lets discuss self defense. What works?
here are some youtube videos of various self defense tactics.



(watch a few seconds)





(watch a few secs)

Here are just a few examples of dynamic ways to train for self defense. in my opinion some work, some half way work, and some are just plain stupid.

So what type of self defense works? and how should one train for it? (im asking for training methods here, not styles).

in my opinion what works is what works best for the individual.Striking and grappling should be the focus. People should train in high energy and high intensity enviornment that will reflect some of the dynamic of real life situations. People should rely less on patterned movenments/stylized attackes and more on fluent, dynamic, aggressive attacks/defense that are simple and/or that you have mastered.

An example is a game i like to play. Its called ring of death. One guy/girl stands in the middle of a group of people with thier eyes closed. One or more of the people will attack from a random angle with either a strike or hold/choke and the guy/girl in the middle must defend/attack the attackers successfuly.Doesnt matter what u do, but how u do it.

what are your training methods and opinions? what works for u? peace over war
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A system of checks and balances. Let your enemy attack you first, then counter it.
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what if the enemy's much stronger, as in the case of an adult versus a teen?
I think the best option's to run away in all cases, 2nd to try to call for help.
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running away is the best choice for us girls unless we know karate or some form of martial arts.
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Self defense is like second nature to some people if they have been at it long enough. Having been in a couple of self-defense situations I know what I'm talking about. Enemy attacks - you counter - enemy is thrown off balance by their own attack. < Basic rule of Aikido. It works, practice makes perfect and "practice" imo means drilling techniques into your head until it becomes second nature that way you will be ready for anything and remain calm, like I have.
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mace? if you use a purse your could have a heavy material inside it i guess. having good cardio is a plus or just being generally fit is good too.
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Best self-defense is awareness, avoid getting into a situation where you would need to use it in the first place.
If that's not possible then flight, your pride isn't worth your life.
If that's also not possible then you use the most effective means of stopping a threat, which in modern times means a gun, shoot the threat until it ceases to take the action threatening you.
Hand to hand combat should ultimately be your last resort, and bare handed even less so, any weapon, purpose built or improvised is better than nothing, they give you options and work as force multipliers to even odds against a physically stronger or more skilled threat
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