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Is it wrong to have crushes when you're dating someone?
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
Well I personally think it's fine >< because it's not like u can control your feelings but it is wrong to continue going out with ur bf/gf without being sure of ur feelings towards them, so I mean just make sure that ur bf/gf is the one u like before u continue going out with them ><
Posted 4/18/10 , edited 4/19/10
no not really.Its fine.:)
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Posted 4/19/10 , edited 4/19/10
I personally believe that if you're interested in someone else WHILE you're with someone, then your partner obviously isn't "the one" for you. You wouldn't want your boyfriend/girlfriend wanting someone else while claiming to only love you, right? Ah, emotional abuse.
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