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Posted 3/19/10 , edited 3/20/10
A wee bit of Mabinogi Fanfiction from moi, PROUD PLAYER OF THE TARLACH SERVER. Multi-chapter, mind you. Hit up Shouza during the summer, ja? If you haven't played this amazingly amazing game, you should. But it shouldn't be a problem, since I'll be pretty thorough with this.


Summary: In my Castle, I am God. I, the mighty Incubus, rule Sen Mag Castle. No Human has ever been able to take it from me, nor will they ever. I don’t need help from this ‘knight’ Master Cichol has sent. A Chaos Knight in rank, Human blood still flows under that deceptive dark armor of hers. Like everything else in this Castle, she’ll soon be mine. From the fiery blood in her veins to her very soul—once she stepped into this Castle, she belonged to me… for I am the Incubus, and there is nothing that cannot become mine.

You Belong to Me

“Incubus, Lord of Sen Mag Castle. By the order of our Master, Cichol, you shall be sharing this Castle with one of Master’s most trusted knights. Treat her as if she was me or our Master—respectfully.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

The Black Wizard stepped up to the rather annoyed-looking Fomor before him, dressed in more regal attire than he was, and probably far stronger. Only the status given to him by Cichol would keep the Incubus from smiting him on the spot for even trying to order him around. The Black Wizard continued in a quieter tone, “She’s no pushover. She won’t be afraid to assert her authority and power. I lost to her even before Lord Cichol graced her with his powers.”

The Incubus merely chuckled darkly, glaring at the cloth that hid the Wizard’s face. “Maybe because you’ve always been the weakest little runt around. Following the Master like some lost pup.” He whispered with a quick grin. “I hope you know that you have no real standing here. Go home, trash. I have no tolerance for humans, especially after they’ve turned. Traitors will always be the worst of the worst. The same goes for this knight you’re sending.” The Incubus watched as the Wizard stood silently for a moment, then walked around him towards the exit of the Boss Room. A small smile of victory drifted across his face, seeing at it seemed that the Wizard had gotten the message.

“Not very nice, are you? I can already tell how fun this is going to be.”

His narrowed gaze turned to the entrance of the room as another unwelcome guest dared to enter. It was a human female, just as the Wizard mentioned. But other than that, she was hardly what he expected. He didn’t think that she was anywhere near the end of her teens, taking into account her slight height and childishly round face. Long, silky mahogany hair flowed over her shoulders and her back. It hung over the back of her sterling Tioz Armor, the ebony metal gleaming in the light of the flickering torches, accentuating the black gloves, stockings, and a grey half-skirt draping down the back with odd speckles of dark red. A pair of worn, red glasses sat on the bridge of her nose, and her grey Ella Boots clicked sharply on the stone.

This has to be some kind of sick joke.

“I’m Anya.” The young girl started with a warm smile. An odd warmth seemed to come from her crimson eyes, which wasn’t common for someone bearing that color. There was just something about red eyes that read ‘threatening’ and ‘dangerous’. But not hers. The Fomor supposed that he would have thought about it more if he wasn’t in such a foul mood at the moment. He walked up to the girl, sword in hand, stopping as he towered over her a few feet away.

“I’ll only tell you once, ‘knight’. Get in my way and you’ll find yourself off to ‘Paradise’ before you can realize what you've done.” Incubus declared with his tone thick with spite.

He found himself silent as the strange warmth left the girl’s crimson eyes, which had never looked away from his own. They were replaced by a cold, hard glare which made it quite clear that she was never intimidated, not even for a second. He found himself staring not at the eyes of a young girl, but at the eyes of a monster that’d had more than enough experience dispatching his and her own kind. “And I’ll only tell you once, ‘Lord Incubus’.” She hissed in a low, threatening tone as she took a fearless step towards him. “You think that just because you came to rule this castle that you’re the strongest? Obviously, Lord Cichol doesn’t think so, seeing as he sent me to assist you.”

The Incubus hardly noticed that he’d taken a step back. Was he the one being intimidated? Never. He forced himself to stay on the spot as he pushed one foot forward to meet her. “And if you’re so great, ‘knight’, tell me why the Master didn’t just get rid of me and put you in my place?” He spat back at her, ignoring the sinking feeling in his gut. If he wasn’t so fired up, he would’ve been shocked. The feeling of complete and utter regret, knowing that he was staring danger in the face.

“Unlike you, I have better places to be! I’m only going to be stuck here in this stinking castle until the humans get the idea and back off!” Anya replied back, her tone quickly rising along with the Fomors.

“Stinking castle?!”

“You’ve taken horrible care of this place! This may be the dungeon, but at least spiff it up a bit! It’s so gloomy and desolate!”

“Well, I kill people in it.”

“Well, it should at least look a bit prettier!”

“At least I don’t leave the bodies piling up in the hall! I have the decency to clean up.”

“That’s hardly doing anything! I’m talking decorations!”

“Then why don’t you do something about it?! I couldn't give a damn about how this dungeon looks!”

“You know what? Maybe I will! Fine, I’ll fix up your damned dungeon for you! It’ll be so great, you won’t be able to stand it.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

“I will, I said!”

The moment the young girl stormed off into the depths of the dungeon, the Incubus found himself silent, with one thought running through his head.

What in the world…?

Anya, that damned brat, says that the humans will soon lay siege to this place. Humans were never a threat to me. But recently, they’ve been wising up and now come in groups of three or more. It appears that the Incubus at Dugald was defeated. While the Master works on retaking Dugald Aisle, he’s assuring Sen Mag’s safety by sending Anya here to assist me. But what can a brat like her do?


If you happen to play, let my just say that I've never personally fought the Incubus because all my guilds are too NEWB to own a Castle. And the ones that do have a stick up their butts and make the dungeon guild-only. ARGH. But for the sake of this fic, he'll be a semi-sophisticated egotistical arse.
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Posted 3/31/10 , edited 3/31/10
Very nice and well written fanfiction. It was cool and immersing. I like Mabinogi but can't play due to regional ban. Very cool game. And the description of the characters, you really had ways with the words,
for a gamer who reading and can visualise it, You HIT it SPOT ON.


I will be looking forward to reading more on it. XD
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